Irons boss list down to three after Emery snub

Poland Soccer Europa League FinalUnai Emery’s decision to stay at Seville has seen West Ham’s list of  weekend candidates for interview reduced to three.

It has just been confirmed to us that Emery was indeed on the list of four who were to be interviewed for the job after the meeting was set up with his agents.

We reported earlier this evening that the Irons board was preparing to interview four candidates and that Emery could be among them .

However, we made it clear that he  had been creating smokescreens around his movements throughout the week and that could still be the case.

Earlier this evening Sky Sports News were categorically claiming he had turned Seville down before the news broke that the opposite was in fact the case.

We understand the Hammers had offered very big salary figures to his advisers which would have seen Emery  picking up anything from £4m to £8 million a year at Upton Park had he achieved various targets.

However, tonight there is a mixture of relief and disappointment inside the club with one insider explaining that the lack of English was always seen as a problem.

And it was confirmed to us that the list is of candidates for interview over the weekend is now down to three and although Slaven Bilic is among them, the other two names remain a closely guarded secret.


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17 comments on “Irons boss list down to three after Emery snub

  1. Two ‘mysteries’ – Neil Warnock and Gary Megson??

  2. If there are two secret targets I hope they are in fact really targets and not just PR stunts and of course that the reason for this being kept secret is the calibre of those managers.
    If it was Warnock, Megson or even Laudrup, why the need to keep it secret ?

  3. Who knows H,we will probably never know the truth of who was or wasnt interviewed or applied.Who were realistic targets,who were using us to up their stock in the market.It is all pure conjecture in the main from the fans point of view.What i dislike is when people start moaning or attacking the board based on their own suppositions.People cant just attack the board about this process when they have absolutely no concrete evidence to support their rants 😉

  4. Isnt two hours a long time in the football world 🙂
    I had the same conversation this morning about moaning at the board on another site.
    never take much notice what sky say

    • Well someone needs to keep the nappy fillers in check or they will run amok slagging the board,bilic & every damn thing they can 😉

  5. The other two are Pep and Jose. The Dave’s can then appoint Slav and say at least we tried!

  6. Perhaps we should of waited to get rid until we found someone better, that’s the way it’s looking, like it or not

  7. Why secret,is it possible because none of us are going to like the answer ?
    So we get Bilic to keep us happy ?
    McLiesh must be one and the other has a job already or Poyet

  8. No point keeping a manager target secret because the fans may not be impressed.
    As the board won’t escape the backlash if they appointed an underwhelming candidate after their promise (made after announcing Allardyce wouldn’t get a new deal) to push the boat out and go for a top manager.

    The only reason to keep it secret is either at the request of the manager candidate or because you don’t want to alert other clubs.

  9. Secret? no such thing as, in football unless you pay some fu**er to keep it that way like FIFA,

  10. I’m finding it hard to believe there are two more candidates out there of such quality, their names have to be kept secret for any reason.
    I think it would have been impossible to just keep Sam hanging around until we found someone better whambam. Without a new contract he would have walked anyway

  11. See what your saying Canchaz but I really don’t want to hear “told you so”, I can already hear it being whispered, other teams seem to have someone lined up well before they get rid, someone gets the sack and bang, there’s another manager waving at them through the revolving door, correct me if I’m wrong, we’ve got a European qualifying game in a couple of weeks and no one to put a team together

  12. BFS wasn’t got rid of,his contract expired the board and the vast majority of the fans didn’t want it renewed. I’m as keen to have the new man in place as the next but any talk of should’ve renewed or tried a short term option with the Dudley dinosaur is rubbish. He steadied the ship and got us up but he is a one trick pony tactically,managerially and as a human being he would’ve dragged our club down split forever the fan base and consigned our academy,wished for playing style and spirit to history. He is gone I am glad he’s gone and even if on July 2 we don’t have his successor I would never want him back.

  13. I think you would find those clubs that can get rid and bring a new boy in 24 hours later are the teams who everyone wants to manage, so it’s much easier to do.
    To be more positive and cheerful. I don’t have any fears that someone will be able to say “I told you so. We are better than that and in spite of our disappointment at not landing a ‘big one’ I really can’t see the two D’s signing rubbish, when they have Bilic in the frame.

  14. Depends what you call a big one,Bilic is as big as Emery,Biesla and DeBoer,
    We were never realistically going to get Klopp,not sure I believe Rafa was near to signing,
    Last year when we all wanted BFS gone none of these other than Bilic were in the frame,
    You have to give the 2 Daves credit for trying to get what they see as the best but it’s not over until the fat man stops singing,

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