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It’s misery for Moyes – the manager’s verdict

Moyes1David Moyes made it clear that the Hammers didn’t deserve the final 4-0 scoreline at Goodison Park!

Delevering his verdict on the game he told BBC Sport: “”Not good in the first half but a massive improvement at half-time. We didn’t deserve that final score. Mistakes cost us.

“The missed penalty [at 2-0] was the turning point. It looked too difficult a challenge once we didn’t score it. We never really got at it from the start. We allowed them to get a bit of confidence.

“The [Everton] penalty changed it, it’s poor defending from us. Their goals were too easy to score. Joe [Hart] kicks it and Wayne [Rooney] scores from the halfway line. We made our own mistakes. We want to set the team up to be hard to beat and that wasn’t difficult [for Everton] tonight.

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“It’s what Wayne can do. He’s always got goals in him and technical ability. He’s got the knack of being in the right place to score goals.

“I think we saw some positive signs in the second half. It didn’t go for us when we needed it. There were a lot of small things we needed to go for us.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

17 comments on “It’s misery for Moyes – the manager’s verdict

  1. There were no positives at all tonight!

  2. Post-truth!

  3. Someone order him a straight jacket! Same mistakes as Bilic, no youth, hart should of been dropped 6 weeks ago (2 assists tonight). Not to start out best forward Sakho from the start and play a back 3 which is the only time we look half decent shows Moyes and his 3 failed men are as clueless as the board who appointed him. We made Everton look like Barcelona and Undsworth like Guardiola.

    • Hart should have never even came on loan. We didn’t need a GK badly we needed defenders CBs & didn’t get any. Harts loan & wages would have got us a solid CB.
      But Adrian for me is better shot stopper & faster. Also Hart is suppose to organise & be a leader I haven’t see much of that. I think the CBs are mor comfortable w Adrian.
      I would honestly send Hart back if we can & free up wages bc he won’t be around next summer even if we stay up. I think his beat years are behind him.
      And Sakho should have started I like Ayew but not a lone Striker does well behind CF. And Sakho is our most rounded CF.
      But defensively we were in shambles again. 2 years a we have still not addressed our CB issues.
      Besides Rice all aging & Injury prone.

  4. Allardyce had a grin on he’s fat chops as wide as the mersey I bet he can’t wait to sign that contract I was glad to see the back of the hoof ball bloke now we’ve got 11 players who don’t know what a football is for & as for Hart you can see why Citeh didn’t want him & he’s team mate Zabaletta how he didn’t get red carded for a 2 footed lunge I don’t know he’s past it same as Fonte West Ham please play some youth at least there try can’t be no worse than the shower on the park tonight

  5. Pulis perhaps. Desperate times require desperate measures. I looked at the squad and too many will leave when we go down it is a shambolic set of events that could break this club

  6. The Manager’s verdict might as well be, “I’ve bitten off more than I can chew !”

  7. Surely now he will give youth a chance.Yes it did swing on that missed penalty completely,but we were already 2 down.The defence is an absolute shambles and needs a complete makeover in January.Obiang and Kouyate were awful again and to not start with Sakho was criminal.We need A f…… WIZARD TO SORT THIS LOT OUT.

    • Gandalf gone to the grey havens 64 , and jaffar is in china with the lamp ? So gypsy lil from terrycottles circus will have to do ! And she’s cheap ? 😂

  8. Its misery for every west ham supporter ! Most can see what we need ! But Moyes and bilic can’t ! Maybe its down to contracts and pecking order ! Just guessing as I can’t believe pro,s like bilic and Moyes cant see what the problems are !! Imho ? Our board are to blame for everything that’s going on ! I don’t want to keep banging on about the board but Sullivan has a lot to answer for , this club is far to big for him to control IMO , he’s out of his depth ! As are Brady and gold . they have achieved nothing in their much self admiring 20 years in football ! Birmingham ffs !!! You could write a book from our armchairs but what’s the point its all been said a thousand times !! Our club is not in a very nice place at present and I can’t see a way out of it ! Even if sully puts up 100 mill 😉 who is going to want to come , December looks like
    Its going to be agony , and let’s face it we were always going to kick start evertons season tonight .lol it was written in the past and still written today ! Its a curse ! Its west ham !😟

  9. 14th most expensive shower of ****e in the world ?????? The two Davids and Lady Brady would do (us fans? and themselves? ) a great favour by going back to what made them ??????? =selling porn magazine’s ? They seemed to know what they were doing If it made them rich and successful??? Or so I’m led to believe??? There throwing there money away on buying players in a market they don’t have a clue about in football ?? Hard honest graffters is what good team’s have?? Burnley are a example of that ? Certainly not the shower of ****e that played tonight !!!!!!!!

  10. Agree with you Laz and I’ve said it many times before S&G are way out of their depth. I’ve read what Hugh and others have said about them saving the club from ruin and yes, they did get the club back on a level keel financially but they are now slowly destroying it through their own naivety. Be careful what you wish for all their faithful followers shout, well the best we can hope for is stability in the championship because that’s where these two cut their football club ownership teeth with Birmingham City and that’s the extent of their capability and financial commitment. I accept and admire what they have done in their own businesses but as we all know running a football club is a totally different proposition. I’m afraid we were also sold a right pup with their claims about the London Stadium but that”s another aspect of this whole sad saga. The irony is that the only thing that will save this great club could be the stadium. Everything is potentially there to the attract the right investors – a large capacity stadium, a huge loyal fan base and a location in the financial district of the most famous city in the world. Please Mr Sullivan and Gold Just accept that this challenge is beyond you and make it known that the club is for sale. Investors with deeper pockets than you are buying up far inferior Clubs in the Midlands with none of them having what West Ham have to offer. We will be left behind languishing in the lower reaches of the Championship for years on end just wondering what might have been. Very sad.

    • Yes they did help us out a bind & have done some good things. But they are businessmen & even if Fans Sully shouldn’t be out director of football. They aren’t going to sell but if they could get a right investor & take a more hands off approach like most owners do. Some like the idea of Director others don’t bc attracting big mgrs they like to do it themselves but our recruitment as been horrible.
      So they should just be owners hire ppl do do the jobs they aren’t capable of.

  11. Worrying signs for Moyes.
    This was the third outing for Moyes, and we have never gained any sense of initiative or dominance in the first half.
    While we played with more spirit in the second half, I feel it was more of a reflection of team pride, rather than a massive improvement
    Moyes made a poor decision by starting the game with Andre Ayew as our CF, rather than Diafra Sakho, who looked much stronger when he got his chance in the second half.

  12. So the turning point in the match was when we missed the pen hey? Ffs is Moyes as blind as Slav? I’ve a novel concept to offer here, how about we try harder not to go 2-0 down in the first place and see how we get on.
    Our players were shocking again, management devoid of any imagination and frankly we are no better than we were a month ago.
    Ruined my week and with City to come, my mood is unlikely to improve any time soon. And all thanks to the clowns running, managing and not playing for our beloved club. Need a drink snd it ain’t 7Am yet!

  13. So it’s on to City on Sunday! Those jokers have been struggling a bit recently to keep their run of wins going. Apparently they have had to rely on late goals in the last 3 matches & little old Pep has been getting in a right smeg about it. Even had a go at Redmond about it after the game i.e. After they had won their 25th game (or whatever who cares?) so I have good news for them. They won’t have to mess about with all that ‘ breaking down a determined defence stuff’. I can guarantee you won’t see any determined defenders on Sunday. Pep – you won’t have to make a dick of yourself with all that ridiculous & pointless hand waving. In return can we just ask in return that you stop scoring after about 6 please – should be after about 30m. You already have a goal difference greater than our goals conceded& 3 times our goals scored ( I am making this up cos I don’t care any more).

    Me? I will be down the pub. The one with no Sky tv. I may check the score afterwards but will try not to. Thanks Gold & Sullivan for wrecking our football club for us. You could do the honourable thing & put the club up for sale. But I know we can rely on you not to do the honourable thing.

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