“In Full Control” | Steidten Given Permission for West Ham Overhaul

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Tim Steidten is now fully in charge of West Ham’s footballing side of the club since David Moyes’ departure. The German director of football had to play a patient game waiting for Moyes to leave the club, but he’s now reaping the benefits.

Steidten has been mandated with a total club overhaul and is believed to be ecstatic at the prospect of building a complete club infrastructure.

Not content with just focusing on the senior team, Steidten is setting the direction for the Academy, recruitment procedures, as well as having significant input into the playing strategy to help head coach Julen Lopetegui, who is completely on board with the direction of the club.

Mark Noble is now heavily involved in all aspects of the club, as can be witnessed in West Ham TV videos with him holding council with Steidten and Lopetegui on the training pitch.

The West Ham Technical Director has immeasurably grown in influence during the past month… quite a contrast from last season when he was banned from the training ground and dressing room.

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  • Jav Margas says:

    Important there is strategy for the academy. We can all agree we have had high but unfulfilled expectations of it for many a year now.

    • Benny the Aussie says:

      Yes very true, it has been wasted for quite a few years now.
      This is the area I’m excited about, seeing youngsters, hungry, fighting to get a chance

  • Joseph says:

    This is good news and the fact you see smiling faces shows that a grey cloud has been removed from the club

  • weathamsteve says:

    At last common sense prevails.Too many of our youngsters have left the club because they knew Moyes would not give them a chance.Onwards and upwards.

  • Gary Ryan Hammerton says:

    I’m starting to think are we doing the same tactics in regards Duran as we did for Killman and Tolido in saying we have agreed personal terms with Duran pushing Chelsea into the bidding giving us a clear run for someone like Jonathan David ! Steiden, Julian and Noble I would definitely have faith in for the present and future of West Ham

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    This is fabulous news. Hugely exciting.

    The presence of Nobes around the club is hugely important – it’s not just symbolic – the guy is part of its architecture and will provide Steidten and J-Lo with all the insight they need to guide them.

    Our academy should be producing either players or profits for the first team, with recruits knowing they’ll either have an opportunity in the first team (if they’re genuinely good enough) or the best possible foundations for a career elsewhere.

    And a word for the oft-maligned Mr Sullivan for recognising the need and advocating for this. It takes a big man to step aside like that and let others dictate how your money is spent, so fair play.

  • Neil says:

    I have to say that looking at our past crop of youth talent i think it was more a case of they wasn’t good enough to challenge for a regular place.
    A quick review of very recent young players that have gone would back that up.. None of the so called gems we let go are playing in the EPL.
    I recently see a report that the next superstar striker Sonny Perkins has been pushed out of Leeds and plying his trade in the lower region of the EFL.
    We all would love to see a stream of youth talent in claret and blue but the reality is that just not going to happen, even with a coach that plays youth players “if you do have them you cant play them” .
    The current youth side has a few promising players but time will tell if they can make the grade..COYI

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