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Is this Slav’s line-up for Chelsea?

bilic2Ok with the big game around the corner the guessing game starts – how will Slav line up the lads for a big night at Stamford Bridge?

We have no major inside information as the manager himself has admittd it remains open but having looked closely at pre-season we reckon this looks something like the line up he will use – with Payet in for Feghouli and Cressie back plus a little formation reshuffle – when everybody is available.

Those not included here will, we believe, be used mainly for Europa and Domestic Cup games plus being drafted in when we have injuries or suspension.

So here’s how we believe the team will look for Monday night:  Adrian: Antonio, Reid, Ogbonna Masuaku; Nordveit; Feghouli, Noble, Kouyate;  Ayew, Carroll.

Should that turn out to be the case we believe that James Collins can consider himself unlucky as Winston Reid has looked uncertain in the pre-season.

However, we don’t expect the manager to start to season by leaving out a player who has been key for us in recent seasons on the bench.

Natually we hope we have the right side of defence wrong and that Sam Byram is in there with Antionio pushed forward. Sadly we have our doubts.

Slav has indcated strongly in his pre-season presser that Dimi is likely to be on the pitch at the end having coming back in good condition.

ClaretandHugh verdict: 2-2

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Is this Slav’s line-up for Chelsea?

  1. I think byrum will start with Antonio on the right and fenguli on bench !
    Fengouli isn’t prem wise yet and Antonio deserves his place as read is as mentioned !
    I’m going for a win 2-1 ! Why not .

  2. I must disagree with you, Hugh. Although Slaven has consistently shown a preference for Antonio at right back, the need to restrict Hazard will require Byram in that position who, incidentally, has been one of our outstanding players pre-premiership season. Furthermore, Slaven hardly ever starts with two strikers, and certainly won’t away from home against one of the top teams who themselves only have one up top (Costa) and would certainly dominate midfield with their 5 to our 4 under your lineup. Finally, Oxford –despite his Zaza mistake – has been the outstanding centre back pre-season + Europa (& why have two left footed centre Backs when Oxford is on song) , and Ogbonna would be preferred to Reid as he will have extra fire in his belly with regard to impressing Conte. So, my lineup? Adrian; Byram, Oxford, Ogbonna, Masuaku; Nordveit; Antonio, Noble, Kouyate, Feghouli; Carroll .

    • Oxfords Glaring mistake against Zaza ( similar to his mistake against Lukaku ), shows inexperience. Something we can’t afford in this first game of the season away to Chelsea.
      By the end of this season he will have fixed those problems but not yet.

  3. I think the above team is likely to be spot-on ( rightly or wrongly for Antonio ). I can’t see it far different.
    If it is this team then we should get a result.

  4. The team you mention is based on previous choices from Slav likely to be the team he picks, last season he surprised everyone playing Oxford hopefully this season he will surprise us all and play Byram and Collins in place of Reid and Antonio. I am not confident at all of a result if Antonio is played at right back but think if he does play Collins and Byram we will surprise them and win 2 0

    • I agree that there is a very good case for Byrom.

      • …. or even Byram

        • Ta mate, on the subject of Bilic did anyone read the interview with him in the Mail there was a brilliant quote about big Sam below that made me laugh.

          The players will respect him. He’s a big man. He’s Big Sam. You see him on the television, he fills the screen. You are looking for the board with the sponsors names behind. Where have they gone? You can’t see them.

          ‘Guardiola, he’s not a big guy. It doesn’t matter, he’s Guardiola, the players will listen. And when Sam comes in, they will listen, too. He will get his point across because he’s imposing — he’s a guy who makes you pay attention.

  5. I thought I’d check out the WHU website team page to remind my self of all the players:
    1) Burke is listed as a Development player. Oxford and Doneil Henry are listed in 1st team…(Henry ahead of Burke?? Strange?)
    2) Antonio is listed as a midfiedler (rightly as far as I am concerned)
    3) Samuleson makes 1st team list
    4) Ayew listed as striker
    5) The only RB as his natural 1st position is Byram.
    6) Sakho IS listed (for 1st team); Obviously?
    7) Fletcher is listed (which is v good news as far as I am concerned; I can easily see him being the find of the season – another Rashford)
    8) Callieri – Not yet listed (but presumably will be)
    9) Martinez is as a Development player; Obviously? I think both he and Fletcher could make a mark this season if given the opportunity
    10) Domingos Quinna not listed at all
    11) Diego Poyet not listed at all (He did go on US Tour, but can’t see him succeeding)
    12) Hendrie not listed as out on loan
    13) Any others I might have missed? Pls complete my ommissions!
    The reason I looked in the 1st place is that in midfield, once Payet, Lanzini and Tore (properly) return, who do you the hell should be left leave out??!
    Whilst, IMO I don’t see Tore raising the roof (but hoped to be proved wrong!), as for the rest, its unbelievably good midfield…fantastic. Mindblowing!
    My worries:
    a) RB: Make Byram 1st choice (IMO), and buy back up
    b) CH: Is Reid still up to it? Oxford clearly knocking on the door.
    IMO Burke + Samuelson should have been sent out to Championship for final toughening up in preparation for regular 1st team appearances in future years.

  6. Adrien,Byram ,Noveldt,Ogbonna,Masuaku,Kouyate,Noble
    Bench Feggolui,Oxford,Obiang,Reid,Valencia,Randolf,
    Burke other option
    I would play Novedt at right CH or Burke as I see it as our week link,
    Byram with Antonio should work well on the Right,
    The left looks strong with Tore on the wing and Ayew in the pocket behind Carroll with no Payet,
    If we were at home I would play Feggolui not Antonio but we need cover on the right side,
    What ever team we put out and bench we have never looked stronger,
    You won’t believe this but I fancy us to win 0-3 yes we win by 3,

  7. Looks a reasonable selection , Hugh . But I think Slaven will give Byram his big chance at RB with Antonio pushed up field . It’s important to get off to good start , but it’s also important to give players experience and show confidence in them . If it seems not to be working then there are options of course . Chelsea will see this as Thier starting gate game and will consider themselves favorite . Just as Arsenal did last season . Reckon we can spoil Thier day though . West Ham to win 1 – 0 . With the big mans head .

  8. It’s the team I would predict will be selected. Its not my team. I would never play Carroll up top as a lone striker, I still cant understand why they persist with this when they see it themselves, if you play two up front then it is a different story. It is a risk playing Antonio at RB but I can see why he would choose him over Byran. Its also a risk playing LB so I am surprised he has not considered playing Ogbanna at LB and bring Oxford in at CB.

  9. Well if anything , we are definitely a strong side and I think most would agree that a C/H is a must , oxford IMO is a player for the foreseeable future and deserves his chance in stages ,
    The difference a class centre half would make would be dare I say title challenging ? Lol.
    Antonio will put hazard under pressure defending making byrum job easier and more beneficial ! But we must learn to break up play with the soft foul and not the last ditch danger zone tackles that earn us yellows ? You can get 3-4 of them in before a yellow and it frustrates the life out of the oppo . All top sides do it , time we woke up !
    Reid will start but needs to buck up !

  10. Ok , johnboy . I can see what you are saying , but falling over to win a foul is not the way I want to see football played . It’s ok on the continent because that’s what they have been doing it for donkeys years . Nowadays the refs are wising up to it . Time to get back to good old fashioned football instead of playing like a load of poofs . Winning a ” professional foul ” is a skill and part of football today ,, but it is becoming to be a form of cheating . Don’t like cheats , never have , never will .
    I think the opposite to you ( no arguement or bad intentions ) and think the rules should allow for a manly game where bodily contact is part and parcel of a game involving 22 players . Not a few individual players that think falling over is the way to play football .
    Hey , but that’s me . Not everyone will agree with it . I know that already .

    • Where did I say dive Kevin ?? I said break up play !!!! That’s a foul !!! Pro / cheat call it what you like, its used like law !
      The continent bit has been here for years now .lol.
      And there is not a ref on the planet that’s wising up to it !!! Its because of them that its rife !

      • Kevin I dont think you can use the term ‘ a load of poofs’ anymore without having lawsuits taken out against you haha Be careful what you pick up in the post Monday,it could get expensive haha 😀

  11. I’ve noticed feghouli is being played wide right,so Payet normally play’s out leftish.I think he might put Ayew up top and play both. COYI

  12. Lets see players playing in their natural positions. As we’re away lets keep it tight at the back. My team Adrian, Byram, Reid, Ogbonna, Masuaku, Norveit, Kouyate, Noble, Antonio, Ayew and Carroll. We have a great bench and can always change things later if necessary.

  13. There is some good new Lawro has tipped us to lose COYI!!!

  14. After reading everybodys comments i think i can safely say the only thing that can be agreed upon is that adrian, masauka ogbonna noble , kouyate aside nobody knows what our strongest side is and if we are all being honest i dont think slav does either. I believe the door is open for players to earn the right to the shirt and with the amount of talent available it is going to make things very interesting for us all …2-1 to us coyi!

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