Irons board sweating out Rafa Real reports

benitez1-399817West Ham are tonight anxiously awaiting official word that Rafa Benitez has missed out on the Real Madrid job and remains on course for Upton Park.

The Hammers board still believe they have a chance of bringing the Spaniard to east London as reports spread that Madrid have offered Jurgen Klopp three year deal at eight million euros per annum.

The situation is confused by the fact that Benitez is also wanted at his present club Napoli whom ClaretandHugh understands has offered him seven and half million euros over the next two years.

But there remains confidence inside Upton Park that should Benitez miss out on the Bernabeu job we have a real chance of tempting him back to the Premier League.

A well placed source told us: “We are hoping reports in Germany that Klopp has landed the job are right because if so we believe there’s a real chance of getting Rafa.”

The club now has Slaven Bilic as their likely second favourite for the job although our insider said: “There are others although it has to be said Slaven is a very impressive man.

“However, we’ll do nothing until we know where we are with Rafa and Real.”


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24 comments on “Irons board sweating out Rafa Real reports

  1. That news about Radio Deutschland was a fake news rumour from a Spanish football fan.
    There is no station called Radio Deutschland. Hence Klopp at this point is unlikely to sign for Real. But even if Real were to sign Klopp or Benitez that might open up the way to approach Ancelotti.

  2. Ancelotti would be the top of the top: true gentleman and wonderful manager. But I think if he leaves Madrid he could be the next Man City manager. I think Pellegrini will leave, so if Klopp goes to Real, City will replace him with a top manager. Who better than Ancelotti?

  3. Benitez comes or he doesnt.Simple.If not we go for the next choice.Until eventually we get choice no.24.Probably still an improvement on Allardyce however 😉

  4. Hmmmmm… And Avram Grant again? Loool

  5. Only one manager can go to Madrid. And only one can go to Man City, should they actually make a change. So at the end of the day West Ham may still get one out of Benitez, Klopp or Ancelotti after all.

  6. All the names sound excellent but the Daves must be wary of a cunning fraudster from the Dudley area who masquerades as a top flight manager and genius he’s currently going under the names Rougher Benitez,Frank the Bore,Carlo Costalotti and Slovenly Bilic.

    I think the next six days may well turn me mad,no sanity until the genius departs.

  7. Ahah… With Grant West Ham will be relegated again, so we’ll need a specialist with regard to promotions … Well … Who is better than Sam? And history… is going to repeat itself…lol

  8. Big Sams Claret & Blue Army!


    • Mad Spoonies Looney Army 😉

    • The trouble there is 2 syllables it just doesn’t roll off the tongue oh and it’s a song never sang for Allardyce because of the mutual dislike between himself and the fans.
      3 syllables is the key as in Johnny Lyall’s Claret & Blue and Billy Bonds Claret & Blue army. Both you should note sang with deep affection

  9. Spoonie, are you a robot? Lol

  10. Spoonie,your like having the Shixsafter a bad curry,irritating but there is relief every time you go,
    Rafa,s Agent is very busy at the moment pumping up his price of course Napoli have offered to double his wages ( don’t think so )
    Of course Real are going to break tradition and offer Rafa the job,
    But what other teams fans have so much fun after a crxp season, who wants to win trophies
    Chelski fans don’t get to interact with each other like us,
    Beats having to talk about the next game or a new stadium
    See we will miss the Fat man

    • Rafa was on Real’s books many years back… played for youth & Castilla
      so would be keeping within tradition.

  11. It makes me laugh,few rumours do the rounds & people start shatting themselves on forums we aint going to get anyone.A little patience needed i think.Spoonie is a believer,he is past resuscitationHe is another Hippo Zombie,blindly following him!

  12. We will get a new man when the time is right,
    The man up stairs owes us for the last 4 years,
    Believe and it will happen,
    Spoonie see you tomorrow past your bed time

  13. What’s Glenn Roeder up to?

  14. Reeder is probably doing the same as Little Kev and spoonie unless they put his boxing gloves on ?

  15. And there is the real kicker with regard to dumping Sam. Both the media and the WH web sites are full of wild rumours, many of them nothing more than figments of the writer’s imagination, which in turn means we could finish up scrabbling and scraping the barrel for another middle road manager.
    Like I posted before, the end result of all this may not turn out to be what everyone really were thinking of.

  16. At the end of the day none of us knows whats actually going on so there is no need to be positive or negative about the situation.All will be resolved.Im pretty calm about it.It will all come good.

  17. canchaz I bet you crax your self every time a black cat walks near you or you don’t walk under ladders,
    This may not turn out and be careful what you wish for,( your best bet ) at saying I want Sam to stay
    It’s ok you can say it if you like it’s your opinion,we won’t jump down your neck

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