Irons player ‘exodus’ fears unfounded

Adrian_3164087bFears that a mini exodus of stars linked to Sam Allardyce’s agent Mark Curtis could get underway at Upton Park should Sam Allardyce leave this summer look unfounded.

West Ham have three major players – Adrian, Andy Carroll and James Tomkins – in the stable along with the manager himself.

The centre forward has four years left on his deal, Tomkins recently signed a new long term deal and Adrian’s deal runs out at the end of next season with a two year option available in the club’s favour.

Curtis has become a a controversial figure and that has troubled some fans that should Allardyce – himself represented by Curtis – move on, as now seems certain, some players could become unsettled and follow.

Behind closed doors Hammers ‘conspiracy theorists’ point to the example of Kevin Nolan who left Bolton for Newcastle a few months after Allardyce departed before following him to Upton Park when the 60 year old arrived at the club

Curtis signed James Tomkins to his group soon after arriving at Upton Park and Adrian was brought to the club via his Spanish network.

Others involved with him  are Jussi Jaaskalainen,  Joey O’Brien, Matt  Jarvis and  Guy Demel .

A Hammers source said: “We have never been worried by any agent being involved to a lesser of greater degree – things are looked after at all levels in negotiations.”


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52 comments on “Irons player ‘exodus’ fears unfounded

  1. So basically you are worried about loosing Tomkins as the others can go when ever the taxi is ready,
    So we loose Carroll but think what we can buy with 10 mil someone who plays all season for a start,
    The rest are not of the standard we require and there are better youngsters in our stable and will drop our wage cost,so we have more to play with in future transfer dealings,
    Maybe Carroll will want to stay ?

  2. Who’s Mark Tomkins

  3. Well we only need to keep Tonks & Adrian out of that lot.They aint going to go off to Fulham,Sunderland,America,wherever Allardyce goes to.The rest are all needed off the wage bill anyway,including Carroll possibly.He is turning into a nightmare purchase financially.I would say thanks Sam for your marquee signing,but i will probably be called a rabid dog or i blame Sam for everything,lol 😀

  4. Allardyce & Curtis are both dodgy *******s.All these players who left over the last couple of years & post championship but of the 6 or 7 that remain how the **** is it that most are Curtis boys.Three seasons down the line from the Championship team being broken up to an extent but all that remain at the club from the championship team are bloody guys with Curtis as the agent of them apart from one or two.Its rotten to the core!!

  5. Lol,well it aint like both of them dont have history before is it!

  6. Next year if the genius won’t manage Man utd he could be a jockey, Andy his horse and little Kev the stable boy… Lol


  7. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.If they want to go thank them for their services and show them the door.

  8. OT: ahahaha… I’ve just noticed our hero on wetpants, Banjo, who changed his picture near his name… there’s a little a small being called mr. bellend… He officially came out… lol

  9. Howdy boys…i heard my name mentioned. Won’t keep you long just wanted to reply to bubs statement (below) real quick. He sais:

    “Most of the people on there are as fed up with Banjo,Ro and647380 and tell them so,
    But they are the ones that come on here cause problem with insults then try and persuade others we are the rabid dogs”

    Now, i have never made my dislike of certain individuals on here a secret but i specifically said that it doesnt apply to everyone. They know who they are for the most part. The ones that for whatever reason have to have a go at the other site on every article without provocation, that go there under different names simply to inflame spirits etc. The things are said were destined for them not for everyone.

    Moving forward bubs… please go ahead and prove to me where a great many people have told me that they are “fed up” with me considering my posts and indeed articles on the other site have received positive feedback on plenty of occasions. Also, prove to me how i “come here to cause trouble” when in fact this is the first account i have here and have never had one before this.

    Also, rest assured that i don’t need to be pro-Sam to dislike some of the people that come on here. In fact, while i recognize the good he has done, i have writen in favor of change….going as far as writing an article on that site about what i believe is one of Sam’s greatest shortcomings and why i want someone else come summer. So no, my view on Sam has nothing to do with that. It has much more to do with the way certain people post with total lack of respect, ignoring the facts, having digs at everyone that doesnt agree with them etc. … it makes me not like the person behind the keyboard. Maybe IRL they are different people but then i have no idea why they would want to appear to be *****s on the internet.

    If you’re gonna badmouth me specifically and by name then at least follow the facts.
    Have a nice day.

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  17. Hang on a minute hear,lets get some facts straight.I used to go on whtid & often used to see derogatory remarks about Hugh or this site from some of their fools,but never a mention about that site on here.I think Romanian guy you will find people started having a pop about your site of experts when one of them called people on here ‘ignorant pigs’,a ridiculous unnecessary comment that then got the guys on here fired up.Dont get all prissy now because people mention you after what you & the Banjo String said yesterday.You reap what you sow,so dont come here acting the victim for gods sake.There are some proper decent down to earth people on your site.I know not all of them are prats like you.

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    Here we are alla guardians of this site, at the same level. 🙂


  20. * Hugh not Bubs… ops haha

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  22. oh boy…why am i not surprised?! … and you folks wonder why the other guy made the “rabid dog” comment. i’m not “prissy” at all … quite thick skinned in fact. I wouldn’t have made the post if i wasn’t. I challenged the guy to prove what he said which i know for a fact he can’t. The fact that y’all need to go on the defensive is telling in and of itself. I do find it amusing though when people act all tough over the internet though…

  23. Well said Hugh. Time to put it to bed.

    Chicken the abuse has been going back and forth for ages and we are as bad as them and since we are all hammer fans it’s hard to believe we wouldn’t get on. Falling out with virtual people seems a bit pointless!

    I used to post over there a while ago but got fed up with some posters but the majority are fine.


  24. Ok guys that’s enough – come on. Don’t wanna have to trash everything – let’s all rise above it whoever or wherever it comes from. All constructive criticism acceptable – personal abuse is the preserve of other sites. Leave it now.

  25. Let it go Mr Ro. Let it go.

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    OK Hugh…fair enough.

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  29. True dat Rads the Rabid,lol,when you look it at it that way the signings from there have been a pile of poo.Thats football related,its fact not fiction.

  30. ahaha… Raducioiu… lol He played for Milan too… what a crap… here in Italy there was a funny tv program called “Mai dire goal” (Never say goal) and Raducioiu was one of the protagonits of a section called ” temporary phenomenons”… lol… mediocre players who played in seria A… Raducioiu, Hugo Maradona, Darko Pancev, and two English players …. Ian Rush and Blissett (he played for Milan)… lol Rush is a Liverpool hero, but when he played for Juve well… ahahha he was quite funny… lol

    • West Ham’s Italian “temporay phenomenons” could be Borriello and Nocerino. Di Canio is a legend, but in my opinion Diamanti is really good; here in Italy he has always played really well, I don’t know which is your opinion when he played in England… lol

  31. I really liked Diamanti Matte,i used to enjoy watching him.Decent player as far as i was concerned,had a bit of flair about him.Good with the figa as well i heard 😀

    • ahah… yes, his wife is really a nice figa… lol He’s licky… 🙂

  32. To its me the person you need to prove something to you
    As I said yesterday I read for 1 hour you and 2 others were trying to fuel troubles and many other posters said enough is enough,
    But the 3 of you would not let it go,quoting things like now I am a bellend,or my words by the way I don’t use big words love ke bellend when dick will remember I am not very articulate,did not know you were Romanian that’s why you have trouble with my humour just like many non English,
    We will always protect what is ours all through the 60 and 70 we protected our ground against invading fans from other clubs and were undefeated,
    We are not going to sit back and listen to you slagging the site of our choice,
    You chose your words very carefully only picking parts out that suit your argument,
    And if you think BFS should jog on stop joining the other pro Sam people that just want to
    Slag us we want what’s best for our club in our opinions hen others come to your site
    Embrace their views and leave them to think for themselves
    Hugh has called a halt to this so its up to you and your 2 mates now

  33. As Matte says Bubs ehi ehi ehi,lol,just forget it mate.Aint worth it.I aint losing any sleep over it now.Whats the point.Funny enough i got bitten by a stray dog when i was working in the south of france a few years ago.They had to fly out some courses of injections from Hayes in Middlesex.But i think i am not immune it was just to counter act it in case i had got it.I clearly did have it but didnt realize.It was lying dorment for years but came out recently.I wondered why i had started p*ssing in the flower beds in my area 😀

  34. Rads when you start scraping your backside along your front room carpet you know you have turned,
    I only replied mate because he deserved a reply because unlike some I don’t make things up to suit my argument
    Old school just like chicken it’s hard to let it go

  35. I think im safe mate,no butt rubbing as yet,lol.Yeah Chicken is fired up for sure 😀

  36. Bubs. It’s up to all of you to stop it.

  37. Not strictly true Hugh,because apparently you created & encouraged this site to be full of morons with your anti-sam articles.It is your pack of rabid dogs,so i read somewhere,lmao 😉

  38. Nobody is irreplaceable, nobody!
    FFS, we’re West Ham United,
    Me thinks too many have forgotten what we stand for!

  39. Nobody is irreplacable,infact most of these are easily replaced,even with mediocre players it would be an improvement compared to most of this shower of sh*t! Would like to keep Adrian though if i had the choice out of one of them to definately stay.Replaceable yes but i do like him.As for the rest,apart from Tonks & Adrian they can all jog on,including Carroll 😉

  40. Love u lads StingRay. Just convert em lol

  41. Unconvertable Hugh,you cant teach an old dog new tricks.They are past saving,lol,actually many of them want Sam out,but apparently because we dont sit next to a keyboard in an A/C office all day that means we are incapable of dialogue or entering into a debate or meaningful conversation.But hey,you know how it is.I mean how many rabid dogs have you ever seen in an office block tapping away on a keyboard,lol 😀

  42. Ok Hugh point taken,I have stopped but I I’ll have to keep my right to reply in kind ,
    Eye for an eye and all that stuff,
    Rads on BBC 2 20 Mins ago you just missed a fox scratching its backside along the grass in someone’s back garden ,me and Mrs B have been laughing ever since,
    Can’t help my humour Hugh,
    Stingray are you saying Hugh is are very own Barbra Woodhouse ?

  43. Haha,trust me Bubs i havnt been in anyones garden rubbing my a*se.Did find myself growling when the doorbell rung earlier though,cant work out why i have all this stuff like soap suds coming out of the sides of mouth either.Maybe i am turning rabid & feral.Think my next stop could be Battersea Dogs Home 😀

  44. I had a fox in our street at the weekend Rads,it wasnt you was it.Mind you if it was it would have been a ‘kin big fox.Wouldnt fancy a 6ft6in fox rubbing its ass across my lawn 😀

  45. Nolan seems to be “” (INVOLVED”)somehow ,with Sam?? But were not bothered about! Are we.

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