Irons Slam “Pathetic” Bid for Antonio

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West Ham United have been left fuming after receiving a paltry offer for star striker Michail Antonio, according to The AthleticThe Athletic. The derisory £2 million offer has sparked outrage amongst fans and pundits alike, raising questions about Antonio’s future at the London Stadium.

Undisputedly a club legend, Antonio boasts a trophy with West Ham, a lengthy tenure at the club, and a place in the record books as the Hammers’ Premier League top scorer. While his age might limit his starting opportunities, his experience and impact coming off the bench remain invaluable under new manager Julen Lopetegui

With just a year remaining on his contract, West Ham face a decision regarding Antonio’s future. The club might be open to a sale, but only if a fair price is offered. The current proposal, however, falls woefully short of that mark.

The culprit behind this controversy is Brazilian side Gremio. Their low six-figure bid for Antonio has been labelled “pathetic” and “utterly disrespectful” . Considering Antonio’s proven ability and legendary status at West Ham, the meagre offer has left many baffled.

West Ham will undoubtedly reject Gremio’s insulting proposal. Whether Antonio remains at the club as a valued squad member or seeks a new challenge elsewhere hinges on receiving a more realistic offer. Ultimately, the decision might lie with Antonio himself, who hopefully will choose to stay and continue his legacy at West Ham.

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  • Rainham Hammer says:

    When I went to school 2 million was a 7 figure sum, have things changed? Is this the Torys again?

  • Tony says:

    Here we go again dithering about players then lose them to someone else

  • Darren says:

    lol yeah someone needs to go back to school. Which is it a seven figure sum or £500,000 or are you counting the £ sign lol

  • Matt says:

    £2m seems a fair price for a 34/35 year old who is on big wages. Great servant to the club but is well past his prime. Can we afford to keep him as a super sub? If we can, I’d like him to stay in that role as definitely can make an impact with 30 mins to go. Antonio probably wants 1-2 seasons as a starter. I’d wish him all the very best if he wanted a fresh challenge. If I was him, a couple of years in the USA would be my choice. If he had scored 15 goals last year then £5m might be achievable, think we need to take off the claret and blue tinted glasses and be realistic.

  • rafael says:

    Hello, it’s a fair price for his age and number of injuries in recent years. In terms of values, £ is worth 7x more than the Brazilian Real. It would be one of the biggest signings in financial terms. Antonio fits the same mold of star that Luis Suares was last year.

  • Charlie says:

    Think 2 million is a good price for a 34 year old striker. He’s past his best. Take it and move on

  • Orpheus Joseph says:

    Stay and B are legend, 😎

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