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Irons board not for change …what, how, why?

By Simon Leyland

A very strange story is coming out of the Olympic Stadium courtesy of Sky Sports reporter Gary Cotterill divulging a conversation he had with our owners about our ashen faced Supremo.

Moyes still making his mind up on loan signings

As reported ad nauseum he is under much pressure at the moment, with our beloved Hammers currently sitting inside the relegation zone.

You would have thought that given the circumstances Moyes would be on very thin ice, but it appears as though that’s not the case at all.

The aforementioned Sky Sports reporter Gary Cotterill was at the West Ham training ground yesterday watching a training session and the topic of conversation turned to Moyes’s job security.

This is what the West Ham owners have told him about David Moyes:

All the teams around them in the Premier League relegation dogfight have changed managers, but I’m told by the West Ham board that there is absolutely no prospect of David Moyes losing his job as things stand.

Names are being mentioned, aren’t they – the likes of Pochettino, the likes of Thomas Tuchel, the likes of Rafael Benitez, but I’m told David Moyes would be the kind of manager, that if were they going to make a change, they would bring in to try and make sure they staved off relegation. You would go for David Moyes type CV if you’re West Ham at the moment.”


Without going into yet another rant

How can the man who has guided his team to less than a point per game in the Premier League, be the ‘kind of manager’ West Ham need to stave off relegation?

Answers on a postcard please….

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5 comments on “Irons board not for change …what, how, why?

  1. I had to check the date and make sure it wasn’t the 1st April. I really hope, if there is any truth to this story, that the Sky reporter was being fed some bullxxxt as a smoke screen and that the board have a succession plan. Sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if this was 100% accurate and wait for it, they go and offer Moyes an improved contract as Moyes is a winner! (his words)

    I just can’t be bothered by this anymore. I’ve invested to much time, emotion and money in to this club. A total farce !

  2. The blind leading the blind. The performances since December last year have been so poor and the Europa run has masked it. We didn’t win it or get to the final yet the board are treating Moyes like he did. This is all very worrying and makes me think the board have no backup plan and are even thinking of who we could bring in. The PL experience thing I’ve heard a few times is ridiculous. Most managers who come in and are successful in the premier league never had PL experience. There is no way Moyes is turning this around, the players look dejected, under-performing players are starting every week ahead of better options and the formations are so negative. We are going down unless we get rid of Moyes and get someone with new ideas in. Carrick anyone?

  3. Didn’t like Carrick as a Player, he always seemed to lack something. Would not fancy him as a Manager.

    I am with David66 in that this is becoming a bore. The Board must realise if they continue with Moyes they will cause West Ham to go down and will lose money. I don’t see the logic. So what is the point of even trying anymore ? If the Board won’t listen they are fools and we would be better off without them.

  4. Moyes already saved us from relegation, twice. Maybe that’s got something to do with it?

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