Irons next boss staring us in the face Daves!

Rob Shepherd has seen the2 (1) ‘big three’ choices for the Hammers job fall by the wayside.

And in his latest ClaretandHugh blog reckons the obvious candidate is staring us all in the face.


I would love to see Claret and Hugh’s fans choice Jurgen Klopp or my own preference Frank de Boer installed as the new West Ham manager.
But if neither want it then give the job to Slaven Bilic …NOW
bilicThe word in Spain is that current favourite , Seville manager Unai Emery who has spoken to West Ham this week is also wanted by Napoli but could well be  offered a new deal to stay in Spain. And Sevilla have qualified for the Champions League.
One is starting to sense that some managers on the move out there and indeed their agents are seeing West Ham as the perfect partner …….to boost their profile and bidding power with current or courting clubs.
I have a suspicion the Rafa Benitez camp  merely toyed with the Hammers to either up his salary at Napoli or help speed up his strange appointment by Real Madrid which was confirmed yesterday.
Manager of Real Madrid or West Ham ? Benitez who was born in the Spanish capital  and cut his managerial teeth with their  B team has had a long term ambition ,strategy even, to take over at the Bernebau.
Yes, I accept it shows ambition that the Hammers are aiming high as they seek the right manager to guide the club to the Promised Land of a new life at the Olympic Stadium and all that could go with it.
Understandably there is a nervousness about making the wrong call and the team after the dour but dependable Sam Allardyce regime ,spiralling out of the Premier League.
There are those who will still argue that Big Sam is just the sort of “safe hands” West Ham need for next season’s transition. But that fails to recognise the desperate demise in the second half of last season.
But the longer it takes to replace Allardyce  the more those who would have stuck with him would seem to have a case.
There was logic in the pursuit of Benitez given his CV although he is manager whose spending habits in the transfer market would have quickly been at odds with the budget available at West Ham.
But the current dalliance with Emery would seem a big risk.
Yes he has regarded as an innovative coach and has taken Sevilla to back to back Europa Cup successes. But a team who are always safe in La Liga have made that competition their priority
And  just a three years ago he had a brief miserable time with Spartak Moscow.
I have no doubt though Emery is a talented coach and tactician but he does not have a  good command of English and the Hammers need a manger to hit the ground running not feel his way into a new job and culture.
Look how it didn’t work for Juande Ramos when he left Sevilla for Spurs.
So if the club aren’t prepared to go for one of the best bright English candidates, Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe, then the time  has come to make a move for a man who has the CV  and big character West Ham need …..Bilic.
True he has not  managed in the Premier League…neither has Emery … but he does know the culture of the English game having played with the Hammers and Everton. I am certain he has more about him than Roberto di Matteo whose name is suddenly being mooted.
With Bilic there  would be an immediate bond with the fans and I would suggest that if he wanted  help and insight into the current English scene then he should lure Rio Ferdinand back to the club as one of his aides.
Ferdinand is interested in getting into coaching. He has a good football brain. He is well connected in the game and has an obvious affinity with the Hammers.
Bilic having quit Besiktas is available and  could take up the job tomorrow. Having just announced his playing retirement so could Ferdinand.
But if West Ham dither …if they keep shopping around ….Bilic may start to feel distinctly a choice by default and not even pick up the phone.
Then who would West Ham turn to ?

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Irons next boss staring us in the face Daves!

  1. If Slaven wants the Hammers and the Hammers want Slaven well… his is welcome. 😉

  2. So we had Mr A who had no plan B so we aim for an A lister but have to revert to plan B which is Mr B,see?

    • Lol… I had Mrs A and now I have Mrs B… 😀

      • Haha Matte it’s only a guess but I bet Mrs B is an upgrade

        • Ahah… She’s not an upgrade, but let’s make the best of things… Lol

          • Lmao,did tou see wetpants Matte,where some geezer rippd into that RodentHammer,i laughed so much.Im surprised no one hasnt done it before.The guy is a jerk,lol,never know a guy on a forum who loves himself so much.Must be karma for the way he shot his mouth off about us 😀

          • Beginning to sound like our managerial situation although B is better than A lol

          • Yeah ty, I noticed him, he thinks to be the god of football… but maybe he’s only the god of rubbish… Lol 😀

          • Haha,it made me laugh so much when i saw what the guy said.Not nice really but that idiot had no problem bad mouthing us so i was kind of thinking fair play about the other guy 😀

          • Ahah.. Yesterday I read a comment of a good guy who told him “hush your gum”… I’m still laughing… 😀

          • Haha,yes thats the one im on about,lol, & something about him blowing bullsh*t seeds outta his ass,hahaha 😀

  3. Yes, yes and thrice yes!!

  4. Yep he will do for me.If it hadnt of been for all the talk about bigger candidates most would have taken him in the first place.Only now because of the big names is he being called a poor back up.I dont see it that way.I will take him no problems.Nothing can be as bad as the hippo 😉

  5. I’m a watcher rather than poster but the new manager issue is more serious than any/which players we should go for, so in that respect Bilic ticks the boxes and fans will not get on his back if things do not go right from the start. He knows our traditions and how we would like our teams to play. He has European experience and teamed up with Mr. J.Dicks (is there a ex-player with more passion for WHUFC – check him out on twitter) if you want to bring in Rio and even a ex forward Cottee/etc if they have the right badges, so be it, but a Bilic/Dicks combo sounds fine by me.

  6. Still going for Di Cannio and Matte ,
    Can anyone tell me what happened to Biesla as a potential manager ?

    • Been wondering myself bubs,everything seems to be pointing us to wanting Bilic,which is still way better than BFS,I’m just hoping the board haven’t ruled out all the others

    • Ahah thanks bubs, I hope Hugh will add my name in the next poll… 😀

  7. Another well put together argument with pros and cons.
    We were all star struck by the A list of managers being linked with us but lets face it as much as SuGo have done for the club and have our best interest at heart they were never going to have what it takes to land one of the top boys and if Dick Emery is using us like Benitez did as leverage we need to appoint Billic now

  8. A good write up that makes sense. The main point is that he wants the job. Looks good to me. Sorry, forgot ah ha. …

  9. Bilic and Biesla were the only 2 who said they were interested from day 1,
    Emery just needs time he will have 3 good offers to consider and a family to talk to,
    There not one of us out there in his position who would not think of how it will effect his family
    Saville family settled in Spain,never worked out of Spain,CL next year,wage increase.
    Napoli move to Italy,wages the same, good club but change manager often,
    Westham move family,better wages new stadium,European Football,transfer money ?
    I think I might stay in Spain but I am biased
    But then if I was offered the Westham job England here I come

  10. haha… Bubs you have my vote! I could be your assistant… we could be like Sam and Neil… lol 😀

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