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Irons protesters struggle to raise on line funds

stadiumPlanned protests at the London Stadium on Monday night Huddersfield  game appear to be suffering from a shortage of on line funding.

A social media twitter account called @WestHamAction-  with 186 followers-  has set a £1,000 fund raising target but at this moment £60 has been raised @ https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/westhamaction

The fund raising page says “Weʼre raising £1,000 to fund the purchase of flags, posters, stickers and more to be displayed at West Ham matches both home and away.

Donate £5 or more and add this Facebook account to join our exclusive Facebook group where you can voice your opinion amongst fellow fans and help decide what the money is spent on.”

The group claim a total of £300 has been raised including off line contributions saying that should easily be enough  to get some large banners created.

And they add: ” Stickers are something we’ll fund ourselves then make available for everyone to buy. A walk in around the 10th minute for the Huddersfield would be good, with everyone walking in singings songs against the board. With the right numbers, Sky will pick it up and you’ll also be able to hear the chants on TV.”

They added on Tuesday that a 10 x 6 ft banner is being ordered for West Brom away”

Like previously planned protests the chances of getting a large flag or banner into the London Stadium remain slim and a planned walkout on the 10th minute seems unlikely to succeed with 52,000 season tickets holders present.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

28 comments on “Irons protesters struggle to raise on line funds

  1. If fans want to do an organised protest good luck to them but dont expect to get much actual support from the social media drama queens.They shout their nuts off but then when it comes down to it they will be nowhere to be seen i expect 😂😂
    I might start a banner crowdfund as it happens,i could do with a nice long holiday next summer 😀

  2. Protesting about what? Money for what? It’s a bit like Father Ted ‘Down with that sort of thing’. What do these would be protestors want? For things to be different. But it’s never going to be the 1960’s again. Or is it the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s they crave for? Any protests would be destructive, self indulgent humbug. Don’t waste your time. This is ill conceived, has no broad support and will be treated with contempt by the majority of fans, in my opinion. West Ham has always been a broad church but ultimately you have to have the interests of the club at heart to be taken seriously. This doesn’t and will not be accepted blindly.

  3. But never forget Iron man that website/social media users believe THEY ARE the majority of fans.So birds of a feather indulge eachother with pats on the back believing themselves to be representing ALL West Ham United fans.The rights or wrongs of the situation at the club are of course up for debate but the wringing of hands on the websites/social media shouldnt be taken as an across the board West Ham fans view.They just believe it is.

    Lets see Monday night how across the board it is.

  4. Support the club through thick or thin. That’s what we do as West Ham fans.

    In the scheme of things, with countries being devastated by the hurricanes as the moment and the potential for North Korea to start a nuclear war, what is happening at West Ham is just trivial.

    These people need to get some perspective.

  5. I was thinking the same when reading all the hullabaloo about emailgate earlier vegas.Its trivial unimportant bull.

  6. Hugh,

    I enjoy your articles but am starting to get a bit annoyed about the unbiased nature of your posts.

    You have your sources in the club, I get it.

    But, articles like this, the ones defending the owners at every opportunity and noticebly absent articles criticizing the club are hardly balanced journalism are they ? This site is almost becoming a mouthpiece for Sullivan.

    • Quite the opposite Cockney – even left the just giving link in so they can contribute if they want to. You will notice if YOU want to be balanced that we wrote a stories today opposed to Sullivan. I thought his behaviour was wrong and called for transparency. We were very critical We had a violently anti board piece from Nigel Kahn earlier saying there was gonna be anarchy and the board deserved it and various pieces over the weekend. But I don’t expect those who are opposed to me or the site (that may not be you) to notice or appreciate that because the nature of deeply entrenched views and “prejudice” doesn’t usually allow it. I have absolutely no issue with anyoone protesting about anything – as a political person I’ve done it all my life. Up to them mate!

      • I appreciate the response. I know that Sean’s posts add to some balance to the site. However, I have not seen any criticism from you, personally, about what the club does wrong.

        Even you must admit:

        1) No good can come from all this silly stuff with Sporting and the emails such like and makes the board look like idiots.

        2) We have been lied to and strung along for the last 4 seasons about signings etc. (Forget all that crap about we TRIED to sign someone). $10m net spend is simply not good enough in this modern era of vast TV money and is a sure fire way to get relegated.

        By the way, I have no agenda and am not opposed to you or the site and think you do a great job.

        • If you look at the story “Sullivan email raises big questions” you will see that it carries both our names and was discussed in editorial conference by us both. Sean wanted to write it and I agree with every word. My name is on it because I had input to it including the cal for transparency.

          It was solely my decision to run Nigel’s piece which was as anti as it gets Cockney. I judge issues as they arise and do not understand how it can be claimed – after signing Payet, Antonio ( who has become a top signing) Hernandez, Hart ETC – THAT you have been strung along.

          What lies ? (further from the pitch than they said?).I have read everything the arch critics of the board have continually mentioned and attacked me over. I don’t see promises, merely hyped statements as is the case with every club.

          You talk about a £10m spend, It’s a net spend which has seen us get rid of some average or poor players. I have read that Tottenham’s net spend this season is MINUS £2.6 million – which may be right or wrong. Our net spend over five years works out at just over £40 million.

          I respect your right to criticise my position. I also respect your right to be anti board. When issues arise such as we have seen recently this site will ALWAYS PUT both sides as I have demonstrated. That I am not in the anti/lets protest camp is just how it is.

          However, I don’t believe they get everything right all the time – that would be absurd. I was opposed to the stadium move and said so. Sean and I have different views on many things (he was for the move) – re West Ham and beyond. That’s healthy and it allows you to point it out although it’s probably unnecessary.

          Protests are hard work – I know this because as a political person I’ve been involved in them all my life including the Bond Scheme and those against Roeder, Allardyce etc. Right now I’m not too sure what people are protesting about other than a failed signing and DS’s absurd reaction. A win on Monday and a couple beyond and it will be forgotten. I hope that helps . Cheers mate.

  7. There have been articles on here in recent times criticising the board.Did you not read Nigel Kahns a few days ago.
    I dont know it seems to me that if every site isnt writing stories of mutiny and rebel hoards taking the castle it is board defending.
    Is a story on a website really something to be so up in arms about..board whores,transparent apologists and the like..read it or dont read it.Because it will effect what happens not one jot.

    • I would rather read a site like this with team, transfer,injury or club news than one where shouting The board are c##ts is ment to be enjoyable.

  8. I expect plenty of moaning and groaning on monday night – and a mass exodus if we go down by two goals – that’ll be the extent of any protest.

  9. It will be interesting to see how the LS yellow coats are going to be briefed about protesting
    Supporters with banners etc , will it be allowed and if not and banners are unfurled and confronted then trouble could be on the cards which brings more furkin bad publicity to the club ! I can understand the passion against the board , I personally don’t and never have been a fan of theirs, as ancient posts have revealed lol 😬, but cool heads on both sides need to be the order of the day , My advice is do it at the end of the game after weve got behind the team !!! A sit in and scream up if you want , but let’s get 3 points first if possible 😉
    COYI ,s

  10. Can’t raise the money because most of them that continually bleat on don’t actually go? Just sit on some beach or by the side of some Norwegian fjord banging there thumbs on a keyboard telling everyone they know best maybe 😆😆

    • More to the point GW they’re probably skint 😂😂
      There’s trolls causing trouble everywhere you can bet on that for sure 😉
      Bit like the one on the match fixing scandal at the moment trying to wind up the site !
      Right p#### , lemon drizzels cousin lol 😂😂

  11. ffs, I’m no fan of our current board but come Monday night I’m seriously considering protesting against the protestors. That will f***ing show um!

  12. I guess it will be like the supposedly more than 70% who would give up their season tickets, well I am pretty sure I was fairly high on the waiting list and I never got any phone calls from the ticket office until they wanted me to renew my claret membership that they still haven’t sent out…

  13. There’s some cracking comments here. Well writte n intellgent stuff. Enjoyed reading.

  14. Well lets see what transpires monday but i have a feeling that the social media meltdown will not play out at the stadium.

    I have nothing against fans who feel they must protest,all power to their elbow but i think the numbers will be far smaller than the internet bellyachers believe.

  15. Call themselves west ham fans but then think its soo funny someone taking the **** out of us.West ham fans..do me a favour.Absolutely fuming now.

  16. thats a fake video made by some random, its not real.
    I think thats why they are laughing, rather than being a retard

  17. Aint seen it,im bored stupid of this Carvalho thing.Guess it must be on the Oasis of Sensible Debate if Nige makes one of his royal appearances on here to defend the fans laughing about it 😂😂
    Anyway Rice Krispies to eat & bricks to lay.No time for all the dramas today 😁

  18. Amen to that. The owners are not perfect, and they have blundered about like a bull in a China shop in the last two or three weeks. Probably everybody would just have laughed about it if we had got 4points. But the hysteria on here, & probably other fan sites? Just way over the top.

    But I expect it is similar at some other clubs. I know that it is at Newcastle. Talking of which do the ‘board outers’ fancy a Mike Ashley? But the Geordies never stop moaning & groaning about their wonderful heritage & how none of their owners appreciate what dedicated fans they are & no manager is good enough for them. A joke. But that is what we are being seen as too. Using the excuse that ‘it is only because you love the club so much’ is not an excuse.

  19. Have some Rice Krispies 64,everything seems better after a bowl of them 😁
    Its web drama queens mate.Honestly the site im on at the moment has another 3 Irons on,none of them are reacting like Barbie Dolls with PMT.
    They were disappointed not to get Carvalho, would have liked to have got a couple more signings but thats about it.They are p*ssing themselves about the alledged protesters & their crowd funding.These lads aint happy clappers but full on Irons supporters & they think all the meltdown is well funny on the web 😂

  20. Protesters.Who are they?!? All i seem to read are empty vessels on twitter or fan forums with too much time on their hands cursing or swearing at the owners like lab rats on valium.

    I think the owners or more specifically DS is crass sometimes but no more crass or lame than some of the lab rats who complain about everything.

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