“Expert” claims Irons will be in trouble


“Expert” claims Irons will be in trouble

The season has not even started yet and the first harbinger of doom has appeared

According to somebody called Jordan Jarret-Bryan , West Ham will be “in trouble” in the Premier League next season.

Who is this person?

An ex professional footballer?


A well respected football journalist?


Apparently he is a DJ and an expert on Popular culture, whatever that means. He was interviewed by talkSPORT and gave us his wisdom.

“I’m not going to go as far as saying I think they’ll go down, but I think West Ham this year will be in a relegation battle,”

“And the reason why I think they will be in a struggle is because, I think last year for more than three-quarters of the season, they were in a relegation scrap, and they had their talisman Declan Rice, who from the outside looking in just seems to be someone that is able to galvanise that squad, and when it got sticky, drag them through.

“I’m just interested to see how they bounce back this season after what was, league-wise, a really poor season last year. I think they’re in trouble.”

 We all know that the Irons had a difficult season last term , with the club flirting with relegation after finding it difficult to get any momentum going despite our Europa Conference League glory.

But despite losing Declan Rice, and our lack of new signings there is still call for optimism.

We have some wonderful young players waiting to break through into the side and I remain confident that reinforcements will arrive to add to the squad.

Come on you Irons, let`s prove this “expert” wrong !

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  • Legin says:

    Isn’t he the resident DJ at The Bell End Tavern?

  • Klaatu says:

    He’s the sports correspondent for Channel 4 News, a national broadcaster, not a website 😅 guys entitled to a view .
    We’re the ones worried at yet another wasted pre-season, not surprised sports journalists have noticed!

  • Limey says:

    It’s all about expectations…
    Does anyone expect West Ham to win the league?
    Top 4? European place? Mid-table? Bottom half? Relegation?

    One thing is pretty certain, most predictions are wrong.

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