Irons look at possible third deal for defender

JenkCarl Jenkinson could return to West Ham for a third loan spell next season should the club be unable to find a long term right back who fits the bill.

The Irons conducted a fruitless search for the problem position last summer before turning back to the Arsenal defender.

They have again deployed scouts to search for the player they need for next season and beyond.

Jenkinson’s form this season may not have been as strong as last but sources inside the club believe he may be called onto provide the answer should the club again be unable to identify a permanent candidate.

Arsenal have slapped a crazy £15 million price tag on Jenkinson’s head and the Hammers have made it clear they will go nowhere near that.

We were told exclusively: “We found it difficult to find the right person in the summer and should that be the case this time around then we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Carl returning for a third term.

“But there is absolutely no chance of us bringing him in permanently at the sort of price Arsenal are seeking – that won’t happen.”



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5 comments on “Irons look at possible third deal for defender

  1. Sam Byram at Leeds would be a perfect replacement for Jenkinson and, if the club moved quickly, could even come in January (out of contract at Leeds in the summer) to provide some much needed competition at RB for the rest of the season. Also, many don’t know, but Sam was born/raised in Thurrock (not Leeds) and has family links with East London and West Ham.

  2. I really don’t get this fixation with Jenkinson. Is he that special a defender really ?
    Is there no other defender out there in Britain or Europe we can bring in on a reasonable deal either on a permanent basis or on loan ?
    With Jenkinson we’d be paying over the odds, no matter if we take Arsenal up on their ridiculous asking price or loan him again.
    Jenkinson, especiall so far this season, has not shown to be the kind of player you would want to pay over the odds for.

  3. I agree with HH. I like Jenkinson and his commitment. But we either need to do a deal at a sensible price or walk away. Seems we are being endlessly linked with strikers and midfielders but the right back position never seems to be mentioned when it should be a priority.

  4. I don’t know about you but this is a wind up ! Ain’t it !!!
    If this is for real then I’m starting to have second thoughts about the hierarchy !!!WTF!!
    Are we saying we will pay another 2-3 mil for the loan plus thousands per game in bonuses for arsenal of which he gets a cut plus wages and bonuses !! For what ? Basically he is a liability on the pitch and he can’t defend !!!!
    Its a wind up !!!! 15 mil ?? Anyone know the total cost for the loan over 3 seasons ,
    And arsenal still own him !!!!!
    This is either bad buisness or a wind up ?????
    Just get rid of the goon and play tommo at RB and get someone in at our leisure or draft a dev player in !! Even obiang could do a job there !!!

  5. Well composed list of comments, so I hate playing the role of the proverbial “Fly in the Ointment’. (Main comments relate to Jenks, but I take the opportunity to also touch on an article posted earlier today, in the 4th Official).

    Sorry guys, but I think that Carl Jenkinson, should stay at West Ham, if at all possible.
    Why you may well ask?

    Pro’s; Objective proof of good/very good acceleration, sprint speed, pace, together with good skills in marking, standing/sliding tackles, with sufficient aggression. At 23, and under the tutelage of Slaven Bilic, he can only improve. Surely, we should remember his performances in the last season. Somewhat in the shadow of Aaron Cresell, he still had a very good season, and I believe that Slav (well before arriving in London) counted on Jenks as part of his over-all scheme, hence another loan period for this season.that while Slav is the incumbent ‘gaffer’, he will continue to encourage a , fast, exciting, counter-attacking style of soccer.
    Cons: he is not the best ‘header’ around (but this is more critical if he were being considered as one of our central defenders), and if Slav encourages his role in beginning fast , unexpected, counter-attacks from the back (as was evident in his 60yrd sprint through the heart of the Everton defense), he should try and improve his shooting as well (which would have otherwise led to a goal at the end of his great run- a reasonable shot, with enough power, but aimed straight at the Everton keeper. Room for improvement but with defensive and attacking coaching assistants, I remain optimistic)

    Conclusion: On the basis of the arguments presented above, I may be forced to be the proverbial “Only Living Boy in New York” (ala Simon & Garfunkel)song, and come down on the other side, and state, lets keep him! I do agree that the initial asking price of 15 millions pounds may be a bit excessive, given the limited (?!) purchasing funds available with our club. If we could tie up a deal with Mr.Wenger at a deal around 10-12 million, then I have a feeling that a lot of pressure will come from Slav to grab him.

    One last remark, and it goes to Johnboy’s comments posted above. Dear Johnboy, you raised some relevant points, but is it appropriate (if accurate) to make comments such as ,” Basically he is a liability on the pitch and he can’t defend !!!!” & “Just get rid of the goon”? Look mate, you can tell me that I’m a bloody liability and/or goon (and maybe I could agree with you, ha!), but try and do some justice to your own comments and try and tone it down, just a bit please?!

    Meanwhile, it may be of some interest to many WHU fans, to check out an article which appeared earlier today in the 4th official entitled; West Ham’s BEST Possible Lineup To Face Tottenham .
    The article suggested that Diafra Sakho is not fit…., and on the basis of this claim, restore Andy Carroll as our start-up striker.

    First, I’m aware that Diafra has been recovering from a niggle or two, but all reports to date (including those from our astute and excellent medical staff) suggest he will be fully fit to start the game against Spurs!

    So, here are my following thoughts. There is no way that Andy Carroll should be the start-up striker. If this were so, why sack Sam Allardyce, and bring in our brilliant Slaven Bilic. Andy, unfortunately, would not be likely to ‘go the full distance’, and on the basis of his performances to date, pose much threat to opposing defenses. Slaven wants attacking soccer, with an emphasis, of ‘carpet’ soccer, where the majority of passes and strikes on goals are 8 feet or less in height (while. appropriately, acknowledging Andy’s great goal against Chelsea. Accordingly, first scenario, is that if Sakho is fit. the ‘3-1 part’ of Slav’s preferred ‘4-2-3-1’ formation, we start with Moses-Lanzini-Zarrate; with Sakho up front (with Antonio as my first choice as ‘impact sub’). Even, allowing for the unlikely situation where Sakho can’t start), then my preferred option would be Moses-Lanzini-Antonio with Zarate as our first choice striker (with Obiang as my first choice as ‘impact sub’ ).
    If we are ‘fair dinkum’ about hitting them (opposition) ‘early with fast, aggressive play, with the intnded outcome of scoring first, then if we start with Andy as our central striker, then we revert back to the days of Big Sam, with few if any goals, and by the time he is subbed, we’d be struggling for an 0-0 draw!. No thanks, once bitten, twice shy. I, and other’s, I’m sure, believe that my proposed option(s) can negotiate the next 12-15 weeks (worst case scenario), while we wait for the return of Dimi & Enner, respectively.
    Early news suggests that neither one or both of these great players may need surgery (great news to the ears of a retired medico! and more importantly, great news for the players & WHU fans at large). We remain with one, but ‘good headache’ (if as a migraine sufferer, I ask you, “is there any such entity?!, and that is the imminent return of Alex Song, and how Slav will ‘press the right buttons and twist the right ****s, to allow for his inclusion of our other great ‘play-maker’ , he will, no doubt in my mind, find the best solution to this potential conflict, which may ultimately end up with a Song-Kuoyate duo in front of the back four. Should this be the case, then there is a very much needed role for Nobes & Obiang, as our preferred ‘impact’ players.

    Last Aussie remark; we have an old- song relating to the cricketer Don Bradman, one of our finest, if not the finest batsmen ever). It goes “Out Don Bradman…” And I ask you is he any good?, (often played on the radio, and sung in pubs throughout the country etc. Well, i request some poetic license to use these words in regards to CJ: “Our Carl Jenko…” And I ask you is he any good? well ‘sayeth’ old Maxie responds, yes, he is very good!!


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