Is Max Kilman the Answer, or Too Pricey? 

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West Ham United‘s shambolic defence last season is a major concern. After conceding a record-breaking 74 goals in the Premier League, signing top-quality centre-backs is their top summer priority.

Their initial target, Fabricio Bruno, seems out of reach. West Ham have now turned their attention to a familiar name: Max Kilman of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Kilman, Wolves’ captain, is a homegrown talent and a key player for them. His leadership and defensive prowess have been crucial to Gary O’Neil’s success as manager. Unsurprisingly, Wolves are expected to demand a hefty fee – reportedly £45 million, not far off what West Ham paid for Lucas Paqueta.

This price tag might be outside West Ham’s budget, effectively forcing them to look elsewhere. However, Wolves’ financial situation could work in West Ham’s favour. If Wolves need funds for their own transfers, they might be willing to negotiate Kilman’s asking price down.

West Ham must decide if Kilman is worth the gamble. His leadership and talent are undeniable, but the high price tag could limit their ability to address other areas needing improvement.

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  • Benny the Aussie says:

    I think he is too pricey, especially given we have a100m budget.
    I have a good friend who is Wolves through and through, they say Kilman is not a leader and surprised by his price tag.

  • Ronnie Bruno says:

    too pricey

  • Jeeps says:

    JLo needs to build a fortress around goal area (after last year’s fiasco).
    He has chosen 3 in particular which would be magic to the fans.
    Max Kilman + Ferdi Kudioglu + Riccardo Calafiori.
    Tim likes Youssouf Fofana for mid-field (battled with Moyes for his signature).
    Striker is rather a mute point and could be any of many.
    Maybe Simon Banza / Angel Gomez (Eng) / Wesley Gassova, who knows?
    Bit old but for left wing Flip Kostic (31) is a speculation.
    Not sure if JLo (and his support entourage) magic wand will stretch to cover this extensive list?

  • Mark says:

    Jacob Greaves a logical option.

  • Mibatch says:

    Too much, you must be joking. A PROVEN premier league YOUNG player and a captain already. What a fantastic soltion and base to rebuild. An exciting preseason would be cemented and we still have add more, probably at least three more to even have a squad. lets be AMBITIOUS and show this is the year became a big club. after 7 decades of support this ‘could’ be a great finale.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    He isn’t a £45m pound player that’s for sure, £25m maybe, tbh I can’t understand why we don’t pay Fabricio Bruno’s wages the price was £12.5m usual cheapskate Sullivan not paying the money to get the deal over the line

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