Irons to join Europe’s top ten elite

olympic-stadium-and-west-ham-badge-pic-pa-391417952West Ham are all set to join the top ten of the most attended club stadiums in Europe and third in England behind Manchester United and Arsenal.

The move to the OS will  push them into the football European big boys after the capacity was increased to 60,010 on pure public demand. If West Ham sell out every game next season they will join the top ten list in eighth place.

Average Club Attendances in Europe

1  Borussia Dortmund Signal Iduna Park 80,520
2  Manchester United Old Trafford 75,530
3  Bayern München Allianz Arena 75,024
4  FC Barcelona Camp Nou 71,000
5  Real Madrid Bernabéu 68,796
6 FC Schalke 04 Veltins Arena 61,171
7 Arsenal FC Emirates 60,079
8 West Ham United Olympic Stadium 60,010 New Avg 2016-17?



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22 comments on “Irons to join Europe’s top ten elite

  1. Number 1 in London
    Just how it should be
    Just get used to it the rest of you another 6000 to come

  2. Nice to see C+H is still a football site not a party political message for the Banjo till I die movement!!

  3. I’m serious about this: West Ham will win the title within five years. It’s constantly on the rise: new stadium, perfect manager, serious management, quality players.
    I’m not Houdini, It doesn’t take a genius to figure out. 😉

    • Well said Matte and when we do we’ll celebrate like rabid dogs drinking from the be careful what you wish for fountain lol.

      • ahahhah… great idea GW, and Banjo will sit on a tree like a sad monkey… loool 😀

        • And there will be those Sam worshippers gazing into the distance waiting for their messiahs return telling us that if it wasn’t for him single handily saving us from the abyss we wouldn’t have won the league or even existed

          • ahahaha… Whichever way you look at it, we should in any event thank Sam The Saviour for his excellent work… lol 😀

          • All hail the ” Dung Beetle” and his never ending chewing of gum and his holy grail of obtaining the mythical point he is the true saviour and will bask in our eternal thanks lol.

          • …And everyone in the kingdom lived happily ever after thanks to Sam… nice story… lol 😉

          • You guys have got it spot on…we would never be in htis position without Big Sam…
            So endeth the sermon from Mr Banjo, Monkeys Bellend, Wetpants, Lillywhites (or similar)..(What the **** they mean; all gobledygook!…
            My absolute favourite is Monkeys Bellend…Very me – definitely loving that – I am already using it when I wow the girls in my sequin + pearls effort on the Brigthton Trannie scene….

  4. Wasn’t Houdini an escapologist Mate.Maybe you should be him to help escape from all the sightseeing that Figafumi has planned for you,lol 🙂
    GW are you not into steelworker,EU chats on football forums then,lol

  5. Steady on lads,one of them will get the hump & take it seriously,lol 🙂

  6. Haha,what’s to take seriously.I always found it totally harmless & a good bit of banter,lol.If people take it seriously they need to get a fecking life,lol 😀 😀

  7. Lmao.You ain’t allowed to have banter guys.If we do its an ‘inferioty complex’,ha ha lol.I mean it wouldn’t just be the fact that it’s all just a bit of fun would it.In reality 99% of us would get on at a game or in a pub,we all support the same team but it doesn’t mean you can’t have some across the sites banter.People need to relax.I don’t give a **** if they call me a pup or Rabid Dog.Find it funny actually.Some of them can’t help being Fat Sam butt kissers,ha ha 🙂

  8. Who the ch

  9. Lol,keyboard just went mad.Whos the cheeky Sod on there who said literacy isn’t our strong point,lol.Typical Guardian readers attitude,haha.Ffs,literacy isn’t a strong point.No none of us have had an education,we are still reading Enid Blyton books,lol 🙂

  10. @billy “no none of us” case in point dear fellow – I’d start with Janet and John if I were you…. Enid Blyton is probably a tiny bit too advance for you… stick with the basics.

  11. Lol,love it.As was expected we manage to draw Anyoldiron out from his cave to enlighten us with his masterful use of the English language.Still banned from Wetpants for being an ass I guess,lol

  12. I’m quite worried about you now 247 knowing about the trannie scenes in Britain.Always had you down as a real man even though a grumpy one,lol

  13. What gives with this superiority attitude some have over there.Do we not all support the same club.Not that it is even factual but does someones IQ matter when it comes to being fans of the same team.I read a comment earleir dismissing peoples comments on here as being ‘Vanarama National League’ level.As opposed to what,their Premier League b#ll****???

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