Fan view: In support of the manager

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Fan view in support of the manager

There has been much criticism of David Moyes again since the Fulham hammering but here a lifelong supporter Steve Maynard gives an entirely different view in support of the manager and to balance things it is only fair we should publish.

Fan view: In support of the manager

I have  to say, I am very disappointed with all the very disrespectful remarks made about David Moyes.
I agree in today’s football, managers don’t stay too long with a club. There is only so far they can take them before they move on and a new broom comes in with the new club tie on.
However, I do agree, we need a new style of football but when the season is over.David Moyes is a Good Man who loves West Ham and I really hope he takes another role with us, next season.
I am 75 years old I never thought I would see us win anything again in my lifetime but we did and I am still on cloud 9 over it. After 16 games, we have 24 points, which we all would have taken b4 the season started .
I think DM needs to be shown respect instead of all these negative comments.
Just get behind him and the team for the rest of the season.
Rant Over

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • barnie884 says:

    So here’s my 2 cents
    Been a hammers fan since the early 80’s with my first game in 1985. Been used to us winning nothing, yo-yoing between divisions, losing our best players especially when we go down and having to start again.
    Didn’t I read the other day that Moyes has the best win percentage of any permanent Hammers manager?
    Yes, it’s frustrating at times, but he has won us a cup, Europe 3 seasons in a row.
    My issues are that 1) he deserves some respect for what hes achieved 2) Are we not getting greedy with short memories? 3) whats the chances the next manager will be better? You may get lucky and get an Emry but look what happened to us with Pelligrini (and countless other clubs that did similar)

    • bigsauze says:

      You can’t keep harping back to the Cup success, it was a fluke, Bowen wasn’t meant to be in that position, it just happened, it was not contrived by Moyes, he had assembled the team to the normal 10 behind the ball, he is underutilising his squad because he is too afraid to attack, he is yesterday’s hero, good bye and sooner the better.

  • Stratford E20 says:

    I generally find that the people who support Moyes are non attenders so they don’t see the dross that paying fans have to endure.. As a long term season ticket holder, I find our football very boring to watch. Its got to the stage where I look for excuses not to go to games now and I never thought that would ever happen as West Ham mean so much to me. I appreciate what Moyes has done for West Ham but also look how much money he has wasted. He has spent hundreds of millions on players who either do not play or played out of position. Fulham wasn’t an isolated game, we could have lost to Spurs by a similar score if they had a striker. I have no idea who could replace Moyes but that is not a reason not to change the manager. Look at the way Spurs, Villa and Newcastle play with individual players no better than our own.

  • eromittal says:

    Well said that fan.
    Here, here!!

  • Buster says:

    For some of our most toxic David Moyes haters, our women’s team only have to get hammered for it to be his fault!!
    Steve makes a good point or two……whatever happens this season, West Ham fans really need to get behind Moyes and the team.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if West Ham landed another trophy….. then the board might have to offer Moyes a contract extension!
    So which one do you want? The EFL Cup? The FA Cup? The Europa League winners’ trophy? Is two even possible? Sixth place in the table is still possible. We’d be there now if we’d beaten Fulham.
    Or…….do you want us to finish 8th or 9th with no European venture next season, and Moyes not offered a new deal? There’s no gaurantee that if West Ham had a new boss that they’d finish top six or seven with a cup in the bag is there? Our fans couldn’t wait to have Sam Allardyce gone. The best he managed was was 10th place and a thrashing by Man City in the EFL Cup semi-final. His replacement was Slaven Bilic, an upgrade on Big Sam. Bilic finished 7th and then,11th before he was sacked – unfairly, in my view – early in November 2017.
    I know which option I’m choosing.

    • I don’t believe in hypotheses The football hasn’t been good, he claims HIS squad ain’t good enough for the top 6 and was beaten 5-0 by Fulham for goodness sake. I think I will wait. That okay? I was never much good at history lessons

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    I think this is why most balanced fans are conflicted at the moment, though, Steve. He has a high win rate and has been our most successful manager of recent times. I don’t think anyone wishes him ill, and most of us are thankful for his service. There’s no doubting his love for the club.

    But that doesn’t mean we should blindly follow him, come what may. On the flipside of the admiration and thanks, comes frustration and bewilderment over some of the decisions he is making today. Age, players and competition all change, and it’s imperative that a man adapts to meet new challenges, and for me, he’s not doing that.

    In turn, that means that whilst I’m very grateful to him for rescuing us, then returning when he could’ve said ‘sod off’, then guiding us to some amazing results and a memorable victory in Prague, that doesn’t mean he’s earned the right to preside over a regression back to how things were.

    Following the ECL win, flirtations with the top 6 and the sale of Dec, we had a glorious and massive opportunity. To take a huge leap from making up the numbers in the Premier League to really challenging for regular honours. Attracting new and exciting players of a calibre previously beyond our reach.

    We’ve tried to adapt as a club, but David Moyes has decided not to adapt with it, and I think we have every right to question that, given everything we are seeing. It’s an entertainment business, and it’s tough when we look on at the likes of Villa with envious eyes and thoughts of what could’ve been.

    I sincerely hope that he leaves on a high and doesn’t damage what will still be considered as a brilliant legacy. All the best.

  • Limey says:

    It’s a tough call for us as fans who have followed and believe in “the West Ham Way” to watch some of the recent performances; (Fulham, Villa & Everton) counter-balanced by
    amazing wins over Arsenal (3-1) Spurs (2-1) Chelsea (3-1)

    But let us be a bit realistic. West Hams spending has been mid-table and that’s about where West Ham are with hopes of a Cup win.

    As mentioned, there is NO guarantee that a new manager would provide more security of Premiership status.

    Choose your poison carefully.

  • brooksy says:

    Can’t deny the fact Moyes has stabled the club, brought in some quality players and we won a European trophy. Got to have some level of respect for that. But on the flip side he has managed players out of form. Fornals was a favourite until he was mismanaged out of position. Benrahma looks to scared to play his own game. He wasnt bad when we signed him and he was great for Brentford. Cornet was good at Burnley and from what I’ve seen he has performed well for us, looked lively the other week and provided a top assist, and he seemed to link up well with Scamacca. The list goes on. He has his favourites and flogs them to death. His style of play suits none of our attacking players. Our possession game is static and everyone sticks to position as to avoid losing shape in case of turnover, hence the sideways and backwards passing. I kind of put the Fulham game down to the sickness in the camp, but why play sick players when can utilise the squad. As much as I appreciate the fact he stabilised the club, won a trophy, and brought in the likes of paqueta, Bowen etc I feel he has run his course. We will always be an 8th to 10th position team. Said players won’t be happy with that. I hope he sees out his contract and is sent off with respect. I personally would like to see xavi alonso come in, he’s working wonders at leverkuson and much of that is down to his relationship with Tim Steidten.

  • JeremyD says:


  • JeremyD says:

    Thank goodness someone has spoken up for Moyes. I love C&H but the obsessive and in my view irrational dislike of Moyes and desire to get rid of him is completely misplaced. Look at the big picture. We are 9th. We are in Europe after Xmas for the 3rd season in a row. And in all the domestic competitions. Give him a break and be grateful for what we have. Most importantly BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. He may be less keen to come back and rescue us next time.

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