Irons defenders damn Sam with an awful first

Snidey AllardyceIf Sam Allardyce doesn’t remain a very angry man this morning (Sun) and his players don’t wake up wearing a few verbal bruises from him after yesterday’s disaster it will be a huge surprise.

For the man’s pride will surely have taken the mother and father of all bashings after his team delivered a first and seriously unwanted statistic upon him.

Sam has spent a lifetime perfecting defensive models, particularly when defending corners and free kicks. This takes much training ground time.

And from Bolton to the Boleyn and all stops in between he has produced tough tackling teams who provide no no nonsense basics particularly against such set pieces.

So today the statistic that will stick in Sam’s throat more than any other is this

Against Palace, he saw a team of his concede three goals from set-pieces in a Premier League game for the first time since Opta started keeping records .

No Allardyce team has ever defended as poorly and he will want the response of responses so Chelsea next and here’s hoping.


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5 comments on “Irons defenders damn Sam with an awful first

  1. For heavens sake get real.Allardyce couldn’t care less about his reputation as long as his bank balance is protected.He picks the team ,sits down breaks out the gum,loses the game,blames everyone,goes home.Are you really stupid enough to believe he’s going in on a Sunday,not likely. As long as he’s paid it doesn’t really matter to him.

    • You must be either Sams next door neighbour,his twin or just someone who makes things up.You know everything about Sam, C.O.Y.I.

  2. Listen you fool. Why do you leap on the first thing you can to attack and ignore the serious view i put forward. I’ve banned one this weekend – don’t be the second you muppet.


  3. Say what you like about his tactics, he is NOT a mercenary, He was really upset when we conceded that pen at Spurs, and He could not have seen that coming on Saturday…none of us could. Cresswell made an error, bad positioning, miskick, it happens. That put us under pressure at home. The second half was bad I agree but BFS
    has his ego to protect and probably has more money than He could spend in his lifetime already, so I am afraid I think Rugbyirons it is you who needs to get real

  4. I remember the days when managers werent as important as they are now.I cant really remember when it did start.Probably when Shanks left Liverpool,but they picked an old Scouse insider,Bob Paisley and got on with it.How can you put so much blame on one person for individual mistakes,things you cannot legislate for,things happen all the time in football,errors by players is part of that,thats why it is a beautiful game. C.O.Y.I.

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