Irons Undecided on VAR Despite Brady’s Criticism

Image for Irons Undecided on VAR Despite Brady’s Criticism

West Ham United‘s Karren Brady has spoken out against VAR (Video Assistant Referee), calling it a “disaster” for fans. However, she revealed that the club has yet to make a decision on how they will vote in the upcoming proposal to scrap the system.

In her column for The Sun, Brady didn’t hold back in her criticism of VAR. She highlighted the system’s flaws, including:

Spoiling the match-going experience for fans due to lengthy delays for decisions.

Failing to achieve its goals of eliminating errors, promoting fairness, and improving the overall experience.

Despite her personal stance, Brady emphasised that West Ham has not yet decided how they will vote on the proposal to scrap VAR. This suggests the club will carefully consider all factors before making their decision.

A two-thirds majority vote (14 out of 20 clubs) is required to remove VAR from the Premier League. The upcoming vote on June 6th will determine the system’s fate. Brady’s comments suggest the debate surrounding VAR is far from over.

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