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Irons fans are united: Call the cab for Bilic

Slaven Bilic’s day as West Ham manager is done as far as the fans are concerned!
After today’s horrible defeat at Newcastle not one of the many comments flowing into  ClaretandHugh’s Facebook group @https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ support the manager continuing in the job
They all the same thing – it’s time for the manager to walk or be pushed after a shambolic start to the new season. Here’s a few random comments from the seriously angry  fans.
O He has had long enough and will not turn it around now. Should have gone last season when we might have attracted a decent manager. Who will want to try to sort this mess out.
O Sorry Super Slav, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.
O It’s been a total toilet from pre-season to this rubbish. Ii think Slav has lost the dressing room. I hope I am wrong but if this doesn’t turn around he will be gone in the international break

Pre-season was a joke…we weren’t prepared st all for the start of the season

O I’m fed up with the excuses Slaven Billic gives. It’s because  of him we are in this mess. He has no idea how to manage the team ,our defence is a shambles we haven’t learnt anything from last season ,
We keep blaming the board but its the manager that attracts players .
O Don’t think we can blame the board, we were all happy with the transfer window, it’s down to the manager now.
Billic to go
O I’m in the ‘out’ camp now, things need to change quickly

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

40 comments on “Irons fans are united: Call the cab for Bilic

  1. The sad thing is that this is not a gut reaction to one bad day at the office. The majority of the fans have been unhappy for a considerable period of time. Anomalies like the win v the Spuds are not enough.

    Something needs to change immediately and a new manager is the obvious response the owners can make.

  2. Sacking Bilic five days before the window shuts, without playing single game at home and without half his best team is ridiculous.

    • No its not have you not seen the end of last season And the 3 games this season..

      • He should have gone last season. He would be the first to say it’s not been good enough. We knew it would be a tough start so set us up tough to beat. We have rolled over and got beat too easily. We have to be careful because players like Hernandez and lanzini wont want to stick around

    • He will get the Window but I would let Westley have Interim manager he has been great at U23s with promotion and organisation.
      And allow us time to look for another manager if he doesn’t work out but he won’t do worse than Bilic has. His CV is 1 good season at 3 clubs 4 w us then down hill we have just given him the longest.
      Thinks 1 player will fix it and it won’t. We need 2-3 players and a manager. Why send out Snod and pay part wages if bring in no back up.
      Jokanovic if we can I would have him but getting him from Fulham will be hard.
      Westley interim has to be or we will get sucked down further by Christmas and they will keep giving him a chance.
      Not from just the season last too lucky he kept when Ranieri won league and was sacked

  3. 9 frigging hours traveling to go and watch that sack of ****e and then Captain Slow comes out and says we were tired after Wednesday 😡 **** taking **** 😤😤

  4. Slaven’s credibility began to slide, for me, with his persistent & stubborn refusal to acknowledge the team’s desperate need for at least two competent central defenders without a track record of frequent and recurrent injuries, and whose CV’s included spells with PL or equivalent teams that did not leak goals while they were first team players. Slaven’s credibility took a nose-dive, for me, during this summer when Maguire left Hull for Leicester, and Keane exited Turf Moor for Goodison. At the same time Slaven was reportedly scouring European leagues for the ‘midfielder panacea’ while Sam Clucas goes for a song, and is delivering strong. When Slaven is reported to finally be reacting to this area of desperate need – now 10 goals shipped in 3 games – Kone and Wimmer are touted as likely suspects. Strange. At least Slav and Arsene share one characteristic as managers: they don’t seem to understand how to find excellent centre backs. James Collins was masterful on Wednesday – against Cheltenham Town. Jose Fonte – less said the better. Angelo is a good centre back. Winston, when fit, can be spectacular. But am I alone in thinking we need a couple of physically robust, ball winning, commanding in the air centre backs? Slaven has had the time and opportunity to ‘turn things around’ from last season, and we are experiencing déjà-bloody-vu. We are adrift. Slaven’s Sky interview did not suggest a manager brimming with self-belief.

    • Nope Maguire was a big miss and for only £12m or so big lad and good on the ball.
      I would be after Bjorn Engels from Club Brugge at 6’4 and only 22 has won the league Belgium Intl. And has 96 games w 12 goals and 6 assists.
      And he can play DCM at £8.5m , worth a shot Belgium defenders seem to thrive in Premier league. Rather him then Kone he has been a bust and doesn’t play if not his way.
      Engels 22yo would work well with our lads coming up. And his height and physicality and ball play would be great

  5. This is a bad dream . Bilic is completely clueless and Noble is now losing the plot. How dare he say we were tired after wednesday . The stupid w***er has not got a clue . Bilic picked Capt Slow aka SLUG in midfield again with a very promising youngster who was left high and dry by another Noble horror show . How can Bilic play slug in front of Kouyate or Obiang . He is an idiot . We are doomed without a leader both on and of off the field . We are a laughing stock from stadium , porn twin owners , clueless manager and a past it slug in midfield .
    Yes I am angry . In fact I am furious . Do not bother to attack me because if you cannot see it you are part of the problem . Fu** off Gold / Sullivan / Bilic and take your bum boy with you . COYI

  6. I think we can all agree that a change is needed but im sure we dont need to talk about the man like he is a sack of sh1t.He deserves better than that even in these times of social media and keyboard warriors.

  7. Agreed Ben, a. Sack of **** he is not but unfortunately neither the manager we need. I think thyou man has tons of integrity but alas no longer any credibility as manager of our club’s first team.

  8. He needs to go. 2 seasons ago we failed to capitalise on our best season for a long time due to poor tactical decisions and conceding too many goals. Last season bilic used every excuse available but we were still conceding too many, he would pick the wrong starting XIs and our tactics were non existent. Worst thing going into this season is that our manager has not learnt from these previous mistakes and dealt with the issues. We need a new manager with new ideas to make us difficult to beat again. I hated us under Big Sam but we were at least hard to beat, bilic has managed to strip all that away. We need 3 more signings and a new manager.

    This isn’t knee jerk it’s been going on for seasons. We played Rice and Noble in CM today. Now that is championship.

  9. West ham have long been known as not good travellers,
    we have 4 away games on the trott
    We hardly get a result in Manchester, we hardly get a point in Newcastle, infrequently we get points at Southampton, This is not new, its happened season after season, what is new is we played them all in two weeks.
    Now we have two weeks until we play at next, finally at home.
    4 of our next 5 games are home games, win 3 draw 1 of those games and all will be as should be.
    If come the end of September, we are still bottom 3 then i will accept if a change is made, but until then people need to just try and restrain their anger at the players and management.

    • It’s the manner of the losses. Last season at times 3-5-2 worked we haven’t used it once so far. But then again we have bought players not to play 3-5-2 as then arnatovic or zaba wouldn’t get a game. Bilic doesn’t have a plan a let alone a plan b

  10. Sorry My, this is not about the first 3 games, we have won 5 in 24, this is a continuance of the awful performances we witnessed last season; he shows no ability to be able to rescue matters and needs to go.

  11. Not about only 3 games.
    Not about injuries.
    Not about playing away from home.
    Not about the new stadium.
    Not about the players sold.
    Not about the players bought.
    Not about the board or thier spending.

    It’s the defensive side, organisation, style of play, fitness and game plan and style. All non existent.

    That is 100% down to the management.

  12. The lights are burning bright at Anne Sommers house tonight . … now where the heck did I leave my Manager Workshop Manual ? . … flipping thing can’t be fixed , better get a new one . Anne have you got the number for Manager Spares ?., need a new part urgently .

  13. You cannot blame the board slav tells them what players to buy & his record is abysmal ( fonte, Snodgrass, gokhan tore, Ayew, the list goes on ) it seems the only decent players were bought by Sullivan ie Sekho Lanzine, Antonio

  14. last 6 goals we have conceded 4 have been individual player errors,
    how can villic be blames when two players give penalties away and another two get caught on the ball when they should have done better with it.

    • And the other 93 goals conceded in 45 odd games?

    • Hahaha are you actually ok?

    • Nigel you have watched the games when we had Song we were able to be solid defensively he held onto the ball allowed a smooth transition between attack and defence, since Bilic exiled him because he defended Sakho on the training ground (allegedly) we have shipped nearly a 100 goals. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, never mind that even with Song we gave goals away early and Payet bailed us out numerous times. I like Bilic but the fault lies with the management of the team aren’t able to execute on match day over multiple games. In the early days of Bilic we pressed high up the pitch, we didn’t allow teams easy throw ins and goal kicks we pressed them, since January of the first season that stopped. There is not a single player with the exception arguably of Lanzini that has improved under Bilic he is a poor coach, he made a scapegoat of Oxford and he repeated that for Rice today for nothing mistakes that every player would make. That is atrocious management on any level yet Hart or Noble can make mistake after mistake and retain their place ? We have a great squad of players that should finish top 8 but they are disorganised defensively with a defender as a manager. Get a new manager in asap his contract isn’t getting renewed so take action early and start moving forward. In an ideal world we can get that person in early in this international break to give them a few days to work with the players.

      • To correct that after reviewing the 79 premier league (only) games we have conceded 125 goals over 1.5 a game that is unsustainable.

  15. Individual errors on that frequency are the sysmptom of a much deeper issue, Bilic cannot manage the team the last 18 months have shown that.

  16. Lmao Bilic is getting the Allardyce treatment now on here.I bet his wife will be laughing her t1ts off 😝
    Dont worry give it another eighteen months and you will have a different manager to walk over the hill with your pitchforks about.I bet in a past life some of you were professional hangmen.

    • well obviously.

      if the next manager performs a extremely well paid job poorly, like sam did (2 wins in roughly 20 games) and bilic is (is it 3 wins in 25 ish? AND that goals conceded record), then you would expect it.

      i don’t see how that is outrageous in the slightest, no matter no nice the guy is. you wouldn’t keep someone nice who was terrible at the tasks they were given in their role in any other job.

    • Glad you are happy watching a team playing rubbish and without a clue Travis, maybe you will enjoy watching us get relegated conceding poor goals on a scale not seen since the days of Grant and Roeder most of us have been patient with Bilic despite alarm bells ringing even during the good first season unfortunately none of the magic of that season was down to Slav and most of it was created by Payet lifting his team mates.

  17. Sounds like you are not a West Ham fan Travis, because no one could be happy about th last 18 maths and it would be one thing if could see light at the end of th tunnel but it keeps getting darker

  18. Get him out and get him out now!!!!!
    A complete clown still celebrating from beating the mighty Cheltenham away.
    He leaves Besiktas and they win the league twice, we have a great squad with a shocking manager, bring in a manager that knows how to set a team up, how to train how to compete, he hasn’t a clue, if it wasn’t for the brilliance of Payet we would of realised this 2 years ago.
    Get him out !!!!!!!!!!! It’s embarrassing how out of his depth he is. He’s in the same league as Roeder and Grant that’s how bad he is. Lots of proven managers available that have won trophies, Bilic has won nothing as a manager and never will, lucky man to earn a living doing something he knows nothing about, GET HIM OUT OF MY CLUB!

  19. The fans are not united in wanting him to go, this is just FB comments

    • Go sit in the bin by yourself if you think he should stay

    • There is some of that George but the problems are blatantly obvious Slav has had over 2 years to get the team playing well, yet we continue to make the same mistakes I admire your loyalty and I wish Slav had improved the players and the team but he has not, if he goes I will wish him well he had tried to give us what we want a team playing great attacking football which at many levels he has achieved but we concede more than two goals on average per game that is a recipe for disaster sooner or later.

  20. Sorry Carrera, they are almost to a man from all I have read and heard today, on the various forums, radio, other media too. His time has come

  21. I think I can say on behalf of most fans that we think Bilic is a great guy and takes every defeat as much to heart as any WHU fan.
    Unfortunately as I said last year, we seem to be playing Such poor Football and now we seem to be conceding 2/3 goals a game on average, it cannot just be down to injuries and all the usual crap we come up with.
    There is no plan, no defence and no pride.
    How can such an accomplished, strong ex-defender organise our defence so badly – I just don’t get it.
    Sorry Slav 3-0 at Newcastle is just 1 embarrassment too much.

  22. What i can’t understand is how everyone thinks we have had a great transfer window. Shipped out a load of **** great. Signed a dodgy keeper a overpriced winger chicha and zaba yes good but ffs 10 mil outlay only how the f%$k is that a good window the two Dave’s are loving it

  23. Thai Hammers-I thought it was ok until we started playing! I am beginning to think you may be right. The squad is very thin. I still believe a decent manager should be able to put together a better defence from these players, but there is a lack of creativity for sure.

  24. I don’t believe our centre backs are worse than other mid table teams, just the worst organised. The disappointing thing is we have an experienced ex international centre back in the managers seat seemingly unable to do anything other than mutter how things aren’t good enough. While most of us slate the likes of Fonte and Ogbonna, my feeling is they would look better under most other managers

  25. Kenny summed it up with his post ?
    Age , pace , main contributor to our defensive woes ! No pace means loss of quality and you are forever playing catch up instead of playing with a freedom you need in this game to express you’re self !
    At least 6 players IMO come into that mould and several more lacking quality and commitment !
    Pointless letting bilic carry on , he just doesn’t see it , neither does his backroom staff and his no2 who imo has bilic,s ear and is a big influence on our plight !
    Sad to say it but taxi please big enough for all of them ,
    Dig deep sully , its a problem getting worse by the day !!!

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