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Irons thrashed and Bilic staring down the barrel

Newcastle 3 West Ham 0

bilicbirkikaraJust one question will be dominating most minds of those who support West Ham United this evening – how long will David Sullivan and David Gold put up with this sort of shambles?

How long will it be before Slaven Bilic is told: Sorry mate but enough is enough?

Tonight there are no excuses as was the case at Old Trafford and St Mary’s – West Ham United were awful, thoroughly awful.

But Bilic’s most unforgivable  moment came when he pulled off Declan Rice at half time after his error which led to the first goal.

The boy was devastated after Joselu’s goal but to be punished and made to feel guilty by the manager for the whole of second half and the long journey home is as bad as it gets it gets in my book.

We were utterly dreadful all over the pitch and you wonder how on earth we can recover from a start to the season which has seen 10 goals fly past Joe Hart.

We created no chances, were guilty of loose passing throughout the 90 minutes, and looked a tactical mess from start to finish.

How the captain and Andrew Ayew make the team is a mystery known only to Bilic and his staff and the simple truth is that we can no longer trust this man with what we believed was a quality squd.

We continue to be set up not to lose matches rather than win them but look fragile and likely to concede at any time. This Newcastle team truly had little to offer until there was a collective realisation that they were playing a very poor side.

There was no creativity and  no passing or movement unless we were chasing guys in black and white stripes. From back to front this was appalling and although the Davids are the most reluctant sackers in the world, an early departure would surprise nobody.

I don’t know whether I’m more shocked, disappointed or bored watching my team at the moment and something somewhere needs to give in  a big way over the international break.

Absolutely nothing would come as a surprise after this mess!

For the record Newcastle’s goals came from Joselu (36), Clark (72) and Mitrovic 86.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

68 comments on “Irons thrashed and Bilic staring down the barrel

    • It’s like groundhog day with the formation each week. After 50 odd games he still thinks it will work…slowest team in the league with no clue. Makes us easy to read. Sad times.

  1. When I saw the team selection I was worried but I never thought it could be that bad. Rafa Benitez had slav in his pocket. Created absolutely nothing midfield was diabolical never did they pass the ball forward always back to the defence who just have it back to Newcastle. Slav mate even those most loyal to you will be thinking maybe it’s time to go.

  2. If they have a manager waiting in the wings then coming in with 3 away defeats is no disaster But sticking with Slav will be a hard boring demoralizing season so make that change!

  3. Have no issue with Rice getting subbed. He shouldn’t have played in the first place with Obiang and Kouatye on the bench. With a few days of the window left it would be harder to tie up any deals without a manager. Should be given one home game at least with a full first team.

  4. He has had long enough & will not turn it around now. Should have gone last season when we might have attracted a decent manager. Who will want to try to sort this mess out. Only the usual suspects.

  5. He has to go now! It’s as simple as that. He’s shown that he isn’t up to it tactically. The team hasn’t been able to defend for well over a season. Selection are baffling, how Noble and Ayew are deemed good enough is beyond a mystery! I like Slav as an individual but he simply isn’t up to the job and the Board need to show some balls and get rid of him today!

    • I’m actually fed up with him as an individual ; all soft talk and no action . You can be nice and show awareness tactically and put players in Thier correct positions and coach a team without being nasty and harsh . The problem is Bilic has no real idea of how he wants to play when or where . We have a very good and strong squad . The only missing ingredient is a manager who knows what to do with it .

  6. So bored I laughed when goal No 3 went in.

  7. Not just this season last season too. He was lucky to keep his job.
    But seeing Fernande’s on the LW?,why he is a right footed cm. Should have been a back 3. No Organisation in defense. Rice made a mistake but they were all over him. Why Obaing and Kouyate didn’t start and have Rice in back 3.
    With the squad we have shouldn’t be bottom table look at Swansea had same set up as is w Man U and Southampton and then Place on 4 points. And they had harder window then us w Gylfi holding up their buys.
    Just think have to make a change if we wait until Christmas could be to late. Ritchie and Atsu tore apart the flanks.
    Ffs not good going and Huddersfield won’t be any easier

  8. Shame as much as i like slav he has to go. Just watched the game and it was so boring passing side to side then backwards but never forward! Ayew is a waste of time,fernandes too lightweight, noble too slow.Trouble is what managers are avaliable??

  9. Time to go . Anyone who picks Ogbonna constantly in there team has no idea . !!

  10. I wish we had gotten Marco Silva…

    Big question though right now is… ARE THE PLAYERS DOING THIS ON PURPOSE ?

    It really looks like it…

    • Yes Dunlop ? Thought the same !! Said the same to my pal today , Silva to late Watford saw guy was class with what he was doing at hull !!

  11. We are a joke ..we all have lots to say but its so simple if bilic stays we are goon down …the team has no desire or tactics its just a total embarrassment ..Newcastle are a bad team but they managed to stuff us …I mean what does that say about us …I hope no one defends Slav because its plain to see he simply isn’t good enough.. 10 goals in the first 3 games ..ffs come on ..we are awful.. I’ve always said he isn’t good enough..nice bloke but not a good manager the whole set up is wrong IMO…

  12. Matt. Holland said swallow you’re **** sully and go get carvalho ?
    Plus a back four and creative m/f player , lanzini can’t do it all , its a shambles !
    Team selection and tactics ? W t f is going on 😠

  13. I have been a West Ham fan for over forty Years so have gone through all this on more occasions than i care to remember so this is not a gut reaction to another awful showing from my team,But there comes a point where you have to say enough is enough.I have backed Bilic all the way but there is no end to this in sight.We have been deluding ourselves and painting over the cracks now for months and months going back to last season with odd flashes of what we can do.Criminal to replace Rice for that one mistake and to continue with certain players who are not up to the job(we all know who they are).He is quoted as saying he is happy with his squad,well sorry Slav but conceding 10 goals in 3 matches including 3 against a team who had not scored this season,a team that beat us in every facet of the game.No energy or passion with confidence shot to pieces pieces already.Carvalho deal needs to be done and F… the odd few mill.A quality C.B. and time for a new manager.

    • Me too, seen it all over 40 odd years so I know he has to go now we need to make a change nice bloke but that ain’t enough.

      • Its just not good enough Pop.With a couple of additions as i mentioned above there is a squad of players here as good as i can remember for a long time but he just seems incapable of finding a winning formula,Tactically all over the shop,with players still playing out of position.Whats happening in Training?.They look knackered already,and he is too proud to accept Rios offer of sorting that shambolic defence out.Prefers all his old backroom staff(how much input has Dicks got?) and its not working.

    • Thanks for writing that – saved me the trouble. A season that promised so much feels over before the August bank holiday. That is a new low. 10 goals against in 3 games is just pathetic given the money we are spending on Hart and Zabaleta (not saying they are at fault at all). But who is available to replace Bilic? Why don’t we play Sakho alongside Hernandez? Not sure Hernandez can do it by himself. Too many questions, not sure Bilic has the answers.

  14. who would want to manage that shambles of a team? no fight no spirit looks like they want to play in the championship grr & Bilic is happy with these players ha ha taxi for Mr Bilic all I see today was hoof ball from Hart how can chico do anything with that service when the geordies had 2 centre halves breathing all over him.

  15. Maybe the guy from Dortmund would like to take a challenge as Conte looks like he is staying at Chelsea.

  16. BBB . Bye Bye Bilic . The man has to go before West Ham go . He has no idea . Tried mind games with Benitez , Doesn’t feel sorry for Newcastle or the manager , they spent less , e t ect . Continued with the ineffectiveness of 4 2 3 1 . Played Noble , ignored Sakho , Carroll not on the bench . Removed Rice for slipping , kept Hart in goal . Didn’t change the formula for second half …. too stubborn to listen to the fans . And most of all set in his ways of how to lose games . Time for the Davids to bite the bullet and slam the door on Bilic . Sounds harsh ! , I don’t think so . Adios Slaven , you tried but proved inept . We need to have some change now ,,, not in a few months when it will be too late . Anybody know where Peligrini is or Anyone . There is no way we would have conceded 10 goals in three games under BS .
    It would take a massive leap in faith by the Dave’s to keep Bilic . Every team with a bad record has broken its duck against West Ham under Bilic .

    • I WAS WAITING FOR THE SLUG TO COME INTO IT ! 😂 it had to be you kev 😂😂
      Sully needs to dig deep ! Deeeep! If bilic is happy with this defence he’s toast ! He simply will not survive 😕

      • Trying to put it on rice backfired didn’t it , never was he the worse player behind noble , fernandez ,and ayew , poor decision to take the lad off! Confidence must be shot now!

      • Notice you waited for it before writing a single comment though , Laz . Tut tut .
        I’m not sorry for mentioning BS . It’s only SB backwards . 😏 , and that’s exactly where we are going , Backwards .

    • As chaotic thoughtless rants go that is special Kevin.Try engaging your brain next time.

  17. I am lost for words, I don’t understand how this can be allowed to continue, 5 wins in 24 games and getting worse with a far better squad than last year. We all know we needed to add to central defence and a DCM; we have no spine, so where are they?

  18. Bilic should of gone from last season. Constantly playing players out of position, sticking with captain slow, Ayew is your guess as to why he even makes the team. Rices confidence destroyed but taking him off at half time even though he should not of been playing with more experienced players on the bench. Side to side backwards slow motion football. And you know what? It was like this last season it’s not just the first 3 games of this one. Bilic is clueless. He got lucky in his first season with the payet signing. Things just fell into place, last season at the Boleyn and all that. We didn’t get silva but I think we could get Rafa. He’s fed up with Ashley. Regret renewing my season ticket. If we don’t sack him I will refuse to go to any games

  19. So we sign a deal that gives us three consecutive away games to start the season. Hardly ideal. Our new record signing then gets himself needlessly sent off in the second game. Then the figure we need – a leader in the middle of the park who can put his foot on the ball and move it forwards with power and pace (no, not you, Noble) – doesn’t get signed because we’re ten bob short of what we always knew the asking price was. Now I admire the Davids for their being fans and using their own money – I really get all that – but we have to move up a level. If Slav is to go – and I don’t really see how he can stay long now – how about Pardew as a one-season appointment? Knows the club, has taken us to cup final and shags who he wants.

  20. Get Tuchel he is free agent and great manager how can develop players.

  21. I said it all last season and people on this site wouldn’t have it. He’s a fraud. Darling of the media with his soft spoken reasonableness. But a fraud. Tactically inept. Paces round the technical area as if being “thoughtful” when the team is in trouble, whereas as he is obviously at a complrte loss as to what to do.

    The only thing that would be more inept would be the Davids keeping him. They must act now.

    • i don’t actually think he is tactically inept, if you listen to what he says in prematch and post match interviews his comments are usually spot on but his players don’t do what he describes so you have to ask what is going on in the training ground in the lead up to these matches and why do we always hand the initiative to teams, we have a lot of players that can defend but they make mistake after mistake and are rarely bailed out by their teammates which is another sign of not defending as a team. Tuchel is all about the press and players being fit and hungry, hopefully the Davids are considering him as an option onwards and upwards COYI !!!

  22. Tuchel is available buy Carvalho and replace Slav with Tuchel, like everyone else I like Slav but Slav knows the shortcomings of his team I’m not pressing the ball, he says all the right tactical things before matches so his players know what he wants but they don’t deliver it for him, if they are not going to sign Carvalho then he must be sacked, furthermore a good captain would never allow his players to put in these performances and Noble will never be a good captain on the pitch.

  23. Yes probably time for Bilic to go.It can be said quite easily without all the drama queen tantrums and stupid BBB bye bye bilic ****!!

    • Poor man Management, Laz . Must help build the Lads confidence no end .
      Rediculous decision . Sent out the wrong message completely to the rest . Bet your shiny chinny chin chin Noble plays next week . Soon be reading the dreaded vote of confidence from the Board . But hey , hasn’t that happened twice already ?? .

  24. Bilic has done a Martinez, he’ll be gone before Christmas. Knowing our board we’ll probably sign Martinez.

  25. First time on the site .awesome site guys love it ! Enough of the good news ! Totally and utterly embarrassed for the last 20 games ! Billic has to go NOW ! he is completely clueless.the new players he has bought in have not bought in to his logic , they are already fed up . If we keep him we will be bottom in a month time ! Let’s remember it’s not just the last 3 games it was half of last season . Get tuche in he would be awesome for us .Slav thanks but no thanks ! Goodbye !

  26. Don’t blame Bilic blame the board, he should of been sacked half way through last season. Payet papered over the cracks. Bilic hasn’t a clue full stop, no discussion needed.
    We have a great squad all the ingredients are there but we have the wrong Chef.
    Get Hiidink in before it’s too late, we could still finish top 8.
    Bilic must go and he must go now!!!!!!!!!!

    • He was luckly last season think should have been gone at Christmas. Ffs Ranieri won the title and lost his job. Puel finished 8th lost job.
      Had a lot more options at end of Season. But he played decent in last 7 games w back 3. They gave him more time bc they hate to sack in middle of season and our finish w Spurs win saved him.
      I’d give Hiidink a Go or see if could get Jokanovic from Fulham.
      Have Westley have a go honestly

  27. I think a change is needed now,it seems clear doesnt it.
    Though im not sure who would want to manage us with you lot hovering too pounce lol

  28. Not Pards please!! We really need somebody who sort this defence out. Clubs like Arsenal & Liverpool can do ok in the PL. Their attacks are strong enough to get them out of trouble. Ours is not.

    I believe the Daves look at fan sites. If so, please act now. Next week the window shuts & its internationals week. Time to get somebody in & start sorting this mess out. If you can find anybody….

  29. I doubt Tuchel will come i would love it. But he turned down Southampton Leverkusen A number of Serie A sides and LA liga.
    Don’t need a bug name. Like said w Silva smart signing good shrewd in mkt. Same as Wagner prob best window for the money and he can make a team gel so quick. He was a #2 before given a shot but he won’t come loves it there. But we can look at ma agers like that solid #2s, Kilnnsman will prob be on list.
    I’d like to see them go after Fulham’s Jokanovic good manager good playing style.
    And if no one else Westly done great w U23s I would hate to take him away from them bc doing so well.
    But imagine he could do a better job then Slav at this point

  30. They won’t sack him !!
    If they do then the new bloke will need money !!!
    Not going to happen anytime soon 😉

  31. I have been a great fan of Bilic and have always supported him, until today ! It was simply dreadful. We now have quality players, genuinely top class, and they could not keep hold of the ball. They seemed lost of ideas and did not seem motivated. This is due to 2 reasons, a poor captain and a poor manager. After Declan’s error, Joe Hart went up and consoled him, where was Noble? A captain’s job is to help the kids get through their mistakes. The second reason is that I finally think Slavan has run out of ideas. I think it is time both went, and now we have quality players, hopefully Rafa will want to come to us. COYI

  32. I do not think that we have “a great team”. If we did, it would not be conceding 10 goals in 3 games. We have NO defence. Until we sort that out we will continue to ship goals & get beaten. I don’t think that we have a great manager, either. Personally, I like him – but he has to go. Quite simple really. But, who will replace him ? When he goes, he can take Ayew, Ogbonna, Musuaku & Snodgrass with him. Whatever happens, something has to change. The players say all the right things & then do all the wrong ones on the pitch ! Less talk & more effort are needed ( in addition to finding a defence – & a new manager).

  33. i wonder if Nigel Pearson might be on a short list he worked wonders at Leicester certainly would get the players at it ?

  34. Always had been behind Slav but ……the time has come. To many poor choices. Noble has had his day. Harte has had his chance try Adrian again .
    The sideways backwards football has got to end. We are so light in so many areas. Staying loyal to players that just dont do it. Not got a clue who to bring in but we need players asap and a new direction.
    Slav is a decent man but time gentleman please.

  35. As much as I hate to admit it I agree with the Bilic out now crowd. He has had long enough to build his team & quite frankly his team/tactics or lack off is crap. We are being mugged off & laughed at by everyone.
    Sugo you are both Hammers fans, wake up, grow a pair & do what needs to be done.
    Ffs p3 L3 Pts0 GD-8

  36. You know he won’t go 32 lol he will get the dreaded vote of confidence and a panic buying week 😁 oh I forgot he’s happy with what he’s got ! Poppodom will save us 😂 Kevin said so! 😁

  37. Get brooking in on a temp? Just a thought 😉

    • I wish he would consider it Laz apparently he was unbelievable in his short spell in terms of technical coaching, maybe just get him to coach technical skills to younger players if he would do it ?

      • That’s been the trouble 32 since lyall was sacked we’ve lost our identity , Lou macari ffs
        Stepped down because of betting on games !!! The day we lost our identity for me ,An era went down the swaney from there , a totally different feel came to the club !
        That’s how I feel it anyway , bit off track but said it anyway , got all sentimental 😭
        Yes Trev will do for me 😁

  38. Today was totally embarrassing, no heart no desire no one wanted the ball second half it was worse than watching a fat sam team. Bolivia has to go now.

  39. I well remember as young boy my grandfather who told me stories of the shipyard that made a battleship now in Pompey Harbour the then biggest battleship then he tell about the Ironworks football team, his stories so much magical me memories a typical East Enders fought like lions
    I used to listen to what it was like. Today I look upwards to say sorry to him he would be broken hearted to think a team from the East End yet again rolled over. Today the question must be asked has Bilc now lost the dressing room ? To remove that young lad was not on it more than likely has blown his mental mind to bits, for a slip yes a goal fair enough but it was a team game each and every player with a Irons kit on should have worn their heart on their shelve and produce a goal for his error. Stick be side him, not saluter him. Noble what’s up with you your like a well used tea bag yet you a cockney boy who should know what it means to be a local lad, seem because your England chances have gone now play like a Mongolian clod hopper
    Jesus I seen plenty in seventy one years but this is horrendous every one is say wait until Huddersfield shut up they will show us as easy as moth in a light
    Gold and your side winder get pride back to those on the terraces

    • Lol Baz not sure I understand everything you said but you hit the nail on the head about cockney boys accepting being rolled over, we will never accept that it isn’t good enough someone in that dressing room should have been reading the riot act, subbing Rice was a big mistake just like when he subbed Oxford more experienced players have made much worse mistakes and are rewarded with a permanent place in the team. Noble should probably be sold to give the dressing room a clean break, like Laz said and history says G&S are unlikely to sack him this early, but the team looks like showing signs of the Avram days we all thought that should improve but didn’t we have had the same start as under Avram this team needs a kick in the pants immediately to change our fortunes, give the new managers a home game to start.

    • Nice one baz 👍
      Noble is engrossed in himself mate ! Rice made a scapegoat today , bilic went from top bloke to assolle with that decision , piiss poor , nasty even ,group captain bader never even put an arm around him or showed any leadership qualities at all today ! Totally inept .
      Been going since 61/2 season , seems like yesterday but defiantly not like watching these over paid and over rated mob , no pride at all , mind you they were mostly local lads back then not the money grabbing no loyalty players we watch today ! Sad !
      Teams buy success today so doesn’t look good for us in our brand new state of the art sports stadium and all the promises made about going up a class ! Mr money bags where are you , come save us please ,fek the brand 😎

  40. So if Bilic has to go then he has to go but cant it be talked about or discussed without all the mindless screaming and shouting that some of you love.
    You sound like total flakes.

    • Carl have you got any stats in the last 18 months that suggest Bilic is on the right track ? We had a season where Payet bailed us out time and again where we should have finished in the champions league positions but didn’t because Bilic played players out of position and fell out with Song / Sakho and we started shipping goals against all and sundry and that hasn’t stopped.

  41. There something else that worries me. If we don’t improve fast, the January window (which is nearer than I would like) will see our best players leave.

    How can the club persuade Lanzini, or Antonio to stay if they start to consider relegation to be a real risk.

    I bet my shirt that Hernandez has a relegation clause.

    I still can’t believe the lack of interest our players showed today.

  42. Carl you are either mental,stupid or completely irrational .if you read all of the above posts they are very well judged,passionate and make total sense.the reasons behind the posts are totally valid .your comments have a lack of substance and I might ask Carl ,are you the real flake or fake ?

  43. As every one knows only to very well that my roots are from the birth of this awesome club, and need I woofle on saying I witness simlair games, but only in the last twenty years has the Mickey Mouse type of games happen, of course even under John Lyall we took a few wallops, but they were few and far between, now like London Buses they are turning up in one long queue regularly.
    I think he has lost the dressing roo, our captain a local lad looks sounds the most despondent captain ever in Irons colours, utterly dejected so what does that present ? No gel no passion no oomph zero, so point the finger at the cause, the manager I even think he looks sounds fed up now put that into a basin and your see the whole ingredents are making a very bad cake to eat and digest
    Sadly offer a bus train ticket and a friendly handshake good try but!!

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