Irons fury over ‘holiday’ ahead of £1.2m game

benidorm-samWest Ham insiders are furious that the team will get found out through a lack of training when they face a £1.2 million game at Newcastle this weekend.

Everton and the Irons are on level points at 47 and  many in the club believe every effort should have been made to ensure we finish ahead of the merseysiders and pocket another £1 million plus in positional money.

Manager Sam Allardyce chose to give the squad much of the week off off before revealing he was off to Spain with wife Lynn for a holiday with the grandkids as the club hold their meeting over his future.

We were told: “Obviously if Everton beat Spurs we stay where we are anyway but should we lose and Palace win against Swansea at Selhurst Park we could lose another position there.

“We owe it to everybody to go up there and really give it a go and nobody believes that giving players two or three days off when there’s still so much at stake, notably for Newcastle and Burnley, was the way to go.

“Nobody seems to think a million or two pounds is very important in a game which counts in billions but it can still make a difference.play right to the very end. It can, for example,buy you a player who can be the difference to relegation or survival.

“There have been a lot of questions asked about the events of this week and many people are very unhappy.”


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58 comments on “Irons fury over ‘holiday’ ahead of £1.2m game

  1. It’s a bit rich anyone with power at the club moaning about this now many of the mere mortals on this site have called for an earlier exit for the genius because his replacement would easily make more than his compensation in league position payments

  2. bfs should have gone months ago we would have finished about 7th with good manager under sam theve had a week in dubai a week of this week thats why the players like him

    • If Big Sam had gone months ago , as you wished , we would now be in the second division.
      Wake up PLEASE and appreciate what we have .
      Or . Maybe you prefer Coka Cola Championship ,,, ? . Dunce .

      • No such thing as the second division,but why spoil a good story hey 😉

      • are you special in the head do u suffer from short term memory loss? are u a member of west ham till i die .com u must be because ur talking sooooo much bull its embarrassing o.O

      • Dude you need a serious check up from the neck up. If you actually start believing the crap you spout off,that’s when you’ll be in real bother.

  3. He has lost us a lot more than 1.2 million,
    If we had pulled the trigger in Jan it would have cost at the most 1 million but we would have made at least 3 or 4 million more on league position,
    And probably had a better cup run,
    The fans were right,yes this is a business and the 2 Daves have put a lot of there money in,
    But they keep telling us they our first hammers fans so they must feel like us,
    They need to find a balance between fans and business or get out
    This club can’t afford another BFS

    • Bubs ; why do you talk so much crap ???.. We are in the Premiership for next season and with a better future than with any manager you can name .
      Give a name ( manager ) that would have or could have done better with the squad we have that are not injured …. , please inform me ,because I obviously do not understand as you seem to do .
      Why do you always belittle the qualities of West Ham United ??.

      • under sam we will be in the championship look how we have been since December our form has slipped and slipped and now we are a laughing stock of a club get a life man pull ur head out of fat sam ass.

  4. Sorry Hugh nice photo Johny Vagas Spain here I come

  5. I want rid of the fat #### & hopefully monday will be like xmas for us all 😉
    But how could you sack a manager who’s side is 4th as were back then??

  6. Bubs is clairvoyant,he knew how the season was going to go to rat sh*t back in january.We all should have really 😉

  7. Im past caring what they do this season now.Take Sunday off as well lads.Give the Barcodes the 3 pts,its all good 😉

  8. Claret & Hugh ;;; can do one … This ” web , blog , or whatever ” it is supposed to be is another West Ham supporters Web ,that ,, it is , basically anti West Ham because you don’t
    Like the manager that has given us a life line in the prem .
    I suppose you do your writing sitting in the sun ,, so what the hell is wrong with somebody enjoying thier Family moments ?? .. Last game of the season that really means nothing to us , but everything to Newcastle . … Get a life and grow up .
    West Ham will continue with Big Sam as Manager ,,,, and I , for one am happy with it and can live with it ….. Those wishing for instant success as a ” big club ” , which we are not ,,, need more patience and understanding . We want to be a Big Club , but we must wait for success through belief and support instead of stabbing the man that had given us some hope …… Not sure if Claret & Hugh are True Hammers fans .

    • Shush now.

    • kevin can u go do one ur not welcome here ur pro sam this is not ur forum go to westsamtillidie with the other retards o.O

    • Kevin there isn’t ever a lot of sense spoken on here but with my head out of my arrrse i and a few others can see what SA has done, i dot even have to repeat it. NO other manager could have done any better and Sam is our best manager in yrs people have short memories, so he may have taken us as far with the budget as he can, you may not like his style but its a slow process the no beds on here were spitting feathers when we were 4th cos they had no one to moan about. i only come on here because apparently its meant to be a humouors blog, C and H certainly make ME laugh

      • Oh here we go again.F*ck off No.6.You only come on here to talk sh*t.Just jog on f*ckwit!!!

        • Ahhh,just ignore him ’99.He appears on here once every couple of weeks to blow it out of his ar*e.He has history of coming on here to talk totally garbage.W*nker 😀

          • Haha,should have guessed someone would appear to try to stir things up again.Good old No.6,still talking sh*te.He is more Jagielka than Moore when Englands No6 is involved.He doesnt have the class to be Moore! 😉

        • this is one of the idiots i mentioned in previous post…… keep making us laugh. or talk about football opinions.

  9. Hahaha,we will carry on with Sam will we Kevin?,lmao.Ok,keep drinking the meths 😉

  10. Crazy Kev is in town.Still a delusional man living in his little Samworld,it is like Michael Jacksons Neverland,but with hippos instead of llamas 😀

  11. Ahahahah… You’re early Kevin…why? Lol

  12. He has run out of glue to sniff 😉

  13. Lol… 2 days Kevin and then Sam will leave… I’m sad…

  14. Calm down Kevin,you will make your heart explode.It is only football,not life or death,lol

  15. Ahah… Ok rads, it’s only football, but there’s only one Sam… lol

  16. Big Sams Claret & Blue Army!

  17. Beat that,its Dumb & Dumber.Both arrived together.Top lads,well done,synchronized bullsh*t 😉

  18. Kevin you must learn to control yourself,if you let your emotions take control you end up sounding like a prat,if you can not use a calculator ask your sister spoonie,
    1 million per league position we sat in 4th place and then BFS TOOK CONTROL with his I know better style we will end up 11th
    11-4 =7 Kevin that’s 7million your main man has cost us
    Now you have the facts and you dumb buckle brain you know nothing about being a hammer or you would not argue against true football and one day you will understand what theWestham Way is but not yet you are not ready,
    Now go back to your padded cell and leave the grown ups to talk
    And do us a favour take spoonie with you and shut the door
    Nighty Nighty Kevin

  19. Lol,but still the **** scared mob panic about sam leaving.I have never seen such a group of girls in my life.I bet it took them till they were 40 to move out of mum & dads house.Sam their comfort blanket is leaving.Poor guys 😉

  20. Sorry Kevin your second question if you have not put yourself to bed the list is vast,
    Rafa,Bilic,Beisla,Moyes,Howe,Emery,Klopp and Andy Pandy,Batman,Mr Blobby oops that is BFS,in fact most people that are breathing,
    Your man has made his point this week he has no regard for our club ( West Ham ) not sure what your club is called,
    Grow up you prat and look further then the end of your nose,he has no regard for you or your mates on wetpants.com do you think he will be thanking you next week NO HE WONT

  21. Chicken they have never moved out of mums that’s why dad left,
    That’s why grandads still about, and there’s been lots of uncles,

  22. Atleast when he goes we wont have to read ‘be careful what you wish for’,’Sams brings stability’ & all that other b*llocks.Guess we will just have summer with all the tarts crying about us getting relegated because the genius isnt with us anymore,lol,what a load of pessimistic b*stards.Ffs,im suprised some of them dont want to rename us West Sam United.Clubs been around forever & a day & now it is going to crash in on itself because Allardyce is leaving.Yeah sure it will you planks!!

  23. who is this kevin scum? i swear he must be a spud or a westsamtillidie crone

  24. Another 48 hours and the ” Dung Beetle” will be rolling out of the Boleyn. West Ham can become a United club again and the pain of the last 6 months will be over, Kevin will be devastated as will a number of the ” Messiah” followers on other sites as there message of “Be careful what you wish for” will no longer mean anything. No doubt these advocates will spring up next year after a few bad results and tell us the immortal one would never have had us in this position but my message to you all is simply this… 3 wins in 18 games, no trophies in 20 years,not achieved record total of points,Emmanuel Pogatetz,turning down Bony for Carrol, playing Nolan whether fit or not,Roger Johnson,cupping the ear,slouched in dugout chewing gum, blaming everyone but yourself,boring,predictable,tactically naive,blind faith in the chosen few,Curtis and driving talent out the club……there’s your epitaph Sam and for you advocates of this, don’t let the door hit you on the way out….

  25. Hi lads, Sean told me he posted a call for unity among the sites. I agree with him. We won the argument hands down. I like to think that we- rather than being anti-Allardyce, are PRO FOOTBALL Let’s ignore the Spponies and Kevins nowas they lick theirwounds. I’ve been on a very tight leash and refused tocomment. It’s now time to show that ClaretandHugh are leaders again…in showing how to start the reunion. There will always be the Kevins and Spoonies. IGNORE

  26. Unity? Yeah fair enough Hugh,but this is nothing to do with football or the club we support.This is a social issue in many respects.People thinking their superior to others.Better educated & disrespectful.I wont forget & cant forget these rabid dog,moron comments.I chose to not go to WHTID(i must call it that now),these guys will never be people i want to be associated with.They think of themselves as superior people,not football fans.Two totally different things.Just a few might i add,but those few make this far more than football unity amongst fans.Personally i would rip their livers out given half a chance!

  27. You know what chickenrunner,you have absolutley nailed it.It isnt banter bewteen fans who want different things,it went past that with those guys comments.As you rightly say it is a superiority complex some of them have,just a few may i say.But those few will never be people i want to be associated with as irons fans.They are low life.I was disgusted by those comments about 10 most moronic west ham fans & rabid dogs.They aint west ham fans said that,they are scum.I rarely post on here but that really wound me up.Tbh how can you have unity with people of a different mind set who think of themselves as super fans.Bunch of deluded idiots more like

  28. Fine with me Hugh,im just a mellow man.But first comment i see about rabid dogs or morons its game on again,lol 😀

  29. Ahhhh,how sweet,lets have an inter-site love in,we can sing romantic songs to eachother & read our favourite poetry.Have candles in the room & soft music in the background.What to forgive,i lose know sleep over what they say on wpants.Some of them love Sammy,nothing you can do about that 😉

    But if they break it then gloves are off,we are not worried about life little boils like Kevin and spoonie they are fun to play with but the idiots who ran out of facts to back up there support
    For BFS and turned to personal abuse will not be forgotten,
    Enough said

  31. It’s merely called rising above it. 66. Nothing else.

  32. I understand what you mean Hugh, but I think that in this site we have always “fight” to remove BFS from West Ham. We have been called ignorant pigs, clueless, fake fans, etc. Sorry but I don’t forget those people who said that. It’s too easy to jump on the bandwagon now. Anyway it will not be a problem of mine, when Sam will officially leave, I’ll leave this site as My mission will be completed. 🙂

  33. Lol,this isnt a football issue really.It is different personalities.All anyone ever did was call a ‘site’ wetpants.Big difference compared to the morons,rabid dogs,ignoant pigs comments.Personally you can stixk unity with those mugs up their a*ses.

  34. I have posted on anumber of West Ham blogs (WHTID being my main one as I also write articles on there occasionally) and I have found that there are very decent, honest and good people on EVERY blog and forum, but there are also some ****s everywhere.
    Unfortunately I tend to not being able to be above certain posters, they simply rile me up and make me react which I must learn not to do anymore.
    Then again I don’t have to be friends with everyone just because they share my love for a certain football club.
    Let me assure: I have met a large number of WHTID posters in person when I was over for the Burnley game and every single one of them I met was genuinely nice, friendly, witty and good company.
    I suppose it’d be similar if most posters of this blog got together over a pint.
    I put down all that *****ing between our blogs to the manager situation being in the air for far too long and passions running very high over it.
    We all love West Ham, we all want what’s best for our club. We just don’t all agree on what the best way is. But it’s good and entertaining to discuss different opinions.
    Would be utterly boring if every fan agreed on every single player or club decision.
    I’ve been asked why I still come here. My reply: I don’t bear a grudge with any particular blog, I love chatting about my club and I don’t see why I should restrict those chats to one place.

  35. I’m just talking about some persons ty. I’m not talking about wetpants.com in general. I know their names and I remember their words.

  36. Yeah but how seriously could you take that question,when it was asked by one of the biggest Sh*t stirrers on forums Hamburg,lol.It is exactly people like him i have no time for.I dont mind people liking Sam or different opinions.What i dont like is fools like him intent on be rude about others or just trying to cause trouble.No one on this particular site said a single thing derogatory about you posting on other sites.This is the type of man i have no time for,whether a west ham supporter or not.Some people are just dislikeable,the team they support is irrelevant 😉

  37. Well put 66!

  38. Dont worry H,i know there aee many good people on that site.For me it hasnt been an issue.But i think the fools who made the comments personal just took it too far.The few give a bad name for the majority.I have no issue with wetpant, or this site being called Parrot & Poo as i have seen it referred to.That is inter site banter.When it is about individuals or the people then it takes it over the limit.I will never feel any link or bond with those people just because we support the same team.I really do have a dislike for people who intentionally try to ruffle feathers or start arguements for their own pathetic enjoyment,lol,as for being an ignorant pig,rabid dog or moronic maybe i am but i suggest they take a look in the mirror at themselves as well 😀

  39. Agreed Rads,some very nice folk on there,but to be fair they were never singled out.As Matte says,i remember the names of the people who took it too far.For me they are the ignorant pigs & moronic,end of story 😉

  40. The main difference is, the idiots who abuse you on here when they disagre with you and the abuse the chairmen, Brady and the manager gets from ill informed fans is nothing short of playground behaviour, my skin is thicker than a rhino so i don’t care, its supposed to be about opinions, ‘as long as its theirs’ I think we have had a ok season, seen some good stuff and some diabolical stuff, truth is I’ve been going for 40 yrs and its no different .

  41. Well that is total bs,because rarely do the board get abused,if ever on here.Just go back to wetpants No.6.Go stir trouble back there!

  42. Youre a total mug EngNo6,not because of your opinions,fine have them.But because you saw the talk about sites being more tolerant of eachothers views & you have intentionally come on here to post after weeks of not seeing you here with the sole aim of stirring the sh*t up.Jog on melt.Go back to whtid.Cause arguements on there!!

    • thats rich name calling and abuse but not a single view or idea, you really are an embarrassment, keyboard warriors

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