Irons to Finally Offload Ings

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West Ham United are ready to listen to offers for striker Danny Ings during the upcoming summer transfer window, as reported by the Evening Standard. This decision comes amidst the club’s plan to reshape their attacking force.

While there’s interest in Ings, his high weekly wages of £125,000 could be a major obstacle for potential suitors.

Despite the wage challenge, West Ham acknowledges the need for a dependable striker. Jarrod Bowen emerged as their top scorer last season, exposing the team’s lack of a consistent goalscoring threat.

Ings’ playing style just did not work under former manager David Moyes. Unlike the preferred target man role, Ings favoured staying within the penalty area for finishing opportunities rather than dropping deep to hold up the ball.

Ings’ lack of playing time and underwhelming performance reflect in his stats – just a single goal in 20 Premier League appearances. It’s clear his performance hasn’t justified his hefty salary.

To secure more playing time elsewhere, a pay cut might be necessary for Ings. However, he has the right to see through his current contract.

West Ham is aiming for a solution that benefits all parties. In an ideal scenario, they would sell Ings, recover some transfer fees, and free up his wages to invest in a more reliable striker under their incoming manager, Julen Lopetegui.

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  • ElpoJohn says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, on top of that he earns more than the other players , incredible, another Moyes failure.

  • Hammer says:

    The only reason we went for him was because Moyes left it too late to get anyone else in. Then played him in unfamiliar position and overpaid him Not exactly a good bit of business.

  • Rob says:

    Sullivan did the deal not Moyes!

  • Clacton Rd Iron says:

    Nobody will pay money for him – best we can hope for is a mutually agreed annulment agreement and he naffs off to America or Saudi

  • D says:

    Good journalism should definitely have some fan based passion behind it but you use some pretty disrespectful terminology in your work. Ings scored important goals and sweated for the club. He did what he was asked with limited opportunity. Perhaps report on it without bashing the fella. Yes he should move on. But…

    • Spindoc says:

      So true. It wasn’t Ings’ fault that he was played so sparingly, was it?

    • JP says:

      Allegedly a Mr and Mrs Brady based purchase using their connections?

    • Peter says:

      He is good pro and when you see him in the drills and half time drills he is old pro and did pop up and made important moments but it just didn’t work out for him and I agree haven’t got to bash the fella it’s gutter journalism. You make fans become the same you should stop this continued approach

  • Phil Baker says:

    Ings has value but not much , perhaps 7 million . A possession based playing style would allow Ings to score some goals .

  • Jeeps says:

    Panic buy.
    Usual last minute decision.
    Selling him will be another money loss but at least his wages will be a saving.
    Will need to take a drop at next club.
    Don’t think there will be too much of a queue!!

  • Trevor says:

    Danny Ings is a good player…….he just never got much game time, and certainly didn’t get a run in the team every player needs. He’ll probably end up back at Burnley or Southampton. Ipswich could do with his Prem experience, as they have a squad with next to none.

  • Dave says:

    Bought to play a position as a lone striker with his back to goal, but has spent his career playing off a main striker.
    You say 20 appearances but Moyes used him for 5 mins in 15 of those and as I say out of position.
    Not his fault he was signed with no plan…

  • Zahama says:

    Ings two goals against Forest were massively important in our fight against relegation in the previous season – so he cannot be written off as a total failure

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Ings is a good striker when playing in his correct position and he has proved that over the years moyes signed him in panic mode knowing that he couldn’t play as a lone striker when he leaves it will most likely be a set up that suits his style let’s not forget how some players where being played out of position that made them ineffective that to is down to moyes l

  • Dbrady says:

    Didn’t get a fair go really did he ?
    Moyes did his normal and brought a player in just to warm the bench.
    Over paid definitely.
    U can’t blame him for that though just the usual bad business and desperation from the manager and owners.
    Better if we let him run his contract out or loan him out to the new teams coming up .

  • Richard Palmer says:

    Danny Ings is a natural goalscorer when played in the right position.
    You cannot take the DNA out of a proven predator, but what you do require is support for a player who thrives in & around the box.
    If any of the newly promoted teams could land Ings, then played in the right position he would be a great asset.

    • Mike Holt says:

      Got to agree, he needs to be facing the goal and feed of through balls. Put him in a side that goes forward and the goals will come, another player Moyes played out of position. Makes you wonder if he did not have a say on him coming and made sure he did not get much of a chance.

  • David Sutton says:

    A good player and will probably score regular goals for a good championship team. Wasn’t given much opportunity at West Ham and played in a formation that did not suit his game. Worked hard when playing. Can’t fault the man.

  • Gary says:

    Get rid of Ings he is just not good enough.let’s get a proper striker


    why did they buy him in thM first place they keep buying players who are on the decline on big wages and no sell on Moyes has got out of West Ham at the right time leaving a ageing squad he has learnt off of Alex Fergeson who left man united when all the players where finished and Moyes came in and got the blame

  • Dangerous Dragon says:

    Moyes didn’t use to inns since brainless west-ham buyed only used him fully less if he was on the match everytime he would have scored enough goals West ham and all the managers are brainless

  • Cubbie says:

    Another one for the strikers graveyard created by Moyes . Amazing how all of the many failed Moyes striker purchases and Academy players that score heavily before being picked out of position in a system not suited or known to them go one to become prolific again once they get away from dithering Dave . Feel sorry fo Ings but he is in good company . Hope the grounds-man has changed the locks to make sure Moyes dosen’t sneak back in .

  • Jeff Adamson says:

    Ings was asked to play a Antonio type role and that’s not familiar to him at all,ok after Moyes said I want young hungry players.
    Look at other strikers he signed,hughill ?, Haller and scamacca,he played them the same after spending millions.
    Haller and scamacca didn’t do bad ,their clubs play them in Thier proper positions,a nice medal for scamacca.

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