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Irons backroom exits and much more needs explaining

By CandH follower THE CAT

I wanted to voice my thoughts and opinions at the end of this season, but I now feel that the time is right.

As a long-suffering supporter of this club, I backed David Moyes possibly beyond a certain point due to the unbelievable upwards trajectory and turnaround of this club under him as our manager.

Over the years I have seen MANY failing clubs and a multitude of managers and I watched the process which eventually led to the dismissals of these managers.

The reasons why these managers were dismissed were varied but ultimately were down to the performance of their teams on the pitch.

This leads me to what Moyes has in common with many of those clubs, it has become obvious to me that he has LOST the trust and respect of the dressing room and players and I feel that this has been in the making for some considerable time.

I didn’t feel that some of the exits at this club made any sense or were explained away adequately, Alan Irvine and Stuart Pearce… just to name two.

But the noticeable decline under Moyes seemed to happen after Stuart Pearce’s exit. The appointments of Billy McKinley and Mark Warburton were meant to be upgrades to the coaching staff, but without being too harsh or personal, we all know differently.

Then there are all of the contract issues, leaked voices of discontent and the well-documented issues with our academy players. There is a saying that there is no smoke without fire, and there has been a lot of smoke billowing out of our club in recent times.

The ownership of this club has been a distraction, but the owners have needed for some time to have sat down to work out a blueprint for a successful future of this club, this would naturally include the appointment of a technical director.

This is how a club like ours should operate going into the future instead of allowing a manager the total control which Moyes has had. Having said this, I do agree that his firm hand was needed at this club, to begin with, but I also feel that we have reached a plateau or certain tipping point with him.

We don’t seem to have a succession plan for Moyes, whereas other clubs (not all) seem to have a managerial replacement lined up well before releasing their manager…

IF Mauricio Pochettino is available on Monday? Release Moyes from his misery, give Pochettino what he wants and we might even get to keep Declan… then watch us fly!

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

9 comments on “Irons backroom exits and much more needs explaining

  1. If you think Pochinetto will come to us then the only thing flying will be pigs!

  2. Obviously the chances of Poch coming are slim to non existant but that doesn’t mean we should be trying

  3. Hi Cat – i thought you’d given up hope and taken your support elsewhere!! It’s been a while…

    I find it strange that both Irvine and Pearce haven’t given any clues as to why they are no longer with us. I imagine they have signed some form of NDA, either as part of their contract (especially after Pearce’s last ‘words’ on Sullivan when they were ousted first time around) or prior to leaving this time around. Has anyone tried to quiz them on their departures even? I agree that it would be nice to know, although that’s not imperative in my opinion. Not knowing what their roles were and how relatable to our form last season they were i can’t say if their replacements have been a downgrade but it certainly feels like results changed once Irvine left and have gotten even worse after Pearce’s departure.

    I imagine that a Poch or Tuchel wouldn’t want to come in mid-season and that’s the reason that neither have replaced our ailing manager. So many people calling for Moyes to go don’t seem to be able to see the bigger picture, which in my eyes is who would come in and how much would they want, especially if it’s just on a contract until the end of the season. It all seems too expensive, especially after our recent outlay. Would Benitez, for example, not want a two or three year contract, rather than a firefighting one? Could this be why he hasn’t been bought in, because we have a replacement lined up for the end of the season? I’m sure when Moyes came in second time around there was talk of a clause in his contract saying that he could be released if we were either in the relegation zone or bottom of the table during his tenure?

    My belief is that Poch or another top manager is lined up for the summer, hence the reluctance to spend a fortune on the sacking of the manager and his team and on an interim replacement until then.

    • Hi Saul – I gave myself a break and a pause for thought, because I wear my heart on my sleeve at times and I felt that it was best to post after thinking things through, but due to our form, I haven’t had the chance to post anything on a truly positive note 😢

      I have missed your insightful and informative posts, as we can all learn something by trying to look at and understand a different perspective or take on our club. Thanks for your view regarding our current situation, you have most certainly managed to get the cogs whirring regarding our season so far. I do believe that you are right about the managerial quandary that this club finds itself in right now.

  4. Straight back at you, buddy. There’s many a reactive fan view across C&H, which i enjoy reading at times (for the comedy value) but i have missed your erudite opinions, which a fan site needs for balance.

    I’m interested in who you think should be our next managerial appointment.

    • I had suggested to the powers that be at the end of last season the Brentford boss and Steve Cooper who has a great record . At a pinch I would have taken Dyche. Don’t know tne foreign market but of those apparently available it would be Bielsa short term

  5. I think both Cooper and Frank would be excellent additions, Hugh. I was wondering what the thoughts are of Paul Nevin staying as caretaker for the rest of the season if Moyes does indeed get the axe? He has England National team experience as well as his experiences with us and that surely stands him in good stead to become a manager in the future. Do the club rate him as a future manager or is he more of a training pitch coach?

    I file Dyche under the same school of thought as Moyes (too defensive). I imagine Bielsa would want a longer contract than a firefighting one. How about Hassenhuttle? He performed wonders on a shoestring, constantly selling their best players and trying to do a Brighton by buying young and selling for a profit. Played good football too, when he had a decent enough squad.

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