Is the fan tide turning against Slaven Bilic?

bilic2BT Sport picked up on West Ham fans on social media unhappy with Bilic’s tactics on Saturday and the Sports channel screened their comments live on TV.

West Ham Central “Slaven Bilic FC. Play players out of position, concede numerous goals, repeat. Tactical dinosaur.”

West Ham Fan Zone “I am not saying he should be sacked, not at all. However, if he continues with his ways then I cannot see him keeping his job. I said it ages ago and I will now repeat it. As much as I like him, I just cannot see Slaven Bilic being our manager next season. I love Slaven Bilic, but his stubbornness angers me so much. Its so frustrating that everyone can see what needs to happen apart from him.”

West Ham Social “100% Bournemouth deserved the win. Should have been 4-1 at half time because of our terrible, naive & embarrassing team selection & tactics. Come on Hammers be totally honest, are you actually happy there’s talk of a contract extension for Bilic, at this stage of the season? Starting the game with TWO key players out of position (Kouyate & Lanzini) then changing it after an hour anyway is absolutely ridiculous. Bold statement & many of you may consider it absolute nonsense but… If Bilic never played for West Ham, he wouldn’t still have a job.”


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14 comments on “Is the fan tide turning against Slaven Bilic?

  1. Mr West ham will get him sacked, players out of position is one thing but to continue playing Noble who clearly is having a crisis of confidence is quite another

  2. The important thing is that everyone uses the new stadium as an excuse.

    Well all the teams we play at the new stadium have never played there before, or a maximum of twice, and they don’t have a problem playing there, as they beat us ?
    So we must be playing $h!t football.

  3. No one would be happier than me if Bilic succeeds. He is the most honest of all the current Premier League managers. And he is genuinely a really nice guy. But his tactics are a lot to be desired. Not least the fact that he keeps playing players out of position every week. He refuses to play our recognised right back and every week the opposition manager exploits this. Yet the same mistake is made every week. Also Noble is NOT a bad player but he has played every game this season that he has been available. The guy needs a rest. What’s the point of having a squad if you never use it? Every other manager, manages their squad, except Bilic. He doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes.
    If we don’t finish 8th or higher, and God forbid we get dragged into a relegation battle, I don’t think the board will have any other option but to replace him with a manager of greater experience. Along the lines of a Mancini. Presuming he would come. That is a big presumption given that we want be in Europe.

  4. I do not understand why you are all moaning, You wanted Big Sam out so we could play the West Ham way. Now you have got the West Ham way you are still not happy.
    All the way back to 60’s we have tried to play tippy tappy football. It as never worked.
    Ron Greenwood had 3 world cup winners in his side and probably the best defender in the world and we still could not defend properly. We have always lost games by silly scores, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4. We have regularly been hit for 5 or 6.
    I am now 60, and if I am honest I feel West Ham have cheated me. When I look back at some of the great players we have had and never won anything, it’s criminal. Maybe Big Sam was right. The West Ham way is the losing way.

  5. Like Eug, I wish he would change his ways and do what was needed on the training ground and in team selection to make us successful, Bilic is right to a degree when he says we look good on the ball, in that we do against the so called lesser teams we do not look so good when we face teams that press the ball hard and without the ball we are hopeless. One of our best players when are without the ball is Feghouli, Obiang and Snodgrass are generally pretty decent other than that we seem to play this weird zonal floating defence where the players do not sprint back into position but float slowly back into their shape, against any team moving the ball quickly this results in easilly gained attacking opportunities. Nearly all managers have realised this and the fact there is a lack of pace in the team and exploit it, take Chelsea as an example they sat deep, counter attacked with pace and with very little energy expended beat us comfortably, West Brom got a draw they didn’t deserve by doing the same, Utd also adopted this approach, all you have to be to cause us problems is well organised defensively and have some pace on the counter attack. One of the biggest enditements of our team is our inability to hit the opponents target we normally have about a 10% success rate in shots taken to those hitting the target, against Bournemouth was an exception where we had 7 of 16 shots on target but this is not typical and also we very rarely create clear scoring chances in the centre of the goal like other teams who can open teams up more easilly. I have lacked confidence in Bilic from the middle of last season when he had the row with Sakho and Song which resulted in the latter never playing again, he then started playing Antonio at RB which was madness I could go on and on ultimately he along with the referees was responsible for us not qualifying for the group stages of Europa League he opened up the right side of the field to all opposing teams and they exploited it every game. If every neutral observer could see it, you can be sure his own team we were aware.

  6. Noble will be the cause of Bilic’s demise . To keep selecting him is beyond belief when he is ruining our team . Kouyate and Antonio have been sacrificed to keep Capt Terrible in the squad . Trying not to criticise Bilic but one more game with Noble in there and my patience will be gone .

  7. Love the man but he is not a manager for the premier league. Too many mistakes to list but the unforgivable ones are Antonio and Kayoute at right back. He doesn’t play the youth, we have some great talent waiting in the wings but persist with his favourites.
    Bilic has a poor record domestically, no trophies and never stays longer than 2 years. Look at Besiktas now, they won the league last year and are top this year challenging in Europe, the ingredients were there but not the recipe. We should be pushing Everton this year even with the poor transfers, he must go at the end of this season no question, if the owners know their football they will be looking already.

  8. Does it really matter who our manager is.You will still have the same mugs moaning about whoever is in charge.
    Every other manager we have had its happened,whoever our next half dozen managers may be it will happen.
    Its a joke.

  9. I think most fans want him to succeed and for sure he has been given more time than Sam would have been but for me it’s all not been good enough this season. In return for my season ticket money and pretty expensive travelling costs (from West Sussex) I’ve enjoyed the 2nd half of the Palace game and most of the West Brom game save the last 3 minutes… (I missed the Chelsea cup game) not much of a return is it. We’ve all endured horrible defeats to City, Watford, Arsenal and Southampton and played outrageously poorly in games that we won Bournemouth, Sunderland, Burnley etc so really I was quite surprised that Bilic and the board and this site seemed quite upbeat a few days ago following the Chelsea game. I must be watching a different side because its just not been good enough all season, Bilic, whom I love and want to succeed desperately, said only before the Bournemouth game last week he was going for nine points form the next three games…well I posted on this site that he was smoking something and said we would be lucky to get five…now I think I was smoking something too because I reckon now its only one point, a draw against Hull is the best we can hope for. I can see it now, we all get hyped up for the Leicester game as the week draws on, Slav says ‘we look good in training’ one of the players is wheeled out to say that the spirit in the dressing room ‘is the best he’s known at any club’ we line up, we sing bubbles and five minutes into the game our stand-in RB falls over his own laces and we are one down, the LS goes silent and everyone blames the stadium on the lack of atmosphere. I’ve said all along you cant blame the stadium its the lack of any sort of performance that causes the lack of atmosphere. sorry for the negative post but I’m a bit fed up with it all.

    • One trillion percent spot on my friend. It’s the absolute lack of pace, creativity and passion on the field. It takes Andy Carroll scoring the goal of his lifetime for the place to come alive, beyond that I’ve been in grave yards more exciting. The people are there, enough of them anyway. Put a product on the field to get people excited about it.

    • Agree 100% Pop, you have nailed it, as for a point from Hull don’t bet on it, they played us off the park in the home match and we got lucky, they are actually playing so well I wonder whether taking a punt on their manager might be the way forward…

  10. Well, I for one, think that Bilic is doing an excellent job. So far he has had precious little time, but I am starting to see little improvements all over the pitch.
    We have not had the best of luck, this Season, and we have had major personnel issues, all handled with style, grace, dignity and aplomb.
    Slaven is the man for me.

  11. Couldn’t agree more Pop ( great moniker I am old enough to remember Pop Robson )
    I have not been entertained in most of the home games also I have the aggravation of walking right round the stadium to accommodate the away fans plus I bought a season ticket from Abellio Anglia only to find out no trains have been running every weekend due to cross rail so have had to go via C2C so I am paying twice, so you can imagine I am getting fed up with the whole setup it is about time Bilic sorted out his team selection also about time h played some youngsters they can’t be that bad if so why did we sign them

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