Irons may be proved correct if Palace option is agreed


By Hughie Southon

Former Crystal Palace boss 75 year old Roy Hodgson, is reported to be under consideration for the managerial job at the club  following the sacking of Patrick Vieira after a 12-match winless run in all competitions.

Hodgson was in charge at Selhurst Park until 2021 and should the Eagles chairman Steve Parrish plump for him it would perhaps prove that the Hammers are correct when claiming there are no realistic candidates available to take over from David Moyes!

In other reports the name Michael Carrick pops up as being a possible choice for Palace and he too has been linked with the Hammers but will be considered too inexperienced by the board.

It does seem clear even at this stage that managerial options for troubled clubs are a real problem.

But  it would be a remarkable return for former England boss Hodgson who, having spent a brief spell in the Watford dug- out, last season left after the club was relegated.

At the time he said it would be his final spell in management.

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  • The Cat says:

    Sacking managers due to outrage on social media alongside the echo chamber of the news media is a very EASY thing to do for a weak chairman.

    Imagine life as a Watford supporter and being held hostage by a chairman who probably bases his decisions on the daily ramblings of a section of supporters who possibly believe that Watford should be in the Premier League playing Champions League football, is both unrealistic and insane. I was brought up to understand that you have to cut your cloth to suit. We all admire clubs that have a plan like this, and maybe, knowledge, understanding and a clear roadmap are what most supporters need.

    Decisions should be made based on this knowledge, understanding and trust. At Palace, it doesn’t seem that many of the “essentials” were in place and to use (if true) the fallback option of a 75 yr-old Roy Hodgson, will leave most Palace supporters perplexed. Surely this can’t be seen as great decision making and for Steve Parrish to name-check our club, as if to validate his decision sounded even more ridiculous to me.

  • The Cat says:

    Oops……Sorry, Hugh… I didn’t see your email. But thank you once again for publishing my views on things Hugh ☺️

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