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Journo claims Bilic has lost dressing room

SakhoFreelance Belgique football journalist Claude Atcheba claims that Slaven Bilic has lost the dressing room suggesting his days could be numbered at West Ham.

The claim received more credibility after the journalist posted a video of himself in Diafra Sakho’s car post-match saying: “So this guy saved someone’s butt today'” panning a straight-faced Sakho sitting in the driver’s seat.

Claude posted comments on social media saying that Bilic had been ‘Lucky’ yesterday adding “My understanding Bilic lost the dressing room”  and “I have been impressed by Swansea v West Ham. Will Bilic be on the bench in 2 weeks time? I don’t think so…”

Responding a later backlash by West Ham fans Claude replied “What do you do when the boat is sicking the captain doesn’t make decisions? You just die?”

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20 comments on “Journo claims Bilic has lost dressing room

  1. I’m suprised! One that Sakho has mates, two that one is a journalist, three that said journo is dumb enough to get in a car being driven by Sakho! don’t suppose this has nothing to do with how Sakho feels about not being the no1 striker, does it! Saved our bacon yesterday but he really isn’t the most likeable chap.

  2. Trouble is its true ..even if they won’t admit it …

    • If you watch how the players react to Slav on the pitch, particularly when we score, then I see no evidence that he has lost the dressing room. Wishful thinking on some people’s part

  3. Like it or not it’s clearly true! every match is a shambles every purchase goes down hill within a month of signing! Bilic is so lucky that Antonio is a grafter and not a moaner otherwise he’d have ruined him aswell They mite not want to pay him of but its going to cost them more in wasted transfers in the end

  4. Who made the decision to bring him on….. himself…. I think not

  5. So a geezer who looks like a cast off from Earth Wind and Fire says Slav’s lost the dressing room and people believe it 😆😀 What’s next a lookalike from One Direction telling us that Noble is better than Iniesta 😆😆

  6. Obviously the picture of intelligence, so must be listened to.
    On the other hand is Sakho leading him on, or is he leading Sakho on?
    I’m sure some players are now ****ed off, but it only takes one or two to start that rot. It’s not been totally alien to Sahko in the past 2 years, and Kouyate is obviously not the loyal, dedicated hammer he once was.
    Bilic might not last till the next game, and if Ancelotti replaces him, not many would complain, but he is not the big issue; it is West Ham that matters. That means the very well paid players have a duty to the club to give their all to the boss, whoever it is, and any that don’t agree, should be weeded out and f****d off.

    • Totally agree with all you say. Worry is whose likely to be pi**ed off and who ain’t? Probably Chic, Arthur and Anoutivic are, (one for being played out of the position, one for not being picked ahead of Cressie and the other cos nobody told him the sh*t-storm he was walking into), and the likes of Nobes and Carroll are happy cos they are being picked every week on something other and merit. So we might lose the ones who are worth persevering with!

  7. Oh Diafra! I hope you feel dirty now……..

  8. So glad sakho gave his all yesterday and got us 3 points ! Top player getting back to his best !
    Leave him out at you’re peril bilic ! Let’s see if the clueless one sees it lol or maybe we should all keep bashing sakho and praise the golden child , a rehab designer brand and a 20 million pound flop who spends more time on his ass than on his feet ffs !!! Jenks mk2 .
    Anyone who thinks bilic doesn’t deserve this should leave the absinth alone ! Going on what I’ve seen I think the doors been opened and there’s more to this than we already half suspect!
    Its not just bilic that’s at fault here its jurkoffabit who he listens to and seems to make the calls ? Call it a team thing if you like but I call it a failure ! In full view 😎

    • Sahko could well be in the next line-up, but at whose expense? Hopefully not Hernandes. Carroll hasn’t even scored yet and his all round game hasn’t made him irreplaceable, so he should start on the bench.
      On the other hand I Sahko has a lot to do before I trust him again. Whatever happens before the next window he will want out.

      • Don’t understand how Ayew and Sakho get stick and Carroll gets a free pass all the time. Sakho can at least play football…

        • Did you not watch Ayew yesterday? He was worse than bloody useless which in his case is the norm. Yet Billic keeps picking him whilst Sakho sits on the bench. No wonder most supporters have had enough.

    • Laz – Not bashing Sakho the player, even if he did spend a season impersonating Carroll and limping from injury to injury – More the unlikable and disloyal little s*it of a person. I’d much prefer to see pace up front and currently the most mobile strikers we have are Chic and Sakho, and that’s who we should go with. I’ll celebrate if he scores, as I did yesterday, but just can’t stand the guy!

  9. The stuff about Manager X ‘Losing the dressing room’ is rubbish. Who knows that,apart from the players? Even then, there will be players who love him & players who hate him. Even the so called Best Manager in the World Guardiola was despised by Zlatan. Ancellotti is no mug but has fallen out with some of the Bayern players. The only managers who you rarely see fall out with players are Mourinho &…. that other bloke whose name cannot be mentioned on here because I value my life. Him anyway.

  10. Do not think he has lost the dressing room but looked like a broken man when interviewed on the bbc yesterday.Tactics and player positions dissected on match of the day by Wrighty especially Carroll and Hernandez will only fuel the fires further.

  11. Well if the rumours are true that Everton are prepared to offer £20m for Carroll in January, we rob them blind and hold out for more of their Lukako money, sell him for £25m plus and happy days! Just watched the last 20 of their game – They have Schneiderlin and Gay in midfield, both far better than Nobes and Kuoyate, yet they look shyte. We aren’t alone!

  12. Hammer64 how would you be feeling when you have been slagged so bad by your own so called supporters. Sakho has undermined him at every turn.If Slav is outed tomorrow and we see an upturn in performance, who would you blame?

  13. I don’t think he has lost the core of the dressing room, he has backed them to the hilt and they will stick by him I think, certainly, Noble, Reid, Cresswell, Carroll, Antonio, Lanzini and probably Hart, the look on Hernandez face on the bench seemed to suggest he was exasperated at being subbed again, Zabaletta knows the game he would be smart enough not to say anything but I wouldn’t think he would be happy with these mediocre performances and players then starting the next game when better performing seemingly harder working players like, Masuaku / Sakho are left on the bench… who knows it will all work itself out at some point…

  14. Shocking really. It was a team that delivered the 3 points, not Sakho. If anything Masuaku was key when he came on.

    Claude needs to get an hair cut as he’s clear lost his sense of style.

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