Barton update: Irons to consider fans views on deal

JoeyWest Ham are carefully considering fan reaction to the possibility of signing controversial Joey Barton before deciding to make a firm move for the player.

As we revealed yesterday – and repeated by the London Evening Standard this afternoon – the chances of the Irons signing the controversial midfielder are rated at around 30 per cent by club negotiators.

The Hammers will only sign Barton on a ‘pay-as-you-play ‘ basis, and that’s only if the club, after taking fans’ views into account, believe it’s a deal worth pursuing. And it’s these obstacles that may persuade Barton to seek a home elsewhere.

At best, Barton is only seen as a short-term cover option until the Hammers compete a deal for Alex Song, ahead of the Barcelona player’s expected return to fitness around October.

A well-placed source told ClaretandHugh: “We are of course aware of the stuff knocking around on social media and obviously fans views are considered.

“There may or may not be a deal to be done but there’s a little way to go nd the chances remain as they were yesterday at about 30 per cent.”


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20 comments on “Barton update: Irons to consider fans views on deal

  1. If we do we can kiss goodbye to any hopes of a backdoor into europe again.

  2. Oh danielson, wouldn’t you know that we are one of the last teams to qualify Europa League thru fair play? From this year onwards, no more Europa league berth and they will have some cash for you instead.

  3. I remember the outcry when we signed Bellamy a lot worse than this, DiCanio was also seen as a risk because of his discipline with some dissenting voices, we signed david Speedie another known troublemaker, Tevez although we didn’t know it at the time because it all happened so fast had major issues at his clubs prior to us and has had the same at City and United. Troublemakers fit in well at West Ham its in our DNA and we have something that makes them produce their best football, Hartson is another the list could go on… screw what the media thinks he is a player that is better than Song and more creative than any midfielder we have bar Payet plus he is a winner and like Bellamy and DiCanio trains like a lunatic.

  4. Ah, but how many of those No. 32 had spend 11 weeks in jail of a six month term for assault plus another suspended sentence? Ravel was coming close.

    His brother is also a known racist who got 18 years for racially aggravated assault. But then we also had Bowyer…

  5. OK. But can he play football? You are the judge.

  6. Get him, dump Nolan.simple.

  7. Besides, those others had undoubted talent, which can’t be said about Barton

  8. Lol,i dont care whether he comes or not but to say he has no talent aint right to be fair.Put his younger day looney behaviour to one side & you cant doubt his abilities.There are some far worse in the Prem for sure.One even captained his team last season 😀

  9. In the event of a fight he may be useful… 😀

  10. True Matte, thats a talent l had overlooked, ahaha aha!

  11. Radai l take your point. And l think the player you alluded to is still captain at his club

    • Hahaha,the player i was on about came on as a substitute against Arsenal on Sunday.Thats all i can say 😀

  12. ahah.. I love when you are called “Radai” Rads… you seems to be an old wiseman… lol 😀

  13. Another week no more transfer news ?
    Barton will go away and Song back on Radar
    Hernandez going nowhere,
    Carlton where are you

  14. The best yardstick you can use for any decision in life is…do the benefits outweigh the risk and in the case of Barton, I would say that is very questionable at best.
    The remarks he made while commenting on the Villa game should tell us that.

  15. The main story by Hugh makes it sound like a short term, pay as u play deal until Song arrives and is ready to play .. thats hopefully very short term, maybe 2 months. How much trouble could he cause !!! ——– oh wait …. maybe we should sleep on this.

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