Irons unwilling to match Cabaye’s £12.8m price tag

cabayaYohan Cabaye’s move to Crystal Palace seems to be nearing completion say L’Équipe this morning.  Palace and PSG are said to have finally agreed a 18 million euro deal in principle made up of a 14 million Euros up front fee plus up to 4 million Euros in performance and appearance bonuses. The £12.8m package is not a price West Ham are prepared to pay for the 29 year old according to reports.

Yesterday reports emerged he would rather join West Ham than Crystal Palace but that seems very unlikely with the Hammers unwilling to match Crystal Palace’s bumper offer. Another stumbling block were the claims the player wanted up to £100,000 per week to re-join the Premier League which would shatter West Ham’s current wage structure where the highest paid player, Andy Carroll receives £85,000 per week basic.

Cabaye will cost another £15.6m in wages over three years if his huge wage demands are met but Palace insiders suggest he has been offered £80,000 per week by the Eagles plus bonuses based on appearances, goals and the team’s performance in cups and the league.

Cabaye was spotted in London’s Regent street yesterday shopping in advance of agreeing personal terms and a medical later this week.



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41 comments on “Irons unwilling to match Cabaye’s £12.8m price tag

  1. Gutted if true

  2. I’m disappointed also if it’s true.

  3. Shame but that’s a lot of money for a 29 yr old

  4. Makes me laugh,DG always banging on about wanting to have the big teams looking over their shoulders at us but we are still not even willing to compete for players that go to stoke,swansea or palace.Cabaye wont be on 100k a week at Palace,no way.

  5. Shame,i like him,very good player.As you say Bob,cant see CP shelling out 100k a week.Maybe he is 29 & a fair bit of cash but i dont get this he is too old for that sort of money.It aint big money these days,not if you are serious about wanting to be a top six team.You need to buy experience as well as younger players.Sometimes experience comes with a higher price tag.Stiil thats life,we move on.Maybe their is a Championship player going for 1m 😉

  6. If this is true they make the right decision IMO. Wait for something better! At 29 you are looking for that final big contract of your career, sign it and laugh all the way to the bank. We did that with Ljungberg, please don’t do it again.

    • Would have thought he would be wanting to prove himself with first team football to get into the Euro Championship team for France next year.Not to sit on his arse looking for money or a final pay day.

      • Yeah would have thought that too. But at the same time, Paris paid £19 million for him for a little over a year ago.. and now he’s out of favour with 3 goals in 53 matches (with cups). Desperate palace is bumping the price, if it haven’t been for them I think he’d be available for half the price he arrived for some 1,5 years ago.

        He’s 30 in january, on a downward spiral it seems… I smell bad business here.

        • You smell too much Eriko,lol,aint no crime not being able to get into th PSG team,look at the players they have.Doesnt make Cabaye a bad player & not every player gets to 29 looking for a final pay day.Some are actually professional who want to be the best they can.Do the best they can in the time they have as a pro footballer.Your statement about final pay days was a bit sweeping.

          • I’d rather smell too much, than nothing at all Badger.

            Just my opinion. I’m not looking at the fact he’s not in the team, I’m looking at the fact of stats and the price they paid just over a year ago… He clearly didn’t deliver what was expected of him. PSG, or anyone for that matter, pay £19 million for a backup player they wish to offload for half the price next year.

  7. You don’t see the Top 5 going for a player like this, especially not at 29. Pardew is desperately trying to get him, and that is bumping up the price. We are competing with Crystal Palace for this guy… not Soton, not Spuds, not ‘pool, but fkin Palace.. says a lot to me.

    wait for someone younger with a point to prove!

    • Good points Eriko.If available at a realistic price I am sure he would have been great for the club.But as everyone is saying wait for someone younger and cheaper.I live in hope.

    • You mean we are competing with a team that finished above us last season.Dont think we are so big ffs.We are in competition for players in the same bracket as stoke,swansea & palace for a reason.Its where we are at the moment.We finished midtable last season,not 5th or 6th.

      • If we are going to invest based on where we finished last year then we are going nowhere. This club is CLEARLY investing based on where they want to end up, and that is top 5. That is why we should not be in the same bracket at stoke, swansea & palace.

        Wake up.

        • Dont think Iron needs to wake up at all,he is right.We aint moving forward while others stand still.Southampton,Stoke,Swansea will all probably spend a similiar amount to us,maybe a little less.We cant compete in the transfer market with even spurs or liverpool atm.If we cant compete with the top six now then that leaves us fighting for players along with swansea & stoke.Think you are getting a bit ahead of yourself No Filter 😀

          • Radai Lama. The question is simply this. Do you want to buy a player that PSG paid £19 million for last year, at what would be half the price without Palace bumping it? Cabaye, then 28, arriving at £19 mill was clearly expected to justify that price.. he didn’t. That’s one year ago, isn’t it strange that PSG have just given up on him? My opinion is based on the rumour that he also wants 100.000 per week. Whatever ambitions you have for this club, there are good and bad investments.

            To me this is clearly not necessarily “BAD”, but it’s unnecessarily “RISKY” business. We have Payet at 28, who arrived for less.. a player that is clearly sparkling at this very moment. Now we have Cabaye, 30 in january, clearly on a downward spiral based on stats from matches he played and PSG suddenly trying to offload him.

            Passing the ball over to you Radai, I want to know why you’d want to buy this player. convince me, I’m not married to my own opinion.

        • Eriko last season we still had 7 or 8 of our championship year players in our squad.To overhaul that you would need 100m.We sont have that money.Whether you like it or not we aee still in the market for the players these teams also want.They are looking to progress the same as us.We dont have an arabian or chinese investor to compete with the top 6.Just look at Evertons,Liverpools,Spuds signings,they pay big bucks we aint got.Liverpool have just paid 30m for one player that would take our budget in one hit near or damn it.

        • Lol,did i mention Cayabe once in my comment? Can you see his name in my comment?.I dont need to convince you because i have neither said he would be a good or bad signing.Im going to go & meditate 😀

  8. Offer him 60k a week wages and sell Downing for £6m, that way we’re only paying £7m for him. If he chooses Palace that’s his own problem. Lots of reports saying we’ve made contact with him and he’s in London.. Could be smoke screen tactics but I doubt it

    • Irons you should be the head negotiator.Yes move on Downing and others to accommodate Cabaye.

      • We aren’t going to get any bids for Jarvis/Nolan and Maiga, at some point we’re going to have to let them go by buying out the remainder of their contracts, downing seems to be our only probable income for now so it makes sense to use his money. Bollox to cabaye if he goes palace, enjoy a relegation scrap next year mate!

    • I am told he wouldn’t accept £60k per week. Palace have offered £80k per week plus bonuses which could make up the difference for his wage demands

  9. I spoke to friend who knows a Palace insider. He says Palace have offered Cabaye £80,000 per week basic plus bonuses on appearances, goals and team success in cups and league which could potentially make up the £20,000 per week shortfall

  10. There was no way Palace were going to be paying a basic 100k a week.If Nolan is worth 50k a week then Cabaye is worth 80k every day of the week,lol

  11. I really like this player… I don’t know his real value, but he could add quality to the midfield. And Song? Maybe he was abducted by aliens… he’s disappeared off the radar all of a sudden… lol
    Anyway, I’m imagining a hypothetical midfield: Kouyate, Song, Cabaye, Payet… wow… 😉

  12. Song is having treatment on an injury atm i understand Matte,once it is cleared up everything will be moving for the transfer i believe.

  13. I like him but he is ti expensive at those prices,we can get better value for our money and a younger player,
    But if we get him I will be happy
    I don’t know Matte about Song I think it is a waiting game he wants to come to us and has a deal agreed and I don’t think he will go anywhere else,and we want him for free,
    It’s a matter of out waiting Barc

    • Thanks bubs, I know the truth behind Song’s deal… Iron told me Bradley is negotiang in great secrecy … it’s a delicate and sensitive phase, but I have faith in him.. lool 😉

  14. I might be in the minority here, i would be happy not to sign song, sell downing & bring in Cabayes instead. Why are we signing a player who impressed for the first half of the season & frustrated us in the second half. I know he wasn’t the only one who’s form not so much nose dived but fell off a cliff. But, he wasn’t our player at the end of the day so we should have let him go back to spain. But hey, i’m only a armchair manager so these are just mine ;-D

  15. I think Song will come on strong this season,Slaven will whip his ass & get him fired up.Many players were running in 2nd gear by the end of last season.Once his injury has cleared up he will join.

  16. Just prefer to have Song in the squad than Nolan,
    Can’t believe I read yesterday that they are thinking of leaving Nolan as club captain,
    I would not even want him in the mascot kit,
    If we bring in the young Argie on loan do we need Cabaye ?
    We are going to have to think about keeping some English players in the team with the quota of non English players getting smaller,

  17. We have missed a trick here not getting Cabaye.He is a proven premier performer.You get what you pay for.Want monkeys,pay peanuts.Since when has being 29 been past your sell by date.

  18. Firstly I have to say I’m impressed with the serious debate above makes a strange change lol
    As for Cabaye I’m not bothered I don’t like his attitude yeah he’s a good player but refused to play for Newcastle and shows no fight with PSG he’s not getting picked and so he asks to leave. He doesn’t show the fighting spirit I’d like to see and we don’t want to go back to any guaranteed starters we want everyone fighting for their place especially if they’re not picked.

  19. Thank you Lt. Quickdrawovic, I’d follow you to valhalla!! 😉

    • Haha we can feast at Odin’s table at the side of Thor,we might even see Mystic Brad there lol

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