Irons 1 Palace 3 The knee jerk reaction


sad samWe have come to a place where we simply don’t know which West Ham are going to turn up from week to week!

And for a Sam Allardyce team o concede three goals from three set pieces is unthinkable and simply not acceptable.

To watch the team deciding to play only when they are three goals behind is totally out of order – this will no longer do.

One league win in two months is a shocking return from a team which has been hailed by many as a top six team.

There will be a deeper and less emotional response later when the full extent of this has sunk in but right now it’s easy to see why a list of replacements is being drawn up for the manager.

It’s gone to pot and he has no answers it seems. The end of this season is a natural time to say thanks for everything Sam and goodbye

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • mattefumi69 says:


    Only one word: embarrassing. The fat dinosaur is a total loser, he is not a manager; he knows only one play style: long ball.

    Against us, Crystal Palace and West Brom seemed to be Chelsea or Arsenal. Today we started playing only in the last 15 minutes when the score was 0-3 and we were 11 against 10.

    Only one good news today: Nene is a good player (not chosen by BFS).

    I don’t want to waste my time, I’m sure Master Conkerpot will be perfectly able to enlighten us wearing his (I quote) “ striped claret and blue dressing gown (as modelled by Alex song in the Christmas catalogue)”. lol

    Please, we need your next scoop thanks to your top secret sources.


  • celticredhawk says:

    Sam put out the team we all wanted, Sakho and Valencia up front and downing at the tip of the diamond.

    Sad fact is the midfield just did not turn up. Song had a nightmare, seems like he just wasn’t interested.

    It may be best that Sam moves on at the end of the season but the players have to take some responsibility. Today was down to the players and with little options on the bench it is hard to lay all the blame at Sams door.

    • mattefumi69 says:

      Yes, BFS put the team we all wanted, but using Sakho like Carroll (long ball). The players have to take their responsability, but as in any team, the coach must give a reasonable explanation. Which will be his next excuse today?

  • bubs says:

    That was quick matte I think master Conker will be still sitting she’ll shocked wondering why Nolan was spared the embarrassing display,if these players aren’t going to be risked why put them on the pitch,why did Ginge not get a run at half time to stop these bad mistakes at the back ?
    I agree Nene looks class and Song has gone off the boil,
    But who instructed the back 4 to punt with no Carroll in the team ?
    Why was the manager not out screaming after 15 mins and telling them to play the ball about ?
    BFS has given up but is not man enough to walk away,
    2 Daves he has to go now and if you don’t want to pay put him on garden leave.
    Sorry conker but even you must start to see what’s wrong couple more poor games against Chelski and Arsneal and we could be out of top 9

  • IronsAndJags says:

    Yeah, I have to agree with Celticredhawk, that is the team selection I wanted to see with the formation that I wanted to see. They just didn’t turn up, especially in the midfield.

    However, it has to be up to the manager to prepare the team and come up with a game plan. I didn’t see a real game plan. There just didn’t seem to be much variation in how we were trying to break Palace down. But, yes, the players are still partly responsible for this.

    It’s a tough loss to take.

  • PennsylvaniaHammer says:

    I get so annoyed when a team only seems to turn it on when they are losing. Spurs did it against us and we did it today, though far less effectively.

    Downing was nowhere for most of the game and I don’t see our full backs being as effective as they were early in the season when they were perhaps our greatest strength. But to put out what most fans would have regarded as our best possible team and go 0-3 down at home beggars belief.

    On another note, I was truly appalled by Glenn Murray’s non-stop diving. He goes to ground at ANY opportunity and should have got a second yellow for cheating on two occasions before the dive that lead to the third goal. The man is a disgrace. The red card was too late to have been effective.

    Finally, although Mike Dean was absolutely appalling we ultimately got what we deserved. Something is very, very wrong in the team and although it is easy to point to finger at the manager, it is without doubt time for a change.

  • bubs says:

    Why are everybody say its the players they follow the managers instructions and if they don’t you change it and he picks the subs,why O,Brien and Demel ?
    And Ginge and Nolan because he was hopeful we would lead and he could put all his defenders on to save a point,
    He sent Zarate and Lee out on loan,He won’t play Boothe or Oxford,
    When you are the captain of the ship you have to take the blame and why is he keeping Nolan out of the frame he told us he is a leader of men well when you are 2 down that’s when you want a leader and if he can’t do it send him out on loan or are there no takers ?

  • TysonM says:

    Damn,who wants a season ticket?,lol.No point in me saying anything about today.The same people will just come here banging on about Sams new two year contract,stability & everything will come crashing down if Sam leaves.Easier just to say West Ham 1 Crystal Palace 3 & BFS sat sinking lower & lower into his seat with every minute that went by.Totally disinterested from what i saw with my eyes at the ground.Im sure our very own roving reporter Plonkerpot will be compiling his pro Sam report in his dressing gown as we speak 😉

  • mattefumi69 says:

    Please don’t create alibis. BFS is the (so called) manager. He has to take his responsability and stop with his usual boring excuses. He put the team we all wanted, but Sakho played like Carroll, he was isolated and always served with long balls. So nothing has changed.

  • stanhammer says:

    Palace strong at back and quick on the break outplayed Arsenal last week because gunners didn’t want to work as hard neither did we.Valencia when finally playing in a roaming role as he does for Ecuador looked the goods but the slow movement early and punt forward was too easy for Palace to deal with.Finally I hope for his sake the FA pull Jedinak into line he is too good a player to start hanging out the elbow and other assorted ploys he showed in the Asian Cup.

  • steve says:

    Palace are the (physically) strongest team I’ve seen at the Boleyn since Pulis’s Stoke (who Uncle Avram turned over 3-0, unbelievably). Why then all the long balls in the first 75 mins? Their centre backs and Jedinak were always going to eat that up. Carroll would’ve had a great game today but Sakho is not AC. And how we set up to play is Sam’s fault.

    Song was appalling. Forget about signing him, use the money for Jenkinson (and others).

  • TysonM says:

    The way its going conkers god aint even going to deliver us a top 10 finish.One of the boards wishes.

  • conkerpot says:

    I thought you’d be happy.

  • conkerpot says:

    You may think it is big Sam killing West Ham but infact it is people like you. all the big Sam being sacked media speculation fueled by sites like this one is finally catching up and affecting the team. You saw it today. You felt it in the ground with the strange atmosphere. It’s finally affecting the team. sad to say but the antis are doing their best to sabotage our season. The negativity is draining and sucking the lifeblood out of our club. I am going now because the negativity is not only killing the team. It’s killing me. Goodbye.

  • TysonM says:

    Of course we aint happy you muppet Conker.We support the team 100%.Apart from Nolan we never slag off any of the players.We just dont like your Samuel.Funny thing is the fact that people moan about us not liking Sam but then they spend most the time telling us Noble is crap,Song is useless,Tonks is rubbish,Jenkinson is poor,Valencia is clueless,downing is ****,blah,blah,blah.We have total support of the team unlike some,we are just sick of your employer BFS Conker.Btw hope you were comfortable today in your dressing gown 🙂

  • TysonM says:

    You really do write some **** sometimes Conker!

  • Conker…why are you claiming other fans are happy at defeat. The team is bigger than any feeling one way or the other about your father – sorry Sam Allardyce

  • TysonM says:

    He is incredible.Now it is negativity from fans killing the team.They were poor from the kick-off,the fans were nothing to do with it.It was tame in the ground today.Very little negativity or abuse of the players from what i saw & heard.Just the normal stuff when your team is poor on the day.Conker is in a dream world im sure of it 😉

  • I’ve just read your comment on this site Conker and I am binning you. I don’t need your spiteful vicious nonsese. Goodbye

  • bubs says:

    Conker what will it take for you to come out your coma,you liked our first half display?
    BFS is supposed to be the man for not giving away goals remember last year when we did not have the quality we have this year,how many clean sheets thie year and don’t say we were to adventurous which leaves us thin at the back,
    What’s with the big heave ho again no good football cutting out Downing and Valencia again
    Did BFS have a senior moment again and for get AC is injured,where’s the man who took us into games with no forwards at all and won all three points ?
    Why is he covering Nolans ass ?
    Why is all that dead wood on the bench ?
    Yes conker that’s BFS,s choice not ours not yours we had 62% of the ball 22 shots to there’s 12 but we lost conker and we only came to life when they had 10 men,
    We were booed off at half time because we were crap because your mate got the tatics wrong again any other club would remove him and we are now 9th just.
    Conker you still happy ?

  • HammerJeff says:

    And……. Gone! 🙂

  • HammerJeff says:

    Watch out he may come back with a different name, but we will recognise him I’m sure!

  • I am relieved to let you know that – assuming all the technology has worked properly – Conker has gone forever. Should you believe he has returned in another guise please let me know. Cheers guys – carry on. Keep it within bounds. There is a swear filter on but I can’t find one for stupidity I’m afraid.

  • TysonM says:

    conker has been knocked off his string Bubs,lol 😀

  • rads the modern man says:

    Hmm,seems Flowerpot left in a blaze of glory.At least now he has more time to keep Sams garden looking nice & his car clean 😉

  • bubs says:

    Sad day for us all but Conker needs help,may be a trip each week to old Trafford to watch there new style of play and there manager is uglier than ours and he uses paper work to back his excuses,
    The problem for us in our campaign to remove BFS I have a feeling in my bones ( but that might be old age ) we are going to get something against Chelski,
    Conker RIP

  • mattefumi69 says:

    Yes day for us, goodbye conker.

    I will always remember you wearing your striped claret and blue dressing gown (as modelled by Alex song in the Christmas catalogue), the Allardyce’s holy picture in your pocket and a little toy microphone in your hand.

    But life goes on, probably we will meet again in the Olympic Stadium with Bilic/De Boer/Moyes/Rijkaard… on the bench.

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