Is this the Hammers first team?

BilicI sat down to complete what I thought would be a relatively simple task this morning – selecting the Hammers starting line up for next season – err wrong…it’s actually a tough old call.

I started from the premise that everybody is fit although in the Hammers world that would represent something of  a major miracle.

However one of my new mottoes for the season is #trustlewin!

It was also necessary to ensure that no allowances are made for a player’s position – so sorry Mark Noble, the captaincy role doesn’t guarantee you of a place in my team.

Obviously game conditions will dictate the manager’s choices but mine are very personal choices based on what I believe is a team that looks safe at the back strong in midfield and can cause damage up front with a bench of real strength.

So here we go and please send your teams – looking forward to seeing them:

WE ARE PLAYING 4-5-1: Hart; Zabaleta, Reid, Ogbonna, Masuaku; Obiang, Kouyate; Antonio, Lanzini, Arnautovic; Hernandez.

Bench: Adrian, Byram, Rice, Cresswell, Noble, Fernandes, Sakho


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26 comments on “Is this the Hammers first team?

  1. My team would be a 3 5 2 which consists of
    Hart; Zabaleta, Reid, Masuaku; Obiang, Kouyate; Antonio, Lanzini, Arnautovic, Hernandez and Sakho or mixing it up to a 4 5 1 depending on the match

  2. I know in some quarters it will be frowned upon but i woukd like to see Zabaleta be given the captains armband.
    I wouldn’t have my team much more different than yours in that formation Hugh and the swaps i would make are a toss of a coin so i will go with yours.

  3. Dangerous territory picking teams, given the stick we give out to those that do but ok I’m in! I wouldn’t know a formation if it bit me on the bum so I’ll not offer one;

    Hart; Zabaleta, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell; Noble, Kouyate; Antonio, Lanzini, Arnautovic; Hernandez.

    Bench: Adrian, Byram, Fonte, Obaing, Fernandes, Carroll and Ayew

    Can’t believe these don’t get a place on the bench;

    Massa, Collins, Rice, Fegouli, Snodgrass (ok ok!) , Quina, Burke, Martinez, Sakho, Samuelson.

    Have I missed anyone? Probably.

    I still think there will be 2 more coming in.


    • fine bit of team picking ! totally agree.

      • Thank you Sleepyfishes you can be my no. 2. Laz, you can put the cones out with Dabo 😂😂

        • Haha , yes john I could also oil group captain Hobble ( Bader ) joint’s and coach cress well in the art of defending , but I need to be paid in burger king 🙂 theyr’e in a different league to maccydees 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Never pick teams, I put my trust in Our Manager, yes we then express opinions as the teams settles down, whoever Slav selects we have to give them a chance, back them fully. What does shock me is how our talented youth still do not get an opportunity, it will have to happen sometime like many others let them sadly leave!

  5. Not an Ayew fan then Hugh 🙂 ditto 🙂

  6. Mine is

    Zab, Collins, Reid, Masuaku
    Antonio, Lanzini, Obiang, Arnautovic
    Sakho, Hernandez

    Hart, Ogbonna, Byram, Ayew, Kouyate, Fernandes, Feghouli, Carroll

    For me Collins is the best right sided centre back we have, neither Reid, nor Fonte look comfortable there in a flat back four. Ogbonna can cover left back and CB, Hart has to prove himself and Carroll should only be used when necessary as plan B, Lanzini will play at the point of a diamond, with Obiang at its base Antonio on the right and Arnie on the left.

    • Love 2 up front but it won’t happen. Ohhher missus.

      • Probably not John tbh I think your team is the most likely based on Slav’s previous teams but the above is the team I would pick, Noble not even on the bench he would be club captain, not sure who would be Captain on the pitch previously it has been Reid but depending on how the players have taken to him would be inclined to give it to Zab it is also another reason I would not have Noble on the bench a clean break is required to establish the new captains status.

  7. mine
    masuarka reid ogbonna zabaletta
    amautovic kouyatte lanzini Antonio
    subs ayew-noble- Fernandez-cresswell-byram-obiang-adrian

  8. Sorry Hugh i just cant bring myself to do it.If i do it once i might get addicted & need to do it every day. 😂

    • You’d need polish up on your 442 and 351 and 38-22-38s Rads. I sued to play for The Cubs and we played 1-10. That always worked well with lots of ball action.

  9. I have come up with so many different permutations i gave up…
    But sorry Noble no place for you in any of them…Dont take it personally…

  10. Rad’s !!! How could you even pamper the thought 🙂 I’m in deep shock 🙂 🙂

  11. How about;

    Antonio Kouyate Adrian Byram
    Fonte Noble Billic
    Collins Hart Reid

    That would work. Carroll would be great in goal. Adrian to take pens. Your thinking not Noble in CM right?

  12. You seem to have sued on the brain John,now you want to sue some cubs.You aint a lawyer are you or work in a PPI claim call centre in Delhi 😂
    Ok lads i will say if all are fit we will have Reid,Fonte,Ogbonna/Collins as a back 3 at Manure.The rest you lot fight over 😉

    • Sued/Used whatever. FatfingersRus 😂😂

      Where has Stanley gone? I liked Stanley.

      • Yeah he’s a good guy Stanley.I think he posted a few days ago but he had a couple of run ins on here.Maybe at 70 or whatever he is he thought i dont need this grief 😁

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