It’s that man again !


It’s that man again !

Sitting outside enjoying a cup of tea and feeling at peace with the world, I suddenly come across a news story which made me spill my tea.

According to The Sun, we have allegedly reopened talks to sign the Maguire again !.

Yes, we all know that we had an offer of £30m  accepted but personal terms were never agreed.

And quite rightly we moved on.

Why on earth has our Supremo, who incidentally has redeemed himself over the last week or so, still seemingly obsessed with him – that’s always assuming we believe what the Sun has to say.

I don’t buy for one minute this “ready-made Captain” nonsense with Kurt Zouma proving himself ideal in the role.

Anyway, the Irons now have a far better player in the ex-Arsenal defender Dinos Mavropanos who we recently picked up from Stuttgart

Let us hope that this is one of those stories that is not going anywhere as is often the case with The Sun of course

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  • barnie884 says:

    Cant see why this would happen now we have Dinoa, we need FBs more importantly (and another striker) – why we would waste time and money on him?
    I hope it’s just the press loving a Maguire story

  • jaybs says:

    What is wrong with Moyes this strange obsession with Harry Maguire, a player, not good enough for Manchester United, but Moyes Golden Boy! It is getting worrying that a manager can be so tunnel visioned, Maguire will wreck Our Club, and he must NEVER BE CLUB CAPTAIN!

    • Moondog says:

      Sadly this is Moyes obsession with out of favour past their best Man Utd mercenary s !!!!!!!

  • hammerpete6 says:

    No thanks we don’t need him at all, not his deluded ego, his wages or his slow pace. He moves forward like he thinks he is Beckenbauer (for the older fans!) But he is a legend in his own mind. Surely we have moved on with our signings?

  • Buster says:

    West Ham don’t need him. They moved on a few weeks ago. A left back, and a striker must be priorities before Friday night.

    Expect Jesse Lingard to sign a deal. Danny Ings, Aaron Cresswell and possibly Ben Johnson might be moving on this week if West Ham can sign the players they need.

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