Irons close to Man Utd Hernandez valuation

Javier-Hernandez-007West Ham’s £9 million opening offer for Javier Hernandez is marginally below Manchester United’s valuation of £10-£12 million for the Mexican striker.

Despite inserting a clause of £7 million into the deal for a permanent switch to Real Madrid if they wanted to buy at the end of his loan deal last season, the Manchester club now believe they can get between £10-£12 million for the frontman.

Thus the Hammers opening bid is perfectly pitched for the striker who is currently on wages of £84k a week as a ‘third tier’ player at the club.

Curently, however, Louis van Gaal has only him, Wayne Rooney, James Wilson available as central strikers although he is  currently with every top striker around including Robert Lewandowski and Edinson Cavani.

It looks certain that United will bring in one or two new front men pushing Hernandez way back down the pecking order.

And we understand that the Hammers are ready to offer him around £60,000 which will be made possible from the sale of Stewart Downing.

A source said: “We are trying to do a deal but he is one of several targets.”


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42 comments on “Irons close to Man Utd Hernandez valuation

  1. Not sure whether to commit to hernandez or try and and sort a deal for Charlie Austin

    • I suppose they are going for both to be sure of getting one of them. I would like either.

  2. I must admit I like them both, however Austin does seem that little bit more ruthless in front of goal. Hernandez seems to go missing at times and I have seen others comment too that he gets bullied off the ball. Plus Austin wants to stay in London which is got to be good for our chances! Plus he is English so would be good to have that mix in there too

    • Ok I’m convinced.
      I wondered why Van Gaal didn’t like him. Perhaps that’s why.

  3. I don’t like them both – poor investment in my opinion – can see no return and simply not good enough. How he will get in ahead of Sakho, Valencia, or Carroll is an absolute mystery to me.

    • Hernandez has just come back from Real Madrid and Austin scored 18 goals for a team who got relegated.
      Your smoking crack John

  4. **** me,some people aint happy whatever the club try to do.We aint going to get Messi or Ronaldo.What do you want,for us to be back in the Championship buying the likes of Nicky Maynard & Baldock again.Jeez.

  5. Only problem is with going for Austin is that it looks like jarvis will be going as part of The deal and if downing goes too then that would mean a severe lack of wingers and we won’t really have the money to buy a new one. Ideally in my opinion is sell downing, swap jarvis and money for Austin and buy mirallas (along with sorting out song)

    • If all of that can’t happen then I think hernandez and keeping jarvis is a good solution (again along with sorting out song)

      • What happened to that Argentine winger? And will Samulesen be good enough?
        I’d like Miralles and these other two. ( and one of the strikers of course )

    • I totally agree salesb. I just hope that Austin did not have a wonder year like Michu then fail like Michu the following year. Other than that Austin does seem to find the net more often (with not the best of service at QPR) than Hernandes who had a great service but did not play enough. Either would be a great addition but think we should get Mirallis as well anyway.

  6. He is a poacher and quick but is offsides a bit (a curse when being fast), I like him but can also see Austin being a good fit too. Sitting on the fence, waiting for the next game…

  7. Either Hernandez or Austin will do, let’s be honest it’s a step up from Cole and Carroll either way. Just depends whether Hernandez will want to come to us or seek champions league bench time instead

  8. So, now we have the Jenkinson deal tied up, the rumour mill jumps to striker rumours. If true, it means Bilic’s assessment of his available strikers not that great. Hard to see, though how he can keep five strikers happy who are all consider themselves regular starters. More interesting speculation to come?

  9. Am disgusted with the idea of signing Hernandez, glad it’s not my money.. Owners will regret this one – long contract big money and no resale value. They have been warned.. I think the club need to sit back and evaluate this situation before proceeding. I would not buy him, if we can get him in on loan great.

  10. So one is 26 & the other 27.
    one scored 18 goals in PL
    the other scored 9 goals La Liga/cup Real Madrid, considering Ronaldo cries every time some one else scores a goal, not bad.
    where is the poor investment? Both players are approx half way through their career, so why no re-sale value??
    why are some people looking at what the players are worth when they leave the club in X years time? Does anybody think that before the top 4 buys players they sit down & say ‘mmm i know that we can sign ………… for £40/50m but how much can we sell him for??”
    Surely the whole idea of buying the best players the club can afford is that the player makes the team better??

  11. The problem is who loose,s his staring place
    If the majority want Sakho and Valencia up front,
    That already leaves Carroll,Magia and Lee sitting on the bench
    OK most of you have wrote Lee off and Magia,
    But Carroll and Zarate plus Samulesun still can fill a spot
    Don’t see Hernadez. Taking over from the first 2 and don’t want to loose the effort of Sakho for Austin,
    ITS A PROBLEM nice one but still a problem ( sooner get a good winger ) who can play up front,bit like Valencia

  12. I think everyone has forgotten that the striker they bring in will be Carlton Cole’s replacement. Either of these would be a footballing Improvement.

  13. Now being linked with Hernandez, Destro and Austin compared to last year Wickam , Crouch and Fletcher yet there are those that say there not happy which is laughable.. All 3 of them are good players with good scoring records something that our record signing forward who never plays has never emulated, if anything AC is the man under threat not Sacko or Valencia and to be honest I couldn’t be happier about that..

  14. On various fan sites yesterday countless comments were made that we must sign a new striker, the last two seasons we ended up without any fit. Now, after letting CC leave, Zarate injured & AC having a glass ankle, some are saying we don’t need one. Both Austin & Hernandez are so much better than Miaga, Lee, Zarate, CC etc, can we count on AC being fit for longer than it takes to tie his hair up??

    • He’ll probably get injured walking up to the mirror to look at his reflection to tie his hair up Essex, everyone goes on about him being unplayable on his day which is probably true the problem is out of 38 days where we need him he’s generally available for 10… The need for a forward is a must and any of those three will do

  15. Lol,like it essex.I havnt been around much close season,too busy.Whats going on here,seems to have gone mega serious.Where are the lads who used to have the crack.Seems to have turned into Wetpants MK2.Pity,used to enjoy the laughs on here.See bubs & tys but no one else i remember.Shame 🙁

    • Banters still here pal but some don’t like it as we must be serious at all times, discuss formations and worship at Mystic Bradders feet with his inside knowledge of absolutely nothing relevant lol

  16. All still here mate, we have suddenly found a whole new fan base in the last 2 weeks. The odd few like to disagree with you for the fun of it, but most are good.

  17. Oh ok,thats good,i thought i was on a different site with all the serious debate & no sign of Mattes ‘ahahahahha’ everywhere,lol

    • Nolan,dont worry geezer,the boys are still around.Just taken to their bunkers watching out for snipers & the ocassional friendly fire that hits us,lol,apart from Matte who is MIA,presumably with a figa in tow 😀

      • Lol,of course,i forgot about Matte going on figa hunt,lol.Sorry,i also forgot to put OT before i changed topic from the article.So hang me b*stards 😀

  18. I really don’t get the debate seems pretty clear to me. We’ve upped our level of target we’re aiming to have a full and quality squad so this is what goes with it. Anyone who’s not being picked and isn’t prepared to fight for their place can go. I’d rather have ten strikers vying for places than drag Carlton out of the ice cream parlour again lol

    • We wouldn’t be able to have CC he’s tied into a long term contract with Walls Solero,breaking news though AC is the new face of Claims Direct, KN is the new spokesman for John’s mobility shop in Croydon and the Hippo is starring in the spin off of ” Young gifted and broke” on Al Jazeera the well titled “Fat, useless and a joke”…

    • Lol love the claims direct one “have you been injured jumping at work?”
      KN has also bad enquiries from Madam Tussauds
      CC was going to work on the trawlers but couldn’t get anything into the net
      I heard BFS was going to be the new face of Wrigleys,in the ad swimwear clad youngsters enjoy the great taste whilst using him as a bouncy castle.
      I must now do penance for not taking everything seriously lol

      • You must go to confession Quick no humour allowed, 10 hail Bradley’s, 10 hail Rolfes and a full iniation into the stats club at the next” Be careful what you wish for” meeting is your penance for this humour outbreak

      • Already signed up for the penance I’m getting Mary Berry in as a personal trainer to cover all bases,mainly sponge bases lol

  19. What has happened to the young Argie is he still available or have we lost interest ?
    Still around Nolans tippy toes just trying to wait for the old school to come on,
    Matte went missing 2 weeks ago but that was work related don’t think he has done a bunk,

  20. The Argie story like that of Matte have both gone quiet,I’d like the first one to come true but it’d be great to hear from our Italian ambassador of love

  21. Lanzini bubs,aint heard anything more about him in the last few days.Yep Nolans tippy toes,still here,just dodging the bullets atm.Better things to do than get into arguements with experts & stats kings 😀

    • Lol,no change is it,you lot were always dodging bullets from the Sammerettes & hippo strokers.But now everyone should be happy & united surely.Whats to argue about.Well apart from Jenkinson,Hernandez,Austin & anyone else we try to sign,lool

  22. Lanzini thanks Rads,I think he could cover the hole we would have loosing Downing,
    And it would be great if Javis handcuffed to Nolan join OPR with Austin coming to us,
    But that would only leave us with Payet and Alfitano as genuine wide players,
    Can’t have everything I suppose
    Cullen and Samulsun could help in those ares

  23. Has the young lad from Milton wobbles chosen which club he is joining yet ?

  24. Agyei or Aybei,whatever he was called,lol,dont know,he was going on trial to other clubs as well.Probably naffing off to one of them 😉

  25. If we go large on a new forward surely the rest of the signings will be loans or loans with a view to a permanent.Unless of course the board blows this alleged transfer limit out of the water.We will see.I think they could surprise people with the eventual outlay if players are availabe that Slaven really wants.Pity we cant fire tinkerbell Carroll out of the door for a decent fee.He aint worth a carrot as it stands though.

  26. If we are going to buy a forward Joel Campbell is available for around £6 million and has everything we are after and is only 23,
    Fast,skilful plays wide or up front alongside the centre forward,European experience,
    I know another Gooner reject,
    For me a better option than Austin and for the Price of Downing,

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