Irons legend Carr and co on BT Sports at 9.30pm

CarrTonyThere’s a not to missed half hour coming up on BT Sports at 9.30 pm tonight(Wed).

A piece on Tony Carr – our legendary academy director – will be shown and there will be input from former Irons greats.

It will form part of  of the Premier League World Show and scheduled to appear are Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Jermaine Defoe.

It could be a very timely show given that we may well be on the era of a great new era of Academy prospects at the club.

Try not to miss it guys.



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15 comments on “Irons legend Carr and co on BT Sports at 9.30pm

  1. (Insert Spoonie-isms) I haven’t got BT

  2. Jermain Defoe. JERMAIN

  3. Tony obviously likes dropping Es 😉

  4. Must have popped over from the Wet Pants School of Corrections 😀

    • Tut tut Chicken it’s the Wetpants Academy of Grammatical Corrections lol

  5. What on Earth is this Wet Pants i see on here.Am i getting old & missing something.I have never heard of this wet pants you talk about.Maybe i am just daft & past it,lol

    • Slim it’s just a playful name for west ham til I die,another site who we have a generally friendly association with. There’s plenty of long debates over there with some great contributors and some who love stats,formations and team line ups. Occasionally it gets heated but mostly it’s a bit of banter between the two sites.

  6. Lol,wet pants is just a name we have for WHTID because they are always peeing themselves about everything like excitable school kids.Well some of them anyway 😉

  7. Oh,thanks,i didnt know what it was.I thought i was mad not knowing.Funny story actually.My wife supports the hammers as well,she reads all the sites with me.Well she calls it The KKK.The Kluck Kluck Klan because she says they carry on like a load of chickens sat on their eggs clucking away about nothing all day.

    • Haha Slim I was wondering where that was going for a second,I suppose we’re all hens really just we prefer a bit more fun while we sit on our eggs lol

  8. Hahaha,the kluck kluck klan,lol,that just made me laugh.My missus wondered what the hell i was having a fit about,lol 😀

  9. Wet pants till I kluck?!

  10. Bellend the rooster not Monkey it’s got a ring to it,
    Visions of the cartoon chicken run comes to mind,how did you escape H
    They are the Hippo fan club Jim,they slide over here to have arguments,
    But as H says they are not all bad just the magical 12

  11. You have some strange visions when youre off the beer bubs.Think it time you got back on it;)

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