Irons eye Championship boss as pressure grows on Bilic


staamReading boss Jaap Stam has become a target to replace Slaven Bilic if the Irons boss cannot show improved form over the remainder of the season.

Pressure is again growing on Bilic after the recent run of results with contract talks now shelved and other candidates emerging for the London Stadium job.

Hammers’ co-chairman David Sullivan has left nobody in any doubt about his frustration following 3-2 defeats away and home against Bournemouth and Leicester City.

And according to the Sunday Mirror’s Steve Stammers – who has been close to the club as a fan and journalist for years – Stam has joined Roberto Mancini as a possible replacement if things don’t improve.

And sources inside the club have told ClaretandHugh that the pressure is on Bilic to bring the required level consistency and performance to the team over the remainder of the season.

Stam has signed a two-year deal at the Berkshire club who are currently within the play-off places and if he takes the Royals  into the Premier League it will be a colossal achievement after their 17th placed finish in the Championship last season.

An added attraction for West Ham would be the need to pay compensation to Reading of only one season’s salary for the Dutchman.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • John says:

    Oh please!! If international breaks were longer I’d be linked. Clearly Sullivan tapped him up when agreeing the Oxford loan. You couldn’t make it up. Well actually you can!!

  • Slater says:

    Slaven here’s our Ferrari make it consistently run well and at its peak with these old Ford Capri parts please, it saves money.

    How do we get 86% to ask the chairmen to sell up or is that just Gold.

  • midlander1 says:

    Poor Reece. Shunned under Sam, Shunned under Slaven and now he’s destined to be shunned under Stam. Can Sully please do West Ham a favour and eff off. He is a perpetual interferer and just cannot help pushing himself into the limelight. He knows bugger all about football except how to sell the assets of football clubs and then move on when the harm is done. And Pleeeeze, any Sully lovers out there who think he is doing West Ham a favour by loaning them millions are nuts. He’s charging West Ham 8% interest and you can bet that he will be first to get his cut when they sell …. and they will sell, make no mistake.

  • John says:

    For Slater & Midlander read Statler and Waldorf the grumpy muppets! So lads, fair play, we all entitled to opinions. Where to start?

    Gold and Sullivan know nothing about football lol. They’ve been involved in football, owning clubs, transfer dealing, more involved than you’ve ever been, for 30 years. Come on let’s be sensible.

    Payet Antonio Lanzini Reid Cresswell Carroll – used Ford car parts. You’ve not thought this through have you?

    And so staying with the used car analogy if you bought a car and owned it for 5 years and were able to sell it for more money wouldn’t you be perfectly entitled to without seeking consent from your neighbours? I don’t think they will sell but surely that’s their right? Right?

    If Sullivan loans the club £50M and the other shareholders don’t surely he’s entitled to be rewarded for that? Also the club would pay more than 7% for an unsecured loan from a bank so shouldn’t he be thanked? What’s more Sullivan could earn double the 7% he earns in interest from this loan so again shouldn’t he be thanked?

    So all these clubs they bought, asset stripped and then sold then? Birmingham they owned and sold with all their assets in place. So go on list the others as I’m getting a blank on google.

    I’ll admit to being a bit of a happy clapper but what I hate is people that come out with crap like this just to enhance their hateful agenda and that’s what you’ve posted guys.

    If you reply then play nice as Hugh is notorious for banning badly behaved posters!

  • pabloonechop says:

    So many issues here.
    My views on some of it:
    Bilic: have moved from a fan to thinking we need to do better. Reasons: to many heavy defeats, too many players out of position, accountability for transfer policy ( though too many cooks).
    Manager loyalty: Bilic is popular for being ‘West Ham’. Didn’t stop him agitating to leave after a season and make no doubt if he was doing well, any loyalty would be tested again.
    Sullivan: yes it’s his club. Just wish he would conduct himself more professionally -less talk and more doing.

  • Stan The Man says:

    Its funny for all the talk about the owners interference i was listening to a piece yesterday when Steve Cotterill was talking about it happening at clubs and how it makes managers positioning untenable and thats why these clubs have such huge turnover of managers.

    Think what you want of these two but i cant remember too many managers under them who left because they felt their position was untenable.
    I think sometimes we fans think we know a lot more than we actually do.

    Yes blogs are here for our opnions,fantastic as long as we accept most the time we are talking clap trap based on little real knowledge,especially when it comes to the daily running of the club behind closed doors and relations between managers and owners.
    Many call out Sullivan for interferring few have a clue.

  • markro says:

    From Bielsa to Stam – the sublime to the ridiculous.

    I’ve come the conclusion that I expect too much. Last season was remarkable, but was an aberration. We punched well above our weight, so this year’s frustration, whilst real, is perhaps misplaced.

    I want us to win every game, but that’s not going to happen. I want us to buy proven excellence, but, even if we could aspire to and afford superstars, why would they want to come to us.

    Of our current squad, how many would make the squad of a current top six side? Lanzini, Reid, Antonio and maybe Carroll???

    I want us to improve. I want us to spend like we mean to do better – to invest in present quality, not potential.

    ….and I won’t stop wanting us to win every game.

    • Stan The Man says:

      I hope not Kevin.Good to see as per you have already nailed your colours to another mast .Are you still missing your legendary Allardyce.

      Makro i like your comment about expecting to much,i think in our own individual ways we are all demanding or expect too much but for me i try not to expect too much from us.Maybe it is too instilled in me now to change but we are West Ham there is no point in expecting too much.
      I know we have fans who crave some arab or chinese owners who take us on to glory but i think we wouldnt like the way it was done by money being thrown left right and centre.

      I get really peed off when i read things about our club has gone now.Just you wait and see how it went if a group like that took us over.Global marketing and branding now,just you wait for it too happen if the chinese or arabs took us over then you would know what it really was lol
      Some wally brains would have more to complain about than London being on our badge.I mean who the flip still moans about a name on a football badge six months later.I bet they don’t eat their cornflakes each morning until they have put exactly 327 in the bowl.

  • essexirons says:

    Why does anyone take any notice of what The Sunday Liar says? Utter bllox as usual

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