Irons first-ever mascot plotting Posh ‘hambush’

mascotPeterborough United v Irons

Saturday 13 July: 3pm kick-off

Peterborough United boss Dave Robertson will be star-truck when West Ham United’s galaxy of stars march into London Road for Saturday’s pre-match friendly.

For the Dagenham-born 41-year-old comes from a massive Hammers season ticket-holding family, and was the club’s first-ever mascot back in 1980, walking onto the Boleyn for the match against Preston North End alongside Hammers great, Billy Bonds.

Our picture shows him on that magical day 35 years ago!

And speaking exclusively to ClaretandHugh, he said: “My passion in life has always been the Irons – I followed them everywhere as a youngster until I started getting involved in the game myself.

“The entire family are Hammers to this day, and all of them have season tickets. The club has had so much of my life and to be playing against them for the first time ever as a manager is unbelievable.

“I think we will have a great run out tomorrow afternoon, and I believe we both have fine seasons ahead of us. We need to get promoted to the Championship and stay there for a bit.”

Dave took over the reins at London Road after spending nine years developing the Posh academy. But although he’s got a big job on his hands, he admits his mind is never far from the Boleyn.

He said: “I think Slaven Bilic is exactly the right appointment for West Ham and certainly expect to see them in the top 10 and pushing on this season – maybe as high as the top seven.

“There’s a real good mood around the club at the moment and I couldn’t be looking more to Saturday. But I imagine I may be a little star-struck.”

Former Hammers midfield ace Jack Collison, having signed a one-year deal with The Posh, is a likely starter for the League One side against his old club.

Ticket prices: £10 and £5 concessions.


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16 comments on “Irons first-ever mascot plotting Posh ‘hambush’

  1. I hope Jack Collison does the business tomorrow against us. It’s only a warm up game for us, but it could be a re-birth of Jacks career.

  2. Yeah really wish Jack well,he is a proper decent lad.So sad his injury problems have devastated his career.

  3. Jack Collison is a nice boy , an average footballer, yes wish him all the best but to wish he “does the business against us” wow this is a funny comment to wish your team to get beat, even if it is a friendly (which there is no such thing as )

  4. Oh do f*ck off no.6.Same old sh*t from you.You can wish a guy to do the business in having a good game without wishing your team to lose.You really are such a w*nker.Only ever come here to have a dig,you tosser!!!

    • listen stingray i will comment on whatever i want i read the blogs and see silly comments like wanting to see our team lose il comment, maybe you agree you want to see out team lose too, but reign in the silly abuse you look childish, if you dont like my comments fine just move on but dont make yourself look like a 14 yr old, and to do the business means what it says, its not just have a good game.

      • No you listen idiot.You only ever comment here to have a pop at an article or person.You are the kid to even assume that wishing one person in eleven to do the business means the whole peterborough team.Go learn english before you make something out of nothing you mug.Where does it say anywhere here that someone wants us to lose? When you can show me comeback to me moron!

  5. Just ignore him lads.He does only ever come here to be arguemantive.Must be seeing things now as well as wanting an arguement.Where is this elusive ‘want west ham to lose’ comment,lol 😉

  6. What’s to comment he said quite clearly hope Jack does the business,never mentioned us loosing,if you want to make things personal 66 don’t moan when you get told to fukc off you
    I hope we win
    I hope the lad has great memories I wish I had been in his boots all those years ago but I was in the stands ( hated those shirts )
    I also hope Jack plays well and has a good season ( top lad )

  7. I will never understand on forums why people want to comment just to be arguementative.It seems pointless.Especially when making something out of nothing,something that hasnt even be said!

  8. Sorry 66 the comment was for 6 I am sure you know where credit is due,
    Takes a lot of work to become a ****head a little bit of work and he will become a bellend

  9. Lol,no worries bubs,i knew who your words were ment for,i was only joking 😀

  10. Still think that kit was one of our classics! That was my fist real football kit. Ooh jumpers for goalposts.
    Although it would have looked better if I had had one of those moustaches to go with it.

  11. Any chance of changing the headline as its not true. I was mascot on the 12th January v Watford, and the Preston game, which he was mascot was the week after on the 19th.

    I know for a fact that i wasn’t the first, so not sure where you got your info from!!

  12. Im confused,who are you then,the guy in the picture or peterborough manger or neither 😀

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