Joking Jack’s Cressie ‘hurry up’ message

jackJoking Jack Sullivan last night sent @whufc_official a ‘get on with it it’ message ahead of the news being broken that Aaron Cresswell had signed a big new Irons deal.

The news that a major announcement was on the way had been put out and the news was eventually broken a few hours later.

The chairman’s son, however, was clearly anxious for the news to become public and in a message followed by two laughing smileys he declared: “Hurry up or I will tell them the major news.”

Young Jack – who now has his own column on the club’s official website – has also revealed that marquee signing Dimitri Payet can play no part in the games against Lusitans in the upcoming Europa Cup qualifiers.

Explaining the situation, he said: “Payet cannot take part in this first around! But maybe the other 2” and he added that only 2,700 tick



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11 comments on “Joking Jack’s Cressie ‘hurry up’ message

  1. Wish he had told us,save everyone waiting for what was basically a contracted guy getting a contract.Good news though i must say 😉

    • I thought he was already signed up for 5 years, so what they are basically telling us is that he has had a pay rise with the possibility of a 2 year extension.
      Can WHU please tell us when Cabaye will be joining, plus who will be our new CB to partner Reid and who we are going to get up top to score 20+ goals a season.
      Thank you.

  2. Yep,yesterday was one of the days when Jack spilling the beans early would have been useful.Instead of the drum rolls & farting about on the Official Site 😉

  3. Jack gets too much sh*t.He is just a kid enjoying himself.All these people who get so fired up about his tweets,his site column & other stuff need to get a life.I bet if their dad owned the club they supported they would be exactly the same at his age.So what the official site gave him is own section,big deal,no one is going to die because of it,lol 😉

    • But it’s a PR nightmare,brings the game into disrepute and probably is classed as state aid lol
      Seriously though if I was in his shoes I’d be on the wind up every day,the fans wouldn’t know the real squad from the fake one,every night there’d be another famous footballer dinner guest lol

    • Hey Bada chill out, We just like taking the ####. 😀 How many clubs have a 15yr old with his own column on the offical website giving the fans hints, how can you realy take him too seriously?

      • Lol,i think you have missed my point Essex.I make fun of his tweets as well.Im on about these over serious guys who start having a hissy fit about him being on the site or go crazy that he is undermining the club by tweeting.I ment they are the fools for taking him so seriously 😉

        • It does leave the club open for ridicule though. Let him be a teenager with his twitter posts & we can have a good laugh. Shouldn’t really give him a column. Agree that people who do take his nougats too seriously & then give the kid abuse need to come back to the real world.
          I laugh more at some of the attacks on him than what he says in the first place. Lol

  4. Damn right Quick,i would love it.Son of a prem clubs owner.That would be my fantasy as a teenager,well apart from figa ofc,lol.I read people saying its a PR disaster having him on the site & it belittles the club,haha.They need to get over themselves big time.He is on there to attract a younger generation to the site.If it takes them to it & it gives them a bigger interest in the club then that works for me.It is what it is,a little fun.If anything needs to go down the kharsi on there it is that stupid ITK 😀

    • Haha he’s in the right place to get some figa fantasy too,lucky little sod.
      I can’t see any harm in it and if it attracts young support all the better,sanctimonious old codgers need to shut it. I mean I don’t like modern music but I don’t rant on about there being no talent all of it mass produced on a computer by record executives with none of them able to play an instrument or sing a note,they all need shooting!….oops lol
      As for the all seeing ITK i find it pretty amusing and bizarre lol

  5. Really dont understand why people take Jack so seriously & get so stressed about him,lol,just a teenager,let him be one ffs 😉

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