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January caution on cards after summer transfers

West Ham’s plans for the winter window may be coming under a heavy review with news that Mario Husillos could be on his way from the club by summer or before.

His departure was first mentioned a couple of months ago and events since have done absolutely nothing to help him. Whether the club fire him or let him fall on his sword remains to be seen.

But in the meantime there is bound to be real caution exercised in the winter window where few top players are ever available anyway.

And as a result any transfer rumours and speculation must be considered suspect when we have to assume that Husillos’ fingerprints may be on them.

His goose essentially looks to have been cooked by the horrific Roberto scenario with the stats demonstrating the depth of  his misjudgement.

Here they are:

Seven games started – two points, no clean sheets plus a 4-0 at Oxford.

Without him – 7 games 14 points, three  clean sheets.

Beyond that we have seen Pablo Fornals struggle although he may be getting grips to things following Saturday’s performance.

However, essentially it may have been significant that he, Balbuena and  Anderson were the only Pelle/Husillos signings to start in a match where victory was carved out by earlier signings..


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “January caution on cards after summer transfers

  1. I would still like us to buy a defensive midfielder with PL experience

  2. One player cast out, One win and our problems are solved?

    We could still be in a real relegation fight and just not realise it yet.

    The difference between the top teams and everyone else is and will always be money.

    • Money, yes, but not necessarily how much, but rather the ability to spend what you do have, wisely.

      Unfortunately, when the owners spent vast amounts on Pellegrini and his entourage, unwisely, the chances of them then buying wisely were remote, at best.

      All of which is a pretty poor indictment on the owners, in the first place…………and so it goes on………

    • 2 of the top 5 have hardly spent anything.

  3. Utter nonsense to blame anyone for buying a player that struggles. You could go through every team there has ever been and pick out a purchase that didn’t work out. Ferguson bought in quite a few and no-one got so worked up as to talk about him leaving Utd because of it. The overreaction over one bad purchase is ludicrous. It’s not like Roberto came from some obscure team, he won a league title with a team that is regularly in the Champions League. We didn’t even pay a fee, for cryin our loud.

  4. The recent speculation over Husillos is just utter madness. To castigate somebody for one bad purchase, A FREE ONE AT THAT!!, is just nonsense. I imagine every team in the World has bought a player that didn’t work out or who was a dud. I remember Ferguson buying a few misfits who didn’t amount to much but i didn’t see speculation regarding him being sacked because of it. It’s not like Roberto came from some obscure club in the lower reaches of some distant league either. He won the Championship with a club that is regularly in the Champions League for cryin’ out loud!

    • Yes, and its not like Pellegrini/Husilios came from some obscure club, in China!

      Ok, name one or more players that he have imported that has worked out well…………

      You seem to have STRESSED the fact that so-called “free” means don’t expect and you will not be disappointed?

      Great attitude when hiring players: especially if you got them from a club who are regularly in the Champions League.

      Our newly beloved David Martin, although making zero appearances for Liverpool, was on their books for 2 years.

      So, you must be right……….

      • Balbuena at £4m looks like a good deal, Haller is a good player who’s strengths aren’t being utilised, Fornals will come good but people don’t seem to realise how long adapting to a new league can take. Henry at Arsenal took 11 games to find the net i believe and people were shouting about what a waste of money he was at first. He seemed to work out ok in the end.

        I’m not stressing free should mean anything but plenty of teams have gone out and spent millions on a player who hasn’t lived up to the hype. At least we didn’t spend anything on Roberto AND his and Martin’s wages are supposedly less combined than Adrians.

        Pellegrini being in China has no relevance to anything, i don’t think

  5. No club has ever done it perfectly, especially the top clubs!

    The problem isn’t making mistakes and miscalculations, it’s not being able to correct them, while simultaneously persisting in the quest to improve.

    Similar subject
    Am I right in thinking that the manager asked for this guy? If so isn’t it supposed to be done the other way round?

  6. This guy *Husillos

  7. Well, Roberto has been a disaster and Fornals and Ajeti have been next to invisible – and someone has to carry the can for such poor dealings in the Transfer Market and Husillos looks the most likely candidate!

    The recruitment of Roberto does show very poor judgement!

  8. No matter what position we are in at Christmas I think everyone will agree that the team still needs a box to box good midfielder plus back up for centre half, I do not understand why Pelle does not rest Anderson & play Masuaku on the wing after all he has shown good form going forward but is a disaster as a full back

  9. ‘At least we didn’t spend anything on Roberto AND his and Martin’s wages are supposedly less combined than Adrians’

    Er isn’t this indicative of the actual problem!?

    • I think it’s indicative of THE problem of finding a goalkeeper you’d be happy with between the sticks who would be happy if only playing in the odd cup game every year. No. 2’s are no. 2’s for a reason. Adrian was once our number 1, we didn’t bring him in to sit on the bench and so his wages were obviously indicative of a number 1 keeper. Our no’s. 2 and 3 were bought in as reserves and thus their wages reflect that

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