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Irons e-mailgate: Fans have their say

To say the Hammers and Sporting Lisbon are at war is putting it mildly! David Sullivan has produced an e mail published in which an offer appears to have been made.
Sporting’s president Bruno Carvalho has hit back since and appears ready to report us to Fifa for an illegal approach.
Here’s what the fans have to say about the ongoing soap opera.
O This has started to smell like the worst sort of social media spat, or playground argument. This should be beneath both clubs. Its a very damning indictment of how both are run.
O Agree 100%. Chairmen should not be in the spotlight like this unless their egos demand it which is never a good thing.
O It always appears to be us involved in controversy. Don’t we ever learn from our mistakes. Does it happen to any other club. No.
O Truth is I doubt that the bids were all they could/should be due to the faith in Slav we have right now and Lisbon are probably half right. So are we.
O What this proves is that they were not offering enough for a quality player !!
O The amount of the offer is totally irrelevant! … After the comments from the SL side about not having received AN OFFER in any amount, this (if genuine of course) evidences that an offer was made and frankly, as an opening offer, quite a substantial one at that! Anyone who thinks that WHU should automatically pay what is the opening ask is perhaps a little at a loss of how business works!
O Absolute joke of a way to run the club. Clearly the legal action was just a threat because if this is legit you wouldn’t put your evidence in the public domain.  okay, so a bid went in but didn’t need to turn this into a playground spat
O This whole situation gets embarrassing by the day , dragging our proud club’s name through the mud and as for the bid itself, pathetic
O Remember when the pleasure of watching eleven guys play in claret and blue satisfied us? I wasn’t concerned then whether Billy Bonds drank wine or what detergent brooking used to wash his socks. These days in football, like everything else around us, is drowning in excess information. I just want to get back to cheering my team
O Would be interesting to know if there is proof of more bids. I would like to see what the bidding ended on, if there was another bid.
O I’d like to see a bid direct to SL rather than a blacked out e mail and one from them saying the original bid was accepted on deadline day as claimed!!!

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

12 comments on “Irons e-mailgate: Fans have their say

  1. Im still trying to work out why people have the hump about a 25 mill offer being paid over 3 years.Most signings are paid over a few years in staggered payments.No different here.We are owed by clubs the same as we owe clubs with staggered payments.
    As for the release clause well they are usually more than the selling club expect to actually get.Like i said last night,Adrian Silva had a release clause of €5 mill more than Carvalho at SL but he has still gone to Leicester for between 22 & 27 mill depending on add ons.
    Releases clauses are often an exaggerated amount to put off other clubs,few release clause values are ever met.All this ‘its an insulting offer’ is bollaches.
    All p*ss & wind.Release clauses i mean,not the guys comments above 😀

  2. The pint is that it shows we did make a bid. The SL guy was calling DS a liar. I saw one fan post saying that DS should sue for libel if that was not so. He did. And now of course we have fans complaining about him suing.
    I say again. While not perfect I quite like our owners. Controversial!

  3. I ‘like’ them about as much as i would like a spot the size of a boiled egg on my nose but i cant be assed with all this gnashing of teeth shyt on sites.
    Do something,protest,run naked across the LS with a daffodil up your aris but stop repeating the same shyt everyday on here 😀

  4. I’m pretty sure that sums up the vast majority of opinion Rads. Oh! sweet voice of reason.

  5. Well i was only joking before i great grief from the bunny boilers 😂

  6. Why did they argue ? We didn’t get the player. The deal didn’t happen. So why do they give a damn whether emails exist or not ? Blowed if I care. I am much more bothered that we have injuries and little or no cover, particularly on the left.

  7. Don’t wish to cause a fuss but think the Dave’s offer email ended up in our trash account slisbon@daphnesdailybugle.co.uk instead of the intended address 😆😆

    • I thought all official West Ham emails went through them first for a seal of approval GW 😂

      • Has to go through the wannabe accountants first Rads to make sure the figures are the same as transfermarket.com, then gets forwarded to our YouTube talent scouts for approval, then the tactical formations department take over to make sure there no threat to Captain Slows and the Poppodom’s position and then finally to the Spellcheck department to make sure everything is worded correctly 😆😆

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