Irons chase £50M striker


The Italian website Calciomercato are now claiming that we are now after the Fiorentina striker Luka Jovic to fill the gap left by Gianluca Scamacca. The striker was once a teammate of Sebatien Haller and signed for Real Madid for £50M.

It goes without saying that the Irons need another striker, with our Supremo only having Michail Antonio, Danny Ings and Divin Mubama to call upon.

Despite his sterling display against Chelsea yesterday, Antonio’s future is still clouded with uncertainty, young Mubuma despite his potential is still a novice at the highest level and Danny Ings is Danny Ings.

What with the Irons competing both domestically and in Europe, we are in dire need of a far bigger squad. Things are looking promising but we all know how a few injuries can scupper a season.

We seem to be taking our time with new transfers but both new boys acquitted themselves well yesterday.

So patience is needed whilst negotiations continue to take place.

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  • barnie884 says:

    Not seen much of Jovic, but what I have seen he doesn’t really suit the Moyes style.
    I could see him being another Scamacca or Haller
    Personally a hard running, younger, athletic but still skilful striker has to be the choice here. And someone like that can always be utilised by whoever manages us in the future, whenever that may be

  • johnham1 says:

    Anyone that knows anything about football and has watched this guy or en nesry know they are muck. If we sign either of them we will become the laughing stock of the PL. Rather have Antonio.

  • glowkeeper says:

    > …patience is needed”

    Ha! The last time I looked, this site was screaming “MOYES OUT!” after we’d lost to a crack German side in an effing pre-season friendly! I mean, it was an effing friendly ffs – who cares? They’re supposed to be about fitness and trying stuff and seeing where players are at, not win at all costs.

    Worse was that was only a few weeks after Moyes gave me the most incredible night of my West Ham life ( I still haven’t come down after Prague), and I’m effing 54! In other words, a trophy has been a very long time in coming, so Mr Moyes has an effing ton of cash in the bank as far as I’m concerned.

    Besides, we’re not effing Chelsea, are we? We can’t scream for the manager’s head every time things go against us. Grrrrr

    Anyway, I’m glad you’ve turned down the toxicity, as it’s only onward and upward if we all get behind the club, no matter what.


  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    If Haller couldn’t make it am not convinced Jovic will, to play Moyes-ball we need someone like Elye Wahi who we didn’t get, or a Solanke / Lukaku type that is a big physical lump that can play a bit, am sure Steidten must be aware of some similar young players.

  • Buster says:

    Uncertain? Antonio won’t be going anywhere between now and 1st September, but West Ham do need a high calibre striker in soon. Ings will be a bit part player off the bench and in the cups against weaker opposition, as will Mubama…… though I can see Divin hitting the ground running if he gets a chance to.

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