Irons v Black Cats – the fans react

It wasn’t the best but Sam’s return to Upton Park with Sunderland was entirely unsuccessful.
Here’s what the Hammers fans on the ClaretandHugh Facebook Group @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ had to say about it.
images (11)O Great sides don’t always play well but they find a way to win when they don’t 

O As Sam would say..sometimes you got to win ugly!! Lol take those 3pts!
O You get games like this, just enjoying the win. Remember, Sunderland are playing for their survival, they’re bound to throw everything at us.

O Definitely not a game to live long in the memory
O We allowed them to call the shots-why-then we had to bring on AC to try and play their way. Dreadful -but I’ll take the three points, thanks Sunderland
O Not many 12 pm games are an good tbh. Should be stopped.
O Oh the irony of beating Sam at his own game – play awful and nick a goal. Should have dominated that game but sometimes you get games where everyone is poor, every ball drops to an opponent, every 50/50 the ref gives to them. That’s what I saw today. Glad it’s over, we won and that’s all that matters today.

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6 comments on “Irons v Black Cats – the fans react

  1. A bias poll was done last week on refs . Dean was attributed to favouring Sunderland in the games he ref,d!!!!! Explains the bias decisions he made , poor ref , one of many I can’t wait to see the back of , with Atkinson on our books ! Which I found strange ? Bilic was screaming at him to blow the whistle after he played over the time added on hoping his beloved Sunderland equalised , poor poor ref , and extremely ugly to look at , could see him as a school master at Eton teaching the art of pig fondling ?

  2. That’s how you win championships. You grind out results & take points even when you are not playing at your best. That’s what we did in that game & it shows that we are maturing as a squad. First season under Bilic & it will only get better from here.

  3. We were lucky Hippo does not change his spots,once he picks a side he won’t normally change,so when he left Defoe by himself for the whole match they were never going to score,
    I would have liked to see Slav put Oxford on Defoe yesterday as he is quicker then OG or Ginge and still good in the air plus his distribution is better,
    No you don’t like Byram John but he made 2 great tackles that Jenkinson would not have and he plays well with Antonio,in fact we look weaker on the left in defence,yes he has to stop the silly things that get him booked but he will learn,
    At the end of the day they could not hit a barn door we were unlucky not to get another
    Playing average,but the Entertainment quality was not there but the win will be enough for most fans,

  4. I spoke to lots of people yesterday. Every one was grateful to Sam. He got reasonable applause (as opposed to ecstatic, I admit – sure; he is no Billy Bonds!) from the Bobby Moore end; ditto from lower tier West Stand – Towards Bobby Moore end. I am glad to say Chav corner was basically mute with abuse, and the closest they came was a chant about keeping it on the ground. SO, the proof of the pudding etc. Every which way you cut it, YOU SAM HATERS ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE CONCENSUS: CASE PROVED. Now then, back to hating Noble, I suppose, yeah?

  5. Sam got lots of stick yesterday .. I was in the lower west and everyone was slagging him off, every few minutes a witty comment was shouted out and people were laughing at him. He was saved even more stick by the early kick off and the fact that west ham fans are generally decent chaps & refused to lower themselves to his level .. but everywhere I went in the stadium I heard people OVERJOYED that he was I the away dugout and not the home one

    In the working mens club before the match nobody had a good word for him.. it was 95% anti Sam everywhere in green street and beyond

    Stay deluded my friend 🙂

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