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Jekyll and Hyde …or Victor Moses


Moses (1)I was watching the new serialisation of Jekyll and Hyde last night (Sun) when Victor Moses came into my mind.

He got off lightly this weekend only because poor old Andy Carroll and to a lesser extent James Tomkins was taking all the stick but so far he has done a pretty good impersonation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s fictional character in a West Ham shirt.

jekyllMoses never got a mention in all the criticism following the game yet that first 45 minutes was a thoroughly awful outing.

To be honest I’d been warned when he signed on loan that the Chelsea midfielder comes with a health warning having been told he’s either brilliant and doing remarkable things with a football or playing in a manner which has you wondering whether he’d be better off in another occupation.

His control, touch and shooting abilities had completely deserted him against Watford. How on earth that appearance could justify the £185k he apparently picking up as part of the loan deal beggars belief.

Rumours inside football for several years have been that the player is actually five years old than his  quoted age  and a look at his photo certainly gives the impression that he is a very mature 24 year old!

Be that as it may, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt along with the others that Saturday was a bad day at the office for him and everybody else.

But there’s one player in the squad who will be watching his form very closely – a certain Michail Antonio who may just be wondering whether his chance is just around the corner.

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  • bubs says:

    You could have wrote the same about many players,
    Moses had a weeks rest and should have come out of the traps trying to prove he was worth his place in the team and on days like this when the fancy stuff is not coming off you need to really get your head down and work and many players never did that,
    Antonio deserves his chance others have had there’s and taken it,
    This week we will have to fight every minute of the game to get a result,

  • Michael Miller says:

    Let’s hope that the Watford game was just ‘a bad day at the Office’ – collectively West Ham were cack!

    The problem with these Loan signings is that the money involved is so eye-watering that we’re forced to play them – you can’t say that Moses or Jenkinson are value for money!

  • johnboy says:

    Never has and never will be the player everyone is harping on about.
    I remember having a beef with a moses lover pre season mostly about how good he was to my more cold than hot stance and why no body has made a bid for him and that Chelsea are just re couping as much money as they can for him , he will never feature for them as long as mourinio is there cos he knows he doesn’t do enough !!!!!
    Money for nothing in my opinion.
    If I was Antonio I would be well peed off sitting there watching a player do jack !!
    The same for Valencia !!
    Is it not obvious he isn’t consistent or is it just because we pay him and Chelsea loads of money we have to play him,
    He needs to shape up or ship out one of the two.

  • johnboy says:

    On top of that the spuds are winning 2-0 HT,
    That puts them above us , that’s a direct slap in the Mooney with our performance on Saturday,
    That hurts !!!!!!!!

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Moses is as you say Jekyll & Hyde, capable of brilliant things going forward and has goals in him but without the ball is usually woeful, we capitalised twice last season against Stoke because of his awful positional sense which got us an unlikely draw. Against Watford yesterday people have been slagging Carroll off for not clearing the ball but look who was right in front of him… Moses !! If Carroll had continued his clearance he would likely have c;eared Moses out and he had cleared to the halfway line perhaps we wouldn’t have conceded and game would have been different who knows, Watford were deserving winners of the game so no complaints there but imho we shouldn’t be starting with Carroll or Moses it should be Valencia and Song and possibly Obiang for Noble also.

  • Dicksyland says:

    Very disappointed by this post. I think it’s very unkind and disrespectful. The guy had a poor 45 mins. I’ve not seen anyone slate him before now, while he’s worn a West Ham shirt. Ok he was **** on Sat, but many players have had a bad half game. He was removed because for once we have a strong bench and can afford the change. Two weeks ago, Hugh called him a ‘monster’. After a poor 45mins, he’s being monstered. Harsh.

    • Did you read this bit? Be that as it may, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt along with the others that Saturday was a bad day at the office for him and everybody else.

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