January window? Just can’t see the point

CandH’s Facebook admin Carol Combes climbs onto her high horse to give her thoughts on the January transfer window – Take it away Caz.
transfer-centre-transfer-window-generic_3060909Sorry, but I still can’t see the point of the January transfer window. I have tried, but I dread it more with every passing season and here’s why!
It seems to be an unsettling distraction for many clubs. December and January tend to have more newspaper/social media type about transfers, rumours, ‘wish-lists’ than it does about the games results!
Agents and players have half their attention on what they may be worth or where they might move to. This HAS to affect their performance. You would think it might make the players work harder, but I think it works in the opposite direction.
Agents and players are well aware that clubs have scouts looking all season so they already know how they play and of what they are able. Players seem to be more inclined to be worried about injury stopping any move and therefore, need to rest after the tiniest of ‘tweaks’ or ‘tightening’ they CLAIM to have felt! That certainly does not help their current club!
I can understand managers saying they need to add/change their squads, but do the January comings and goings really help when this constant turnover of people gives little for teams to settle and  play together?
Understanding between players often takes time to develop and  two transfer periods a season means managers are constantly ‘tweaking’ because there is a window, (and they may lose players they don’t want to!), not necessarily improving or building a better team.
Once the season starts, it’s only a couple of months before the January window starts; then a couple of months later, the talk turns to the summer transfer window starts!
If you limited the January window to a two week period of loans, or out of contract players, disruption would be less, teams more settled working together and  managers would have to work harder to get the best from their squad!
Yes, this is just a personal opinion from a female and not a ‘real’ fan (as I have been told in the past!), -so what do I know?
I just think that the only real winners are the bank balances of players, agents and lawyers-not fans or the game of footy.

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17 comments on “January window? Just can’t see the point

  1. The January transfer window should be scrapped . Never did see the sense in it .
    Teams weakening and others teams disjointed . Almost never seems a profitable deal and tons of players being mentioned as possible moves . The only people who profit are the agents whilst clubs suffer for no real reason . Fans are fed up with it as well .
    Clubs should start & finish the season with the squad they have with the manager getting it sorted . ITS A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY .

  2. You’d surely have sod all to right about without the transfer gossip.

  3. So you wouldn’t want players to come in and get us out of the shyte were in at present and the inclusion of bentdoctor ? Carvhalo, smolov, and Mawson isn’t an improvement ! Maybe if the penny pinching morons bought quality instead of out of date offell in the summer we could all agree but I’m not agreeing with any of it ! For us the window is a blessing but a bit of a grey area because of a certain rampant rabbit using pound land batteries that always fails at the crucial moment ! Sully didn’t put you up to this did he Caz 😉 trying to soften the blow when we sell our best strikers in this inconvenient window and replace them with ? Er? Nobody !! but it wasn’t their fault because they moved the goalposts , 😎 not popping you Caz just my opinion ! 😉

    • It’s crazy and we don’t need it .

    • No, sorry Laz, Sully didn’t put me up to it! I only say what I think! I stand by the fact that, not just us, most clubs should buy more carefully then work with it-too easy to keep wanting someone else, someone else, but ending up no better off, It’s aimed at footy not just our club. Waste of time and unsettling. Thought I’d covered ‘transfer gossip’ in the paper/social media bit.
      Amazes me how anyone/everyone is in the Boards pocket if they say something they don’t like!
      Why not write your own post then, Laz?😉👍

      • Get it right before accusing me of you being in the pocket ! It was metaphorical lol!
        Hence the emoji ! I like commenting like most do ! Pretty much what everybody writes is a post isn’t it ? If you mean artical or blog what’s the point , a post is just as efficient isn’t it! If you feel you have to then that’s up to you ! I’m not knocking you ! Good on you , I might very well agree if we had a descent chairman with a bank balance to match his bull💩 but we haven’t that’s why we need it as a club and until they buy what the clowns promised nothing changes my views as above 😉👍

        • Question for you Caz. Would you welcome the players mentioned above in this window to help get us out of the mire were in ? 😀

          • If I had my way, Laz, there would be no new buys, only loans!
            There are plenty of names that can be added to the gossip-wouldn’t mind Messi, myself-but it ain’t gonna happen anymore than people forever whining about the owners! Sorry, about the ‘why not write a blog/post, Laz, I forgot most of your posts ARE that long! 😉😂
            Ah well, window soon be over & we can go back to the usual moans!

          • You’re on you’re own there I’m afraid , there must be every west ham supporter in the world who wouldn’t say no ? I’m afraid the sarcasm tells a story in itself ! People usually resort to it when in a corner, they get personal when their views are questioned lol! 😉
            😂😂 loans ? Owners ? You sure you’re not Sully’s mouthpiece 😂😂
            Metaphorically speaking of course !!! 😉
            It wasn’t a trick question by the way it was a reasonable one ! Let’s have a vote on who would like them this window and who wouldn’t ! 😉
            As for the board ? Have one on them as well , we’ve never had one of those on c+h have we ?? 😀

          • You’re not the first to ask the question re. a vote on the board Laz👍
            Strange, as we seem to be asked to vote on all other manner of topics🤔
            Still, as I’ve said before, they’d probably get an 86% approval rating🤔😂😂

          • 😂 . thing is Mary I agree with caz on the window should be scrapped but we need it through the incompetence of our recruiter of pacey and talented ?cheap option players ! The point I was trying to make is We need it ! Whether we get anyone of any significance remains to be seen ! We can only hope mate .
            sully would love it wouldn’t he, lol keeping that cheque book locked up in fort Knox 😂 😉

  4. That’s fair enough kev ! That’s you’re opinion but not mine mate , smolov instead of Carroll is surely a must ain’t he , a proper striker that scores goals , a first choice striker for his country , pace , skillfully astute , a captain , and speaks fluent English instead of barcode gibberish to boot 😂 never injured ,what you think mate 😂

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