Irons respond as Nolan muses future

nolanKevin Nolan – having brought his West Ham future under the spotlight in a nationally reported interview – will be allowed to move on in the summer should the club get the right offer.

With Sam Allardyce’s future looking very much on the line anyway, the captain is certain to move on should the manager complete his expected departure.

Thirty three years old in June, both Nolan Β and Guy Demel’s future are very much on the line with the captain admitting: “I have been considering my future without a shadow of a doubt.Β if you are not good enough for one club you move on and you prove to someone else you are.”

And that brought an immediate response from a very well placed Hammers insider who told ClaretandHugh this morning (Sat): “It’s hardly the most surprising interview in the world.

“Obviously everything is up for review at the end of the season and all things come to an end. Kevin is a magnificent captain and has been brilliant for us.

“He’s clearly being entirely realistic over everything ahead of the summer which will be a very big one for the club.”



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23 comments on “Irons respond as Nolan muses future

  1. Good,time is right for him to move on.We can use his 50k a week on someone who justifies it week in week out.He maybe a good club captain but that doesnt help on the pitch when he is having one of his usual ineffective matches.Sam will take him wherever he goes.He will still have him captaining his teams until he is 45 i expect.Let other fans somewhere else get fed up with him & Sams love affair.

  2. Hope i dont owe him an apology now for saying that.Let me know Hugh,lol πŸ˜€

  3. One of the best captains we’ve ever had as far as fighting for every decision on the pitch, unlike Upson who was like a rabbit caught in the headlights, no wonder the outside world used to think Parker was captain

  4. Oh is that what Nolan was doing,i thought he was just chasing the ref all over the pitch having a moan up & getting booked for doing it πŸ˜‰

  5. Let’s hope before long we get the same attitude from BFS aswell,it takes a big man to admit the time has come to move on Nolan has made thar desicion without actually saying it and so have WHU.
    Never one of the best but a fair captain and until this year a fair performer,
    People let the words Great and Best role off there tongues before ther brain engages and at this club they should be reserved for the likes of Moore, Booking and Bonds.
    But farewell Kevin

  6. His contribution on the pitch has been minimal for the last eighteen months at least.

    I’ve said it over and over again that his main contribution is moaning at referees – ironically he had a good game against Chelsea (and ManU) – but it’s time to move on with our best wishes I hope!

  7. Is Nolan a “great” or “magnificent” captain? I have some doubts about that.

    When I think about great captains these names, for example, come to my mind:

    Paolo Maldini – AC Milan – years 1985-2009 – apps. 647
    Alessandro Del Piero – Juventus – years 1993-2012 – apps. 513
    Francesco Totti – AS Roma – years 1992-present – apps. 580

    I mention them only because I’m Italian; they have always played for the same team and they never said “I have got nothing to prove to anyone” (and we are talking about TRUE legends). They accepted to sit on the bench because the most important thing was the good of their team.

    Said this, I’m only happy if Nolan goes, but I think his words are not those of a magnificent captain. Personal opinion.

  8. Thanks Italian roving reporter.Good to see Conkerini Del Potio has you busy working for NetworkConk.Was this news sent from his Turin or Milano studios? πŸ™‚

    • ahahhahah… Yes I’m really busy, I work a lot… the headquarter of Conker Network TV is in Palermo, Sicily. My boss loves this land and its people…

    • I give you a scoop; I’m preparing a special episode about the love story between Allardyce and Nolan. In England It will be broadcast on BBC… Unfortunately I cannot say any more about this than I have already said.

  9. Johnham1 has not got a part in it with Demel has he ?
    Mattee how’s the weather there bit windy here only 26 degrees here,
    Is it a costume drama set in 1940 northern England with flat caps and pigeons?

  10. Ahaha.. Hi bubs here in Sicily the weather is magnificent (as Nolan). Yes it will be a drama, I was inspired by “Gone with the wind”…

  11. Might be good to let the water carry on under the bridge Tyson. Blimey!

  12. Good. The silence is a result πŸ™‚

  13. You doing your Victor Meldrew impression today Hugh.Have you lost your favourite slippers πŸ˜€

  14. Predictability bores me Rads

  15. Well what did you expect everyone to say.To shed a tear & plead for him to stay for another 5yrs πŸ˜€

  16. Its a monologue because 99% of people agree with eachother.People can come out in support of him as well but where are they all.Maybe then it would become dialogue or a discussion.But you banned one of the only Nolan supporters on here, so you killed off 33% of his fan club in one hit πŸ˜‰

  17. Haha,maybe Matte πŸ˜€

  18. Nolan deserves more respect than he gets.
    People have short memories about where we have come from over the last 3 years and the role he has played. Without him we would not have got promoted and he has added a real spirit of togetherness to the group of players at the club which was sadly lacking when we went down. It is time for him to move on but he doesnt deserve the abuse he gets from some fans (including my father!).

  19. risk fuller sounds like your DAD enjoys entertaining football and wants to return to watching it again,up till this year and before his 2 sending off,s last year he got all the respect he deserved but if you earn the big bucks and your dad defends you all the time you end up in Nolans position,BFS should think before he makes decisions that affect Nolan or open his mouth because his had his foot in it most of the year.in football most people have short memories.

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