Irons on Oxford loan chances

OxfordReece Oxford will continue to be kept in cotton wool until the end of the season at least!

Despite media pressure suggesting the teenager could receive his first team debut against Manchester United yesterday, there was never a real hope of it happening.

Manager Sam Allardyce kept him on the bench to ensure he continues to taste the big match atmosphere but first team action remains very much in the distance.

And despite some speculation, a source told us this morning that there is no chance even of Reece being sent out on loan this season as is the preferred Sam Allardyce method of development for his youngsters.

Despite the 16 year old’s huge reputation as the best prospect the club has produced since the days of Rio Ferdinand, the club are not ready to send him in that direction just yet.

A well placed source told ClaretandHugh: “Yes, he has tremendous talent, yes he is a marvelous prospect but he was only 16 the other day.

“To put him out on loan in the emergency window is premature – he will be handled very carefully because we believe he’s going to the top of his profession with the correct handling.”


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15 comments on “Irons on Oxford loan chances

  1. No loans for any of the youngsters,they do not need to play in the championship and just get kicked by player trying to prove a point,we still need to bring him on at some time at the end of the season,
    Is next year going to be to early ?
    Is the year after going to be to early ?

  2. As long as Allardyce will stay here youngsters will never play. How many times did BFS commend young talents? The answer is very easy.

  3. this is from a very good source on the qpr staff(brother in law)sam is going to have talks with tony fernandes today and his horrible agent,the deal has to include nolan as player coach.cross fingers everyone.

  4. Oh Scotty I hope that is true, what a wonderful moment that would be, maybe take Carroll as well , only dreaming but sometimes dreams come true. COYI

  5. on a different note,i hear people were upset with my light hearted comments,with one nimrod actually referring to the obviously jokey story as “sick”.get a sense of humour people and grow up,any real west han fans would know it was all said as a joke,but to be honest if it did happen im sure many people would’nt lose any sleep over it you utter pathetic plum.coyi

  6. Scotty I’m crossing fingers of hands and feet…

  7. We have a 16 year old sat on our bench for one reason. He must be good enough. Not necessarily now but almost certainly in the future. he is getting invaluable experience just being on the bench and being in and around the first team.

  8. That’s ok conkerpot if you don’t need a replacement who BFS is going to use but maybe that was why Zarate sat there before he left on loan,with one place all ready going to your spare keeper you can’t have a visitor getting experience you sure it’s not just BFS trying to keep DS happy,

  9. Agree with Conker on this one.The lad is getting invaluable experience being in & around the first team a set up.Lets face it,he was only on the bench because of the injuries.I every much doubt he will be a sub when the Reid & Collins are back.I know it is a romantic thought to have a young lad of 16 making his debut but 6/7 weeks ago he was 15,just a kid.No matter how good he will be that is too young to be playing in the Prem against physically matured,strong forwards.Yeah i know he is 6ft + but he still wouldnt be physically strong enough for the demands.If 16yr olds were seen to be physically up to the prem there would be many of them playing in it.There just kids,let them learn their trade,build in size & then make an impact.For once i dont see this as a BFS issue,its just sensible management of a young prospect we can enjoy when he is ready without being rushed because it would be nice to see 😉

  10. Not sure about all that. If you go down the Allardyce route he will 21 before being told he isn’t good enough. We are comfortable in the league, so playing the last minutes,at home games, is just a bonus.he gains a bit without the team conceding anything.its a simple win win. And then to make the point ,Chelski,Arse have played 17 year olds in the Champions league,again in nothing circumstances but huge pluses for the lads and their managers.
    If we are serious about bringing young lads through then at some point you have to do it.

    • agree hes getting rid of most of our academy.he dont like youth,got rid of sheaf last year he has now signed contract for arsenal wish thewould get rid of sam hes not w ham we need a GOOD manager.

  11. I aint got anything against him being in the matchday squad but why the hell do we have to play him.Why this sudden need to play a guy who has just turned 16.Everyone says he is the new Rio but he never made his debut until he was seventeen & a half,not barely sixteen & still a schoolkid.The development in a young mans physicality is massive between those ages.But if people want him in the team fine,its just my opinion 😉

  12. sorry got my wires crossed earlier my brother in law got it wrong it was’nt sam at qprs office it was the michelin man and his sidekick was big joe mcslow the slowest footballer since his uncle in the 70’s lofty mcslowpoke who actually retired during a game and nobody noticed for six months,ring any bells?

  13. We offered Ben Sheaf a new contract but The Arse turned his head & he naffed off to them.It wasnt anyone getting rid of him.We wanted to keep him.This was one of the reasons DS went into one of his poaching academy players rants when people were talking about Borg & Oxford being taken from us.Though i would love to blame Sam for it i cant 🙂

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