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Journalists worsen owners misery

Neil Ashton (Sun), John Cross (Daily Mirror), Jonathan Liew (Independent) and Sam Wallace (Telegraph) have all put the boot into the West Ham owners during Sky Sports  Sunday Supplement review.

“It’s not ridiculous to claim that West Ham are the worst-run club in the Premier League,” said Jonathan Liew from the Independent. “There’s an old saying in politics – voters will forgive a Government that makes unpopular decisions but they won’t forgive incompetence. I think West Ham fans are at that point where they don’t believe their owners are the least bit competent and once you’ve broken the thread of trust, it’s very hard to get it back.”

Meanwhile, Sam Wallace from the Telegraph said: “The fans have been moved to a new stadium and they don’t like it. They don’t like the team and they’re in another relegation battle.When a club makes mistake after mistake, it ceases to become a coincidence. And I don’t think the transfer policy that Henry oversaw was particularly effective either.” To watch the discussion in full, watch the video below.”

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John Cross from the Mirror added: “The fans are angry with the ownership, the fans are angry with anything the owners are doing at the moment, whether it be the transfer dealings whether it be losing at Wigan and a few fans congregate around David Sullivan as he is leaving the ground. It’s a very unhappy place at the moment. It really piles on the talk of crisis, the talk of  bad times at the London Stadium” 

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7 comments on “Journalists worsen owners misery

  1. I think the key takeaway of it was that statement, fans will forgive owners that make difficult decisions but won’t forgive incompetence. There has been too much of that from the start, the move in where they didn’t get the seating right, the stewarding situation, the 60/66000 capacity, the 1 + 4 ticketing, the broken promises, the awful PR, the hiring of managers not their first choice and subsequent statements, the recruitment of panic buys or DS punts, Tony Henry, the list goes on. They have done a lot to rectify some of those earlier problems but they continue to stick their foot in their mouth every time they open it and if they had bought one superstar every window and filled the positions we needed rather than just numbers for numbers sake they would probably have avoided most of the flak.

    • +1 need to stop making statements & would think have PR specialist advising against some statements but they prob don’t listen.
      The board won’t sell but if they are true Fans what they could do is hire a professional board & Director to run clubs properly. Then take a back seat & be quiet. I don’t know what Brady brings anymore she has he Columns & Politics she needs to just stick w that.
      Every time this happens makes it harder & harder to get players.
      I like Moyes but I think his want for PL experience then British players can hold us back too. I’m for Homegrown but need a mix & I think Moyes wanted Joe Allen so gets big bid. Where others he didn’t. CDM needed so bad & Moyes would say if board werent backing him but he wanted what he wnatwd so bad we got no one & waitied to late. Shows we need a CDM badly.

      We don’t own a Stadium so won’t get neralt what they would sell for. So if they are true fans they would hire professionals a DOF like Sully brings up every year & take a back sear be quiet & be a fan

  2. Not to mention them stating the Board was not fit for purpose!

    Journalists on this occasion have got it right, unlike Sullivan apologist Jim White on TalkSport!

    Unity is what the fans are now showing, the RWHFAG march on 10 March will show the Board how the fans are united, alas not behind the Board who continue to make mistake after mistake!

  3. There are so many things wrong so it would be good to have some actual honesty.
    Why is it that we never get the players we are going for?

    Is it that DS likes to take them on loan to see what he is getting? This seems to annoy other clubs (in part understandably now given recent debacles from AC onwards) but other clubs seem to take the leap so not enough due diligence beforehand

    Do we pussyfoot around too much and leave it far too late ? Why did Dendonker not come? Did Moyes dither on whether he wanted him or not? or with others as well?

    What was the truth about last transfer window fiasco with Porto and Carveleho?

    Was there truth in Sakho’s comments about £50K appearance money per game?

    All of these things seem to smack of money (or not spending it) , but I guess there is also the aspect of players not wanting to come to us as well.
    Lots of questions, but no concrete answers to any of it.
    We are a laughing stock at the moment and it hurts. We do need a professional to run the club
    I do hope we manage to scrape our way out of bother and perhaps get into the papers for all the right reasons going forward

  4. They are probably so incompetent I bet they think they are doing a good job ffs

  5. The journalist are bang on …west ham is run so bad with these cloiwns in charge its like a
    never ending circus with one problem after another .we really are a laughing stock

  6. That’s all they needed to do 32 lol buy 1 player a window with class and the four windows since the move = 4 game changing next level commitment ? Simple !! But not to Sullivan ?
    They’re amateurs !! No insight IMO no class in football strategy ! To not do better business in the window due to how short of squad depth we are, IMO shows their commitment and vision ! Its obvious isn’t it ! I think so anyway ! I’ve no reason to think otherwise including all that has gone before as mentioned by all on here ! He must be feeling the need to deliver next season or be hounded out ! As long as we stay in the prem that is ! Get relegated and its going to be mayhem !!.

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