Irons return to “hoof and hope” rubbish


Match verdict


Irons 0

Let’s start with the positives – their names are Adrian and Reece Burke!

The Spanish stopper ensured we didn’t suffer a defeat when saving Charlie Austin’s first half spot kick after James Collins had handled.

And young Burke proved the old saying as true as ever – if you’re good enough you’re old enough…and he was!

What a joy to see an Academy product in the team and looking as composed and steady as those around him…if not more so at times.

Beyond that I can barely be bothered to report a game where a Hammers team which early season showed great attacking enterprise has returned to a “hit ’em high and hope like hell they fall to someone” outfit under this manager.

If ever a team needed a fresh approach…different tactics and to be rid of some real dead wood it’s this one.

The definition of insanity is doing the same old thing over and over again while expecting a different result and that’s what the Hammers are doing. It’s as hard to watch as it gets even for us absolute stalwarts

This was a nothing game against a nothing team and proved only we are no better, and perhaps a little worse, than the khazi relegation-threatened Loftus Road lumps.

It’s all so predictable…so thoroughly boring with Carlton Cole coming on week in week out and making absolutely no difference to anything.

Highly skilled Nene meanwhile doesn’t get a shout whilst Amalfitano must be wondering why the hell he signed a new deal…hopefully a new manager will show him.

Frankly, we have become a joke team under a joke manager who at 80 minutes sent out a shocking message when laughing and smiling at his opposite manager Chris Ramsey on the touchline.

Kevin Nolan produced his now well known piece of finger pointing vaudeville and panto dame arguing with ref routine as the rest of us either disappeared to the bar or fell asleep.

Writing about the game is as boring as it was watching and I’m gonna wrap this up with the ‘highlights or should it be lowlights.

22 mins: Collins handles in the box but Adrian clings on to Austin’s spot kick which is directed straight at him. It’s Adrian’s third penalty save of the season.

37: Matt Phillips from 20 yards – a decent shot which is deflected wide by a colleague.

39: Rob Green saves from Noble.

47: Downing drags shot wide

50: Magnificent Cresswell shot brilliantly turned over by a former keeper

57: Downing in on goal but Green out to thwart him.

82: Kouyate fires high over the top after great run and ball in from Valencia.

91:ย Adrian has to fly to his left to push a rasping effort from Phillips behind.

Team Ratings (out of 10)


Irons 4

Entertainment Value: 4

Irons man of Match: Adrian


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “Irons return to “hoof and hope” rubbish

  1. It was absolute garbage,enough said!!! BFS,no new contract,enough said!!! He is a bloody joke of a prehistoric manager,clueless when it comes to playing anything other than his PlanA..How the hell can you be playing so awfully & not bring on Amalifitano or Nene.Its staggering to watch while Nolan plods about like a pr*ck.I need to avoid his post match interviews tonight or i will put something through the tv screen ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. The question is: how much longer is this shame going to go? West Ham is a team in complete collapse.
    There’s a limit to a person’s patience and this limit has clearly been exceeded.
    I feel sorry for the fans who paid for this crap, the fat man’s starting line up today is a clear fuc*ing je*k-off: Nolan and Jarvis again, Nene and Amalfitano on the bench. And his substitution? Obviously Cole, Nene and Amalfitano forgotten on the bench… I wonder why Morgan renewed his contract…
    But at the end BFS’s mission has been completed, all’s well that ends well: POINT RESPECTED.
    As Hugh wrote, at least there’s one bright spot in all this: Reece… this fact puts more emphasis on what the Genius said yesterday: players with experience (Cole, Nolan, etc.) are better than youth during the big moments … today Reece has proved the opposite.
    Now it’s time for Davids to come out of the closet: they must bring an end to this persecution, BFS is putting West Ham and his fans to shame.


  3. Disillusionment spreading from fans across the Irons sites,today is another nail in the coffin.Which has been shut for a while but is getting well & truely banged shut now.Samuel,even your followers are revolting & have had enough of your patheric management skills & outdated beliefs.We were no better than a poor League One team today & you you arse*ole just sat there watching it happen yet again.Hope you enjoyed your little giggle with the QPR boss with tens mins to go.Guess your were laughing at robbing another club of millions of pounds for your crap coaching skills!

  4. DG now blaming injuries on Twitter.

    For me this has now gone beyond poor management. The owners have a huge amount to answer for allowing this to go on when people are spending their time and hard earned money to support the team. This is has become offensive.

    • Let me be clear, he’s not saying Twitter is the reason for the injuries! Though at some point I’m sure BFS will come round to using it as yet another excuse!

  5. That was a painful afternoons viewing,i knew when i went i shouldnt expect much from us in the current run of form we are in.But it was just clueless.I dont know whats going on,its like the midfield & forwards have totally lost the plot.I need answers,why when we were so abject & lacking any sort of real creative edge did Amalifitano & Nene stay on the bench but CC comes on.Im baffled.We have two so called playmakers warm the bench the whole match when we were crying out for one.BFS is taking this non playing of Amalifitano & Nene too far now.It is a joke.He is putting his own stubborness first to the detriment of the performance.Ffs im sick of this guy,totally sick of him ๐Ÿ™

  6. Well as far as players, managers, press and owners are concerned the end of our season can’t come quick enough. Well it has a few weeks to limp along but I for one will be doing my bit to hasten the end and not be attending any more matches. I’d urge fellow sufferers to do the same. Playing to half empty stadium is what this current shambles deserve.

  7. To be honest it’s all I expected,not putting my hand in my pocket to watch this rubbish is the only to win,
    May be next week Nolan might get injured and Poyet will get a run,
    How do the fans make the board look up without boycotting games,
    Today DG you lost my respect don’t sack him but don’t make excuses for him,

  8. the board are becoming a joke bfs is clueless so sack him or does brady think that was another good display bfs out

  9. Let,s face it! I,ve made a few comments in the recent past,but watching M O T D, I thought it was a good game! Fair result, a few misses, yes, but QPR a few misses yes. Other matches “IE” stoke, Tottenham, Sunderland, Burnley, Liverpool, westbrom, and lots more, few misses also. FACT, it happens regularly.perhaps your expecting to much from WHU, after all ,there not the best team in the league.DON,T GET ME WRONG I,AM A HAMMER SUPPORTER AND WILL ALWAYS BE !! FRUSTRATED YES!! BUT DON,T FORGET , BUBBLES. FOREVER

  10. You got that from watching 8 min Tony,
    If they had not had there goal disallowed and Adrien had not saved the penalty we would have lost 2-0 where in your 8 mins did you see us deserve any more than 1 point,
    We sent a team out there with no centre forward with a bench full of better players and BFS this time got his point but will not have slept because his boy is running out of games to score that most important goal,
    Yes it was better crap then the crap we have had for the last 3 games but crap is crap
    And I am glad it’s good enough for some.

  11. Trust me Tony,having endured the match in Loftus Road it was awful.Two teams lacking any quality.TV has to make even the most boring games look half interesting.This was definately the case here.It was terrible.honestly it was.But it will never stop me going & cheering the lads on.No matter how bad it gets.BFS has to go,its as simple as that,we are a rudderless ship going nowhere atm.2 wins in 17,says it all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. In reply to bubs comment to my comment,yes I agree with what you say ,but I used to be a chicken run regular back in the sixties and seventies , and yes I am an old git,but the fact is I have seen some”CRAP” and lots of good games.my first ever game, 1962, johnny beryne was playing ,and they beat arsenal 2_1 . no change???? Is there.luv me” unless your a fella.

  13. You beat me Tony by 5 years but know where you are coming from my first game I watched Sissions and Redkapp on the wins playing some good football with Billy leading like a proper leader not our Wanxxer,
    But sorry mate definitely a fella but hare a luv for WHU

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