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Irons look safe on Calleri and Valencia deals

valenciaWest Ham look to be clear of any problems over the Enner Valencia’s transfer to the club  following Sam Allardyce’s  comments over third party ownership.

And the early indications are that they are okay on the loan of Jonathon Callieri from South America.

All reports are currently suggesting that the former Irons boss has or will be sacked from his job as England manager after allegedly teling ‘fake businessman ” of ways around the FA rules on this and other issues.

calleri-jpg_2127846270The businessmen were in fact Telegraph reporters and the story they published yesterday  may well put paid to Allardyce’s England job after just two months …and possibly his career.

Allardyce left his home in Bolton this morning  morning for talks with his FA bosses after it emerged he allegedly used his new position to negotiate a £400,000 deal with businessmen and offered them advice on how to get around Football Association transfer rules.

He also revealed that Enner Valencia, a striker he signed while in charge of the Hammers, was under a third party ownership agreement when he joined the club from Pachuca for £12million in 2014.

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Valencia’s third party agreement ended when West Ham acquired him, signing him ‘whole’ according to Allardyce.

The Hammers also have Jonathon Callieri on loan from Deportivo Maldonado SAD, a club long associated with middle-man for player transfers between larger clubs.  The club attracts a weekly attendance of around 250 and is claimed to rake in millions from such deals!

However Callieri’s switch that too is understood to be ok as the rulings on dealing with such clubs only apply to permanent deals rather than loan arrangements.

One  report claims that South American clubs who were selling players to major European clubs would first send the players to Deportivo Maldonado, who would immediately transfer the players to the European club, taking a cut for helping get the deal done.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “Irons look safe on Calleri and Valencia deals

  1. First some ( more than just a few ) fans after Big Sam secured our Premieship status started to be disgruntled with our performances started to ungraciously call for his head .
    Now the Daily Telegraph are scratching for a story which they went ” under cover ” to get are trying to screw him and England . One must ask if the Daily Telegraph have England’s best interests at heart . News Paper reporters are responsible for a good many sackings and blame casting in the Premiership and it’s about time they were controlled as to what they can get away with . Many a Football Manager has suffered the indignity of Reporters .
    High time some ” under cover ” reporting was carried out on a few Reporters and writers who get Thier tit-bits of information for cash or some kind of favour .
    You can’t trust the press . Thier whole existence is stirring trouble where there isn’t any .

  2. Kevin i know you are a nice bloke but how can you give it large about “ungracious fans” when last season you were slagging off Bilic to high heaven after THREE matches & what was it?? “Im retracting my support of Bilic” after 270 minutes of premier league football.
    Its simple,if he is innocent he will get off,if he is guilty of any charges he will possibly lose his job.But i think that the FA wont sack him because it will be embaressing for them,but who knows.Lets be honest he is hardly Mr.Innocent,he has been implicated in things on more than one occasion.Maybe it has all finally come home to roost.

  3. Hold on a second Kevin why should we shower that fat lump of lard with never ending plaudits? He took us up (just) He put us his clubs fans down at every opportunity, He coerced players into signing terms with his agent friend Curtis and suddenly they appeared on the team sheet, He got paid a kings ransom for delivering **** all while we got left behind by teams like Southampton, He lumbered us with a **** headed injury prone forward instead of Bony, He couldn’t win a game for half a season and oversaw the 2 worse performances at Forest and City I’ve seen. He’s a overrated manager who’s made a career on delivering nothing who’s been found out at last, Good on the Telegraph I say for finally exposing what most of us have thought about this slug for years.

  4. I dont like all this devious sting bollox the media use but at the end of the day if you have nothing to hide or you are clean & green you just end up wasting their time.If however you are a bit of a rogue then you will be shown up to be one.The Dung Beetle might have finally rolled his last pile of sh*te around the country.I very much doubt it though,sh*t doesnt seem to stick to him if the past is anything to go by 🙂

  5. Allardyce… those were the days, my friends… I have a lot of nice memories of him, what a man and what a manager he is… there aren’t any people like him left, they broke the mold when they made him… happily, I would add… lol 😀

    • Never seen a dung beetle shaped mould before Matte 🙂

    • Broke the mould or threw it away??????
      I was never a fan of him even when he was “doing wonders” at Bolton. I was glad when he left the hammers and was disappointed when he was named England coach.
      My issue is who will fill the “VERY LARGE” void left. I like southgate but is he really the answer??

  6. Whilst I do not particularly like undercover reporters and honey traps, it seems to me that the Telegraph boys must have had some suspicion prior to setting up the sting. Surely they don’t just target someone to see if there is anything there?

    They are probably working on the ‘no smoke without fire theory’, or the ‘is he really that greedy that 3 million a year basic means he can’t get by ‘ theory?

    Just asking

    • He has prevoius doesnt he.Though he was cleared of all wrongdoing.They must have known they were going in there to get a result of some sort.His podgy little Boss Hog paws cant stay away from the dough it seems lol 🙂

  7. At last as a Englishman good news,but who will follow in the fat mans shoes,
    That was a big mould Matte,
    Could we get our money back for Biggins ?
    And can we get out of the Calleri deal ?
    Things are looking up all round

  8. I see that he is also an expert on the tax office according to the telegraph piece.He is a classy man calling Roy Hodgson ‘Woy’ during the interview.
    I bet he doesnt have that normal f@cking smug look on his boat today though Lol

  9. I would love it if he finally got his comeuppance.He has been involved in so many near misses its time he got what he has deserved for years.To be shown up to be the dodgy chancer he really is…

    • It would be such a shame that the self hyped best manager in England could be found to be nothing more than a corrupt over hyped 2nd rate manager that the Neanderthals were saying for 4 years wouldn’t it? Guess we were the intellectual ones after all 🙂

  10. I just dont see the FA having the bolloxs to sack him if im honest.Not so soon after they employed him.Ok the time he has been in the job is immaterial really,or it should be but i bet it plays a part in their decision.
    I have read so many of our expert fans always saying he is clean & green when others questioned him that this really is very funny even if he gets off lol 🙂

  11. Im sure his handful of ass lickers on Wetlands will defend their hero till the bitter end.Their very own Golden Balls.

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