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It’s Moyes as Irons stick by decision

hd-david-moyes-sunderland-middlesbrough_1bz2ernzj78us1byl6de0u9bvjWest Ham made David Moyes their pick as the man to replace Slaven Bilic after two other available candidates – Sam Allardyce and Alan Pardew – had received consideration.

And despite some reaction to the noisy outburst of supporter discontent when news leaked the club finally settled its nerves last night and decided to stick by its decision to bring in the Scot on a six month deal.

The official announcement is expected later in the week with the deal now all but done. Moyes is believed to have flown into the City airport last evening before heading for talks with the board.

Allardyce is understood to have wanted around £8 million a year to return to the club whilst Pardew was seen as a manager who had failed in his recent jobs.

Moyes had been the original choice when the Hammers looked to replace Allardyce but at that point he was unprepared to quit Real Sociedad despite only being on an 18 month contract.

He is recognised as a hard training ground taskmaster which is what looks to be required after the the laid back and easy going approach of Bilic.

He will be backed in the January transfer window which helped him decide on the move after receiving little cash at Sunderland in that area.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

36 comments on “It’s Moyes as Irons stick by decision

  1. If you are going to choose between two managers who will play much the same way -Big Sam & Moyes- and both will be unpopular with a lot of the fans, why not go for the one who has never been relegated in the PL rather than one who was last year? Just wondering….Then I saw the bit in the article about cost & it all became clear. We have gone for the cheap option yet again. We deserve to go down…

  2. The thing is , the hobbit,s legs are so small that his pockets are to far away to reach into. Lol!
    Will lanzini stay !! I don’t think that his performance v the lids was a turn in form ? More a come and get me Mr klopp ??
    My heart sank when I read this appointment was going ahead !! Ffs 😟
    Moyes never wanted to come here , turned us down twice ? Why come now ?
    And that manc Neville to boot ?? This is a nightmare !!!! Do not us supporters count for anything you piece of 💩 sully !!! Wtf are you doing 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    • Most fans wanted Bilic – they won’t admit it but they were wrong. We are too emotional about the club we support and our decisions are always wrong. I suspect this applies to the chairmen too.

  3. Well, that’s that. Championship here we come.

  4. He’s got to be better than Bilic – give him a chance!

  5. Fortunately for us Palace are already down, and there are worse teams that us, so I don’t think we will go down, but the rest of the season will not be pretty. Bilic has to go, so from that point of view these players have a lot to prove to the manager otherwise they will be gone in January so at least some commitment on the pitch would be an improvement.

  6. I am just saying it now -so that you can’t accuse me of “hindsight being a wonderful thing” after it has happened. This is a pathetic appointment.

  7. “”Pardew was seen as a manager who had failed in his recent jobs””

    Whereas Moyes was a resounding success in his last few jobs? hahahha

    totally clueless, appointing a manager the fans don’t want on a short term deal is a complete recipe for disaster. 2 defeats and people will be on his back and the players know he won’t be there next year

    We’re going down

  8. Looks like the major decisions are influenced by Tony Henry (I think that’s his name) who will now be reunited with his old mate from Everton. Given his track record with the players we have purchased this does not look promising. West Ham are hard to watch these days – this will not improve things.

  9. Moyes and Neville are an appallingly bad appointment but I guess true to form with owners they will be the cheap option,Billic is being treated atrociously either sack him or not and get on with it

  10. now is the time to boycott the home game v Leicester won’t it look good on sky TV loads of empty seats & then Carroll can’t moan about fans walking out. What as happened to the club I love it’s been dismantled by a greedy pair of ******** & a gob****e woman enough is enough plz go & before you appoint Moyes take him with you

  11. Make way for Fellaini lol

  12. What we need to know is, is it permanent or just a 6 month spell.

  13. Actually Fellaini made lots happen when he came on against Chelsea yesterday.

    • I never liked him much, but he would certainly add steel to the back of our midfield. As long as he is not played further foward.

      • Are you off your head?
        The guy is elbows on legs – I’d be ashamed to see him pull on a shirt for us.
        Not that we have a say where it matters, but for what it’s worth; not Moyes! Ever.

  14. Listen I would never have voted for Moyes and I still hope it falls down somewhere but for god’s sake if he is appointed let’s give him a chance for the sake of the club.

  15. Trouble with the ‘hard taskmaster’ stuff is that players will take this from managers they respect & who they think will turn things round. They will just down tools if they don’t. The players will be sharing a lot of the doubts expressed on here about Moyes. Tony Cascarino has said today that we should be aiming for somebody better- without explaining who that might be. But I agree that we could do worse & now have to give Moyes a chance.

  16. Very poor decision, Moyes has failed more than Pardew, so that comment is pathetic. There is nothing in Moyes’ recent history to suggest we is a shoe in to keep us up, in fact quite the opposite. I cannot for the life of me why GandS are prepared to risk dropping out of the PL, their plans are all based on us being in the PL and this is a risk that doesn’t need to be taken. I am dumbstruck!!

  17. While I don’t want Moyes anywhere near our club, why do some fans think they should be consulted before a new manager is appointed or asked who they they should go for?
    Who ever comes can’t be any worse than Bilic & Co, we are sleep walking in to the Championship atm, no passion or fight.

  18. I feel really bad for Slaven. The board made it clear from the outset that he wasn’t first choice with all their online media nonsense, and it never felt like they had any real belief in him. In my opinion he’s a better man than ether Sullivan or Gold will ever be.
    As for Moyes, if the strong rumours are true, he’s certainly got his work cut out. I hope he proves himself with us, but for me it echoes of the Macari appointment.

  19. Look on the bright side side…the Championship will get rid of a lot of the plastics and there’ll be derbies with Millwall to look forward to.

  20. Why would they back him financially in January if they’re only going to employ him on a temporary basis. Something stinks! They will lie to the fans again wait until season tickets have been sold then drop the bomb!

  21. God help us ! sack the board. If we go down I would love to see how many people are on this cycle waiting list

  22. Surely when you sack your manager you have a plan to replace him with someone better ?
    Moyes is no upgrade
    Pardew and Hippo been there done that no upgrade
    Have I a better man NO
    Slav showed to much faith in people who stabbed him in the back
    Should have given youth a chance which in the past is one thing Moyes had done
    Sad to see u go Slav but it was time as you did not learn

  23. There are managers like Laurent Blanc, Mike Buskens and Bruno Labbadia all available and the absolute BEST our board can come up with is David Moyes? This is a deliberate and concerted effort to alienate the fans obviously, as I can see no other reason on earth as to why they’d employ David Moyes in ANY capacity, let alone as fecking manager! I’d take Mazzari or Sousa in a heartbeat ahead of Moyes. Actually, for that matter I think even Pepe Mel would be a better appointment! SuGo aren’t just scraping the bottom of the barrel here, they’re leaning over and licking it clean.

  24. It’s ironic that it looks like Moyes is going to West Ham and Big Sam is heading north to Everton.

  25. Moyes 84 games 24% win rate won 20 drawn 21 lost 43. Scored 79 conceded 123. That’s who we want in relegation battle & don’t kid yourself we are in one. for some posters who say that don’t think we could get relegated good squad others stayed up without but w right mgr.Palace look just as good as us since Chelsea if not better. They have actually had fought fixtures then us. Bournemouth Howe has pulled them out before & they have Identity we lack one. Swansea are bad off bad off but we barley beat them should be a draw if into for Masuaku & Sahko.
    But I just can’t see Moyes as the manager u want in this situation his aboive record speaks for itself we need someone w confidence to come in who gets the most out of squad & I’m not convinced he has that.
    We could sell Sahko for £10-£12m in Jan & that would cover buying out a mgr and paying his wages for 3 years or more honestly cover the whole staff we need. Buy ous are btwn £2.5-£5 . Some good Championship mgrs make £300k-£500k…
    I would have Pardew over Moyes but Hiddink is of the ones without a Job would be my first pick he can do 6 months or longer

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