Irons urged to go for Klopp!

Jurgen KloppWest Ham are being urged to consider trying to make Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp their next manager.

Hammers fan and well respected columnist Martin Samuel writes in the Daily Mail that the 47 year old  “appears to be nearing journey’s end” in the Bundesliga.”

Currently, the club he has taken to a domestic double and runners up spot in the Champions Cup Final in the past is currently languishing in tenth place 34 points behind the top spot and eight above the bottom!

Martin describes the “charismatic, successful figure ” as being given to taking on long-term projects and working within a reasonable budget.

And with the Hammers moving into the country’s most high profile stadium he reckons at the very least a phone call could be made.

He writes: “It might be over-ambitious, it might go no further than one telephone call and a splutter of mocking laughter; but isn’t it worth making that call, just in case?

A couple of points perhaps need making.It may well be that a phone call has been made! The said telephone is also available to try finding out!

It also needs to be remembered that Klopp  is tied into the German club until 2018 and in 2013 ahead of signing his latest deal he was on £5 million a year.

So, unless he is fired and were then to accept a West Ham gig, which Martin points out is highly unlikely, we would probably be faced with a ridiculous compensation bill plus wages for him and his backroom staff.

Beyond any of that there’s also the little problem of about six Champions league clubs across Europe who would be able to offer him far more than is currently available at West Ham.

Nice idea but no cigar methinks!


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21 comments on “Irons urged to go for Klopp!

  1. And DG would need a few more Knicker shops to fund this one!

  2. Jurgen Klopp is one foreigner manager I do like, but wages aside, would he move to a club with such a small budget? I very much doubt it. All the best foreign managers have big spending power as their number 1 priority.
    Still hope springs eternal

  3. If were serious about improving then bringing in a manager with pedigree is part of the deal.The wages will of course be higher but with increased tv revenue & moving to the OS we will be bringing in a hell of alot more income very soon.We need to sell us as a project to these managers with the chance to take us into europe & play infront of 54k each week.If we cam spend 17m & 90k a week on AC then paying for a good manager isnt beyond our means.We pay BFS 3m,it isnt like he is on peanuts & we will be stumping up huge extra amounts.As for compensation,that is just a fact of football unless you want a manager out of work at the time.As for the best managers no1 priority being a big budget,no,the best just go to the biggest clubs who have the biggest budgets.Its just how it is.

  4. More crap from ‘West Ham hating Daily Fail’

    • Yeah one problem with that,Martin Samuels is an irons fan!

      • Yeah and I like the bloke but it’s just a story that’s not a story, something else made up to get people excited about only to find out it’s rubbish, it’s nothing short of ‘Elvis found driving a bus on the moon with Lord Lucan following behind on Sherga”

        • Ofc its just a story,but at no point is he saying it will happen is he.It is just an article suggesting something.If people believe it then they have serious issues 🙂

  5. Go for Bilic in the interim, Klopp would likely go to a CL club as mentioned, we need more investment in the team to get to the level where managers are really interested. So long as we get a tactically astute manager that improves players and has a footballing philosophy I will be happy.

  6. A great choice, what a super manager. Who wants Benitez and managers like this. He should be our number 1 candidate. he plays football the right way, has a good eye for players and above all he gives youth a chance. He is not afraid to make big decisions.

  7. I totally agree with you John, he’s exactly the opposite of Mr Stability.

  8. Haha,you make me laugh Dafishes,they only said he would be a good appointment,not that they believe he will be coming.I know you are Sams No.1 fan but you dont have to be a dream crusher as well 😉

  9. ahahah, yes tayson, the BFS lovers are strange people with these features: no ambitions, no dreams, keyword: stability (downside), caution. Exactly as their guru.

  10. thats why I tell you to calm down lol
    and of course I am no fan of anybody except West Ham

  11. This story could have been a lot shorter,along the lines of ‘West Ham could phone Klopp & he will laugh down the line at us’.End of story 🙂

  12. Sorry lads,i aint being a dream crusher,just realistic.

    • exactly modern . Mind you I wish I could dream sometimes. Perhaps I should eat more cheese

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