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Irons mystery deepens

Said Benrahma’s continued absence from the Hammers team is becoming more and more of a mystery!

This was brought home to me even more intensely this morning when I read a comment on the CandH forum that the decision not to spend the money from the Seb Haller sale on a striker is costing us dearly.

The reality of course is that the £20 odd million was spent….on the former Brentford player in order to bring in Jesse Lingard on loan.

There have been constant comments from here and elsewhere that Said has all the appearances of a player the manager isn’t keen on given his now regular absences.

Yet if that’s true why would he sanction spending the sort of dough that was involved despite there being what was described as an “obligation” to buy.

The terms of the obligation were never properly explained and one would imagine that had Moyes not been sure, or had made his mind up against the signing, he would have made that pretty clear.

In the meantime – for all the arguments – a lot of money has been spent on a player whom the manager seems to feel isn’t ready for the Premier League.

The mystery deepens.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

32 comments on “Irons mystery deepens

  1. It’s quite simple, moyes didn’t want him but our rank owners undermined him and bought him anyway as he had links to salthouse

  2. It’s almost as if… he didn’t want him in the first place. Are you aware of the fact that you said multiple times that Moyes was never keen on him and Sullivan was the one who convinced him to complete the transfer? And now it’s Moyes’ fault. Spin Spin

  3. Benrahma will get his chance. Maybe when everyone is available, David Moyes will have the opportunity to play him in the structured side in the way he was viewed when acquired. At the moment and for the last couple of months that has not been possible and the side has been picked to do a job. Don’t want to confuse Said with instructions of how to play someone else’s game for a few months then putting it all on him to perform the role for which he was bought. No inquiry or explanation needed.

  4. His confidence is shot, dont know exactly what the problem is but Moyes clearly doesn’t fancy him. Played Fredericks as LWB, an insult to Benrahma, and won’t do his confidence any good. Not sure where he fits in anymore, and the silence over his exclusions is deafening! 🤷‍♂️

  5. I’ll solve the “mystery”…. Salthouse / Sullivan.
    The bloke had a “blood disorder” at his medical which disappeared in January.
    We couldn’t take a 3rd loan, so we couldn’t get Lingard without signing him.
    Moyes didn’t want him, he wanted Eze, but he wasn’t a Salthouse client.
    Salthouse and Sullivan together in transfers equals total disaster.
    No mystery, just corruption and miss-management.
    Mystery solved.

    • So why did he agree to make it permanent?

      • A very enjoyable discussion this.
        I think he (Moyes) wanted Lingard desperately, now we all can see why,
        plus his preferred replacement striker options were “ ungetatable”,
        from memory Moyes said that fairly early into the January transfer window, remember Antonio was fit at the time and we were already in the top six.
        What Moyes couldn’t have predicted was not the likelihood of Antonio being unavailable for a spell, he covered that base with the addition of Lingard and Said, but that it would coincide with Rice, Ogbonna, Creswell and Arthur all being out simultaneously is what is really hampering us and reducing Saids playing time.

  6. My guess is he was a Sullivan signing. Probably one he ‘bullied’ the manager into taking, much like he claimed on Talksport over Diop and Fabianski.

    Also if the Haller money went on Benrahma where did the Grady money go?

      • Hugh, didn’t your website state clearly in January that there was £20 million to spend on a striker. Was that a lie fed to you or just a dream/ambition?

        • I’d like to see the piece you are speaking about. And no it wasn’t a lie as you so pleasantly put it. That remains my understanding. I am merely pointing out things to other people. As I said money – around £20m is available . If u have a question please use more moderate language. There are many other sites where you can indulge spite – not here. We don’t have it.

  7. For me I think the guy needs to start the next game. He’s lacking in a bit of confidence because he knows he will only have 15-20 minutes at the end games to show what he can do, and therefor is trying too hard. Start him against Burnley instead of Pablo (who’s done nothing wrong) and lets see what he can do in 90 minutes instead of 15.

  8. Moyes delayed picking Fornals, and I remember Bowen had to wait. Maybe he’s just having to learn the Moyes way, i.e. improve ball retention. Even so, it seems odd to play him so little given the fee and the injuries to others. I suspect the return of Rice will mean more Benrahma sightings.

  9. Fredericks played LWB yesterday because Benrahma can’t defend. Simples.

    If thats an insult to Benrahma, then so be it. Luckily Moyes realized it too.

    • Not sure Fredericks – a pretty underwhelming RB – could have reassured Moyes that he could play as a LWB.

    • Agree. One-way player, fun to watch in possession but not great off ball movement and a defensive liability.

    • The ‘blame’ on Sullivan and Moyes ‘bullied’ to take Said and Moyes didn’t want him and and and. For me, everyone was excited for the signing (so why pop Sullivan?). He can’t have shown enough ability to keep the ball. Just because he gets 15/20 minutes doesn’t mean he cannot show what he can do (which should.not include trying to emulate Lanzini wonder goal. IMO Lanzini has more right to start than SB. Is proven Premier League who needs his full confidence back.

  10. Pretty sure West Ham were obligated to sign him permanently in January, if the medical issue was resolved . Those were the terms of the original Loan deal.

  11. Why do you keep saying the haller money was spent on benrhama, when we effectively brought him last summer. The only reason it turned into a loan to buy was a failed Medical.

    • The terms were agreed on it becoming a year’s loan, thus the fee would have been paid out of the next year’s budget not this one

      • Last year’s budget, next year’s budget. Whichever smoke and mirrors you wish to believe. No one signs a player with money from a player they haven’t even sold yet.

        • That makes no sense to me – they also needed to pay £16m for soucek and bought coufal for £5 million. They had obviously had interst from west brom unbeknown to us obviously. So £25m for SB, £16m for TS and £5 million for VC = £46m. Whilst selling Haller and Diangana for £41m. I suppose we use the maths to support out point of view on things but those seem accurate to me

  12. I think his problem is he keeps shooting from 30-35 yards out. Again yesterday we had 6 players in the box, player out wide and he shot from 30 yards out going miles high and wide.
    Moyes has already criticised his goal return and not taking the right opinions, you could see yesterday the players gave him a roasting for it.
    Bottom line is if he was looking good in training, playing well and making the right choices he would play.
    I think the only reason Fornals plays ahead of him is because he runs around a lot, Moyes likes that vs a player that keeps giving the ball away.

  13. No mystery. Moyes prefers the industry and work rate of Fornals and Lingard and would rather play those two than Benrahma who let’s face it hasn’t really stepped up to the premier league in the way that say Bowen has. Not yet anyway. So no surprise when I see Benrahma is on the bench. It’s where I’d have him too with Rice and Cresswell missing from the team.

  14. I see all the trust in moyes and false number 9 rubbish is coming back to haunt us ….I for one and many other fans could see 100 % this would happen so its no good throwing our toys out the pram now …it is and will keep costing us till the end …way to light a squad ….nothing on moyes ,done a great job but this is a massive mistake. Let’s hope we don’t drop down to far and still haveca chance on europa league…benrahma should of played alot more …I don’t think he has done that bad just hasn’tscored …. Good season but how much better could it have been with a bit of investment….who knows if we cwill be in this position again….so frustrating because a few of us could see it coming apart from the powers that be …..imo

  15. I am happy to trust that David Moyes and an extremely experienced coaching team know what they are doing with Benrahma. The evidence is that we are currently 5th with 5 games to go against most fans expectations of trying to reach 10th at best!
    Left to us armchair commentators we would probably be just below West Brom by now!!

  16. I agree with other posters that Benrahma could not play wing back against Chelsea – his role unfortunately is most similar to that of Lingaard which is partly why his time is limited. As I have posted elsewhere I think that Fredericks actually did well as a left wing-back

    Let us be patient and see a) what role he plays in the remaining 5 games and b) what role Moyes sees for him next season

    Watching Mahrez in the Carabao Cup final I remember that in his first season with Man City he did not play that much – maybe something similar will happen with Benrahma

  17. I think Moyes could of easily predicted that there was a good chance Antonio would miss a chunk of games again. I love Antonio & never wanted to sell him but he gets injured of he was a super sub he would wreck havoc! I donnt blame Antonio I actually think it got a lot worse when Bilic rushed him back for Swansea when we had cover at RW with Sure Snodgrass etc… He was brought back way too soon & then 4 more weeks Braden end of season summer & start of season bc he had to have surgery then. Then say under Moyes when squad was bare bones Antonio was unfit gassing with kids on bench. Haller wasn’t great though I do think he started well first 8 games he was amazing then Roberto & was decent before he left. Hate to say but I actually think him with Lingard behind would of been dangerous. But it’s over Moyes has been amazing, I don’t think Benny was his first choice but Sully wanted & Moyes signed off though I think he would of rather kept Grady. Hopefully Benny will get his chances he has talent but needs more freedom like Lingard has got imo. Our injuries hurt right now Rice is more a surprise bc always so fit but before that we had actually been lucky on injuries. Masuaku & Cresswell are not a surprise or Oggy they have history & Mas especially never seems back long before injured again. Moyes likes thin squad but I think we will get Europe & even if not we need 4-5 players & probably that many will go…
    Hložek hat trick & assist kid is a 🌟 & aren’t linked with Terem Moffo at Lorient but he got one too & is type of CF we need. Armstrong got Hat trick as well hopefully we get Two an out & out CF & one who can play behind or wings like Armstrong or Hložek.

  18. Clearly, Benrahma is a bit-part player at the moment. Doesn’t fit into Moyes starting plans. That could change. Not every player can ‘do a Lingard’ and have an immediate slot in the starting eleven.
    It’s not a given Lingard will be wearing our claret and blue next term; equally, Lanzini and Yarmo could be out of the door as well.
    Personally, I hope Benrahma will play a more prominent part as the rebuilding process will inevitably happen under Moyes. He hasn’t set the Premier League alight yet. He is a talented player and hope he goes on to be a firm favourite at West Ham for years to come.

  19. I don’t see Benrahma playing unless we have 4 at the back- think Leeds & Villa away. Dec and Tomas offer cover then and Moyes more comfortable allowing Lingard, Fornals, Benrahma, Bowen and Antonio freedom to play. However without Dec and with 3CBs in the team we can only play 3 out of those 5 and at the moment Bowen, Lingard and Fornals have the starting berths. When Bowen’s form dropped off in January/February then Benrahma did get a few starts. I think the trust/conspiracy piece is a bit nonsensical- the injuries elsewhere in the team just make it more difficult to fit Benrahma into the team.

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