Irons set out next season’s big ambition

West Ham have their eyes fixed firmly on the top seven next season as the Hammers aim to become part of the European football scene.

Whilst the top ten was the minimum aim during the last campaign, the Irons new objective is to ensure they quality for the Europa League during the 1919/20 season.

The club have agreed the summer budget where Manuel Pellegrini will be handed £30 million plus all funds from sales as he bids to reinforce the squad in key areas.

And a senior insider told CandH on the ‘phone: “The great finish to the season ensured we reached our top ten aim but the manner in which we did it playing such terrific football gave us real hope for next season.

“Our minimum aim for the manager’s first season in charge was achieved but now we need to go to the next level which has to be European involvement.”

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23 comments on “Irons set out next season’s big ambition

  1. You have to spend £100mill just to stand still

  2. With just 30 million is a hard ask

  3. Rice, Balbuena, Diop, Fabianski -our best four players. How much were they? This crazy spending thing is fallacious and could land M City in trouble

    • A little more than 30 million and yes correct but you ain’t getting a lot of strike talent with 30 million and we could need 3 of them.

      • Arnie, Antonio and around £60 million beyond that with sales plus Yarmo

        • We bought Antonio in 2015. Prices have risen every year since. While there is value to be had, it’s a lottery and equally we could point to Maiga, Hugill or Valencia as relatively cheap deals that brought average to poor players to the club. Balbuena was a punt that paid off, but there’s no guarantee a similar deal wouldn’t be a complete waste of money.

          We are halfway through the project in my view. The board should spend to a similar level as last summer to complete the squad, then it’ll be a matter of 1 in 1 out from 20-21. While we could achieve a similar spend based mainly on player sales. I think that would be dependent on somebody taking Arnautovic from 25-30m and I can’t see that happening unless we can trick Everton somehow.

          I think bringing in 30-40m is possible so I think the board need to make 50-60m available on top of that. That shows belief in Pellegrini, the project and shows the fans, they aren’t going to abandon the project half way through.

          Spending a net 90m last summer got us up 3 places. 30m is a risk that could see us take a backwards step.

      • Jimenez just signed for wolves for £30m

    • Always up the boards arse this site.
      Whetstone and Southon are nothing but lapdogs to the three that have ruined a institution.
      30 mil is chicken feed. You know this, we all know this…

    • I would love Pellegrini to uncover more bargains, but I’m not sure I would want our plans to rest on that ability. You can be sure that the likes of Everton, Wolves and Leicester will spend big… And they are who we need to overtake. So I think you do need a big budget, just to stand still!

  4. Lol here’s 30 million now go up the table no chance. Added to the fact we dont have a lot to sell as they will leave on a free or for minimal money it’s only Arnie that will go for any sort of money but with his form towards then end of the season that is unlikely to be lot now as well

    • I think a lot of people should remember that spurs didn’t spend ANY money during the last 2 windows and are in the champions league final and have made the top 4 again, now while I am not against buying world class talent we have to be realistic, I would sooner get a couple of proven players, get rid of the deadwood and slowly integrate a few more of our youngsters, plus we have yalemenko, Lanzini and hopefully Wilshire returning, all of this and the players getting more use to Pelle system and ways. I for one am very excited, slow and steady wins the race.. COYI

      • What they have done this season is strong River, but they sold Bale for £100m, Kyle Walker for 50m odd when that bought a lot of players and Modric also for a lot, they have made their money on the back of significant budgets albeit funded by player sales, we might be about to do the same if Rice and Anderson were sold (hopefully not) plus the other bit.

  5. In the first paragraph it states about aiming for top seven and europe,in the third paragraph having thirty million to spend plus sales from players.
    Is this a joke or what?i am spitting feathers.
    Thirty million plus sold players might get us maxie gomez and that’s it.
    To get seventh would mean overhauling clubs like Leicester,everton and wolves and i bet you those clubs will have more money to spend than us.

  6. Has anyone else seen the VAR assisted PL table I have seen two different ones, that have us in 3rd in the PL and the other 4th, very interesting, I guess it shows it shows how many points the big guns have been wrongly awarded compared to the rest. Sean or Hugh are you able to get any reliable data on that, the articles in question showed the PL table but not the results and how they cam about them, could be the makings of a good journalistic article ?

  7. What a great season and footy, pele now knows what he’s got and needs . 30million + savings from out of contract players and some sales is pretty good. So many negative rubbish being posted. Jog on ffs COYI’s

  8. I think realistically 50 mill would be a decent fund and we can make another 25 mill on player sales and if this is invested wisely we will become stronger and I agree it’s not just about throwing obscene amounts of money about !!!

  9. It’ll be nearly double that when sales are taken into consideration. £50-60 million will allow us to cement our position as a top 10 team with enough in the locker to push for 7th. It’s only taken me 50 odd years but I am at long last starting to feel slightly less pessimistic about being a West Ham fan.

  10. Lol 30 million to get 7th yeah sounds likely when nobody even around us isn’t gonna stand still… even if we got in Europa league what are they gonna do buy aload of free signings are squad depth couldn’t handle it… and are players aren’t good enough

  11. Still trying to sell season tickets!

  12. First of all. To have a list of our best four players and then not including Anderson makes you question if this list is made by the clubs accountant.

    Anderson alone cost more than what we have to spend without selling. And that will be one of the smallest transferkittys in the league. So when you speak with these high level club insiders please ask them some questions instead of just noting what they have to say.

    For instance you could ask how in gods name they have the audacity to go out and say top 10 was minimum goal, when they before the season said there was no goal? Are they lying now or did they lie then?

    Then you could follow up with a question about the realism of ending higher than now if we spend less than those around us?

    We will now have less money to spend (if true) than one striker will cost.

    And do not mistake me. I actually believe that we have a lot of young talent who deserves to be tried out. And in that sight a smaller transferkitty could work fine. But not if you at the same time raise expectations of a higher position next year.

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